Register now for our 2-Day Holiday Sale and get $150 off a Moto X on any carrier, with no contract. Add the perfect accessories for 30% off with any Moto X order. If you miss today’s sale, you can register again on Monday, December 9 at noon ET. Dev Editions are excluded.
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I'm not seeing a registration button at that link!
Not a good sign ... getting this error

We are currently experiencing high volumes.
Please try again later.
Thank you for you patience.
Where is the link to register?
I don't see anywhere to register. Its just telling me about the deal.
I am not seeing the registration link yet
Keep refreshing. I got the registration screen after a couple of minutes.
Sale page now has the "Save your spot" button
try using a different browser. I originally tried firefox, didn't work after 5 minutes, switched to Chrome and went to the holiday sale link - got it.
Just worked for me.  Hope I get a code soon.  Thanks!
Got it. Don't refresh, go to the homepage of the Motorola site. 
and just like that they're gone.
I need a code for the Dev Edition pls!
I hope I didn't make a typo in my email address...OH GOD
Got mine! Moto just tweeted sold out!!! Wow
lasted about 8 minutes.  good luck everyone!
I didn't even get a chance to get a spot. Damn it Motorola you screwed up again. 
Finally, I was able to register for the promotion. Hopefully I'll finally get  a promo code for the discount.
Im soooo not happy....over within 15 minutes...;(
My message said 12CST and it was at 12EST so I missed it and I had to by something by today so I bought a white 32GB Nexus 5 instead.
+Ilya Belousov +Andrew Wong I just received an email confirmation of my registration, but not the code. Seems like they're listening to our suggestions here.
Got a code as well, now just need to do some convincing so my fiancee doesn't kill me when a new phone unexpectedly arrives
I registered right at noon yesterday, and didn't get my code email until 5:03 pm. I was starting to get worried! Ordered my phone later last night, and it said I should get it next Tuesday. Actually did the whole process twice, and got one for my wife, too.
What is really sad is the over 50 discount codes that I currently see being auctioned on ebay.  Anyone who got a code just to do that is really an ass.
+Leif Olson I agree, tried both days to get one to use. Never could make the connection.  
Seriously should do something about people wanting the Dev Editions...I tried all Cyber Monday and couldnt get one, seriously disappointed in Moto
I really don't see the purpose in this comment. The bootloader it's exactly why any one would want a DE. As soon as I could even get on the site I tried to order one and they were sold out. What did they have 4 available, ridiculous.
+Steve Hill
u know. I'm sure they probably had a lot more than you think but if they did decide to just give a discount price on 4 shouldn't they have that choice. Is there a rule on a promotion that they have to give away a specific amount 
Although I do think things were handled poorly, in their defense, it is no different than going in to Walmart to buy a tablet on Black Friday and them only having 100 in stock.  Once they are sold out, they are gone at the sale price.  They did clearly state that quantities were limited.  From what I have gathered from various comments, I think they were selling the VZW edition from at least 1:30-2:30 PM CST and the GSM editions longer than that, so I imagine they sold quite a few more than 4.
I have a Motorola Droid 3 (Verizon.) When Motorola decided that it wouldn't be upgraded to ICS or JellyBean, they said "This device will remain on Gingerbread, but you’re eligible for our Trade In program."

Recently, I tried using Motorola's US website to find what trade in is being offered, but I can't get 'Droid 3' to show up. 
Is there still a trade-in available for the Droid 3? 
If so, can one use it towards the purchase of a Moto G?
+Robert Kaiser FYI, Motorola didn't just decide to not update the phone; Verizon is just as responsible if not more so for the lack of update. (I had a Droid 3 myself too and was wishing the same thing.)
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