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Hot off the innovation presses - Introducing MOTOACTV: Golf Edition!
20,000 courses loaded in your wrist, keep track of yardage and virtual score keeping. Three-time PGA tour winner, Bubba Watson, shows off his skills below
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ON 03/02/2012, store BAHIA HOUSE NEW S / A, located at Avenida Manuel Goulart, 2400, suc 249, MG floor, in Presidente Prudente, Aquiri a MOTOROLA phone brand, model FIRE XT (XT 317) paying R $ 699.00 in cash. For 30 days I tried to use the device which sometimes had the WHITEBOARD, sometimes crashed, now shut down ALONE and sometimes disappeared two chips installed. Emails received as he proposed to the owner's manual and browsing the internet did not work nor prayer. In short, the device was ALL DEFECTS IN THE WORLD. Thus, after these 30 days of failed attempts, I came in contact with the MOTOROLA 0800 to request the return of the device. I was taken care by digital MOTOROLA - REGIONAL SAGE - Renato Cesar and Nabão CIA Ltda - ME, in the street Dr. Joseph County, 178, who goes by the phone 18.3222.6400. On 17/03/2012 I received the SERVICE MOTOROLA who collected my device for analysis. I was informed that there would be a return to the unit FORECAST on 30/03/2012.
Well, from this point on begins the novel of lack of respect for the Brazilian consumer! I live at 100 KM of SERVICE and at day 30 and March 31 I contacted to confirm the AUTHORIZED APPLIANCE situation. I was told that it was FIXED and that I could cut it on Wednesday, 04/04/2012 days in the period of the AUTHORIZED AFTERNOON. I traveled 100 km to the location and was greeted by the official CRISTINA DOS SANTOS 14:35 pm, which informed me that there was a mistake and that my phone was not there AS PREVIOUSLY ADVISED BY TELEPHONE. He gave me the information: 1) that did not respond by authorized MOTOROLA MOTOROLA (!!) And that I could claim by 0800 or best they could send me via SEDEX BE CHARGED! My order is BR1750074301, the data from my device is ESN / IMEI 358551040884348.
MOTOROLA LTD INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS: I know that little good to complain, but sometimes ants drop elephants! I ask for respect and kindness we Brazilian citizens, as consumers, as people. Choose your best equipment, to better choose their supposed REPRESENTATIVES. Do not place appliances which are a further blow cleaning equipment stock than truth. Do not underestimate the power of new media against yourselves. My name is Lucio Luiz de Mattos Dias Filho, all my data is registered in his authoritative MOTOROLA and the receipt of CASAS BAHIA.
What do any of these posts have to do with the motoactv?
If your still waiting for a update from moto or for them to unlock your bootloader please repost this to all moto announcments!!!
I unlocked the bootloader on a friend's Motorola Photon 4G today. Take that, Motorola!
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