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What better way to welcome spring than with a new boot-up animation. Restart your phone to check it out. #Moto
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OK, I fell for and rebooted for absolutely no reason whatsoever, ha
No has new egg boot screen for me. Restarted twice. Much sad. 😞
no update no boot services app in playstore. No new animation on my moto g
These small, awesome things you guys add really make the Moto X a special phone.
How to get this for nexus 5🙈🙀🙇🙏
Not seeing this ...restarted my phone for nothing.. Check for boot update.. Nothing there either 😞
Motorola boot service's is disappear from the play store; no new update for Moto G boot loader.
Hi everyone, if you have yet to see the new boot screen, please give it a few hours. It may take a little bit to make it to your device, but we promise it will be worth the wait. 
+Gabe Tinge might be moto x+1
And a newer member
Cause it's for "everyone" as they say it
I see the update in the play store for boot services. Why does it need location now? 
Nice :-) loving the stuff you guys are doing @ Motorola
+Motorola Mobility it looks great...Keep up the good work, and it will continue to pay off as more and more people get exposed to it... love what you're doing, best Android OEM!!
Amazing boot animation..loved it..😊😀
Just updated. Lol awesome. Booted up feels like a new phone.
Why does the boot services need the location permission? Just curious...
Fran c
Thanks motorola, excelent
+Meet Jariwala ah that makes sense! I was wondering if it was soemthing like that- I was kind of hoping it would change based on other location things too... Like not just for seasons.
Why isn't every smartphone company , giving out this much effort ... I know that you can just flash new boot animation on other phones , but... , Its still great to have supports from a company .
Restarted my phone this morning for the first time in a month
+Daniel Marcinkowski 720p x 1080p is the perfect resolution for a cell phone, nothing more is required, more wastes memory and processor speed. Higher resolution makes sense on a TV or monitor but not a cell phone, especially on the teeny tiny iPhone screen...
Yeah!! Got it on my MotoX!!! 👍👍👍
Nice... Thanks Motorola for the fun update 
My RAZRi crashed today on Google maps (not a good thing), and I got the normal icon on restart (IMO a good thing). My phone is first if all a tool, not a toy.
Looking forward to see what happens with the location info for booting. Maybe beach themed animations for being near the water?
Mikey L
Just downloaded new boot screen...
still love the first one the best, this one the least.
Mk Nx
Love it, looks amazing! The bird looping the logo is epic. 
Awesome buddies for your continuous cool looking boot animation but please try bring some more software tweaks and new updates....
Awesome....woke up this morning wit an g boot animation...+malaysia
On my Moto g, I saw the new boot-up animation only once, at the next reboot it has disappeared, why?
Seriously, where's the Droid love? You guys claim to love the Droid line, but have neglected us since 4.4.0 was pushed. 
It doesn't show down the boot, at least not noticeably. It just makes it a little nicer when you do boot it up. 
I liked. But in my case, it was autumn :) 
It's small touches like these boot animations that keep a device entertaining, and not reliant on apps to do so.
David T
Cool :) Anyone know how long the spring bootup animation will last ? 10 days or something?
No tengo internet,todos los días el mismo problema
It's good, but only issue is device needs to be reboot to see these animations :-(
+Motorola Mobility it would have been better if you guys had removed the "sim not available icon" on the status bar for the indian version of the moto g (XT1033)
We all need it that update!!
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