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New year, new look – check out the fresh face of Motorola Gallery. 
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NO. I liked the old look specifically because it wasnt like google photos!!!! 
This is amazing, I love it! Way better than Google Photos and the old Gallery :) 
+Mitchell Eve It's a Google company, so possibly Moto is a value-add fork of the Google experience. Perhaps a bit like features from GM or Ford luxury cars make their way over time into more affordable models. Used as a differentiator short term, then folded in when it's commoditized.
Why not for my Moto X??? I can't install this app :-(
+Mitchell Eve I don't see it happening universally or one-for-one even on an application basis, but it seems like Moto is now positioned as the "deluxe user experience" variant of Android for Google, so lessons learned here are likely to filter over in some way over time. The only question is how directly and for how may apps and functions.
+Justin Smith yes i know. I have a Moto X too. but its a Rogers-Moto-X. I habe not 4.4 :-( and thats the problem :-(
+John Blossom I feel like Motorola will keep their additions exclusive to their devices. I'm interested to see if Google decides to add useful features to Android, but this seems to minor and redundant for Google. 

How about something like Do Not Disturb? That might come. 
Shit not for xt 910. This is my last Motorola.
Got ported or not yet?
Great refresh. Keep it up +Motorola Mobility. What's next, calendar? Maybe just switch to Google calendar for play store updates and sync across devices.
Excellent! How about we replace the icon with something better 😁
I like it more than google photos, especially the different size thumbnails
Dan O
Excellent update!
+Richard Yarrell Umm, you came to a Motorola post and started trash talking about how awesome your Note 3 is. But you claim to not be trolling?

Seems legit.
i'm left in the dark here. I dont know what you all are talking about.
No more redundant apps please. Google photos should have replaced this. 
+Randy Sharp It isn't that simple. The Google Photos app is currently just part of Google+...
+Richard Yarrell £550 phone versus a £99 phone, I personally would expect the note 3 to be the better phone or I'd feel such a fool for buying it! There's not meant to be any comparison. However, for £99 the phone is a beast, absolutely awesome piece of kit. Oh and it's on KitKat! 
Love it! Wish it had a sub menu that included a map with pins on where photos were taken like from iOS 6 photos app used to have. I used to love seeing new pins as I traveled and took pictures.
OK I like my Moto X32Gb and my iPhone 5s
As much as I like QuickPic, the UI really hasn't changed much, and it's kinda blah.  This is really nice looking.
Want to get the Moto X, but also want to wait for the battery and screen motomaker experience...
+Motorola Mobility you are making me love my purchase of the moto X more every day. Now we just need to get to the bottom of battery issues and this is the perfect android phone! 1st of many moto phones I'll own! 
Muy bn trabajo con la actualizacion... Sigan así y mi compañia para smartphone será +Motorola Mobility ;)
Great job! I was using the app photos from Google +, but now: back to moto gallery! 
Albums load time is extremely slow. A long time ago I switched from the built-in Android Gallery to QuickPic because Gallery loads not only your local Folders/Albums but also your Picasa/Google+ Albums which is often very slow. The new version of the Gallery App Motorola just released does not appear to be loading Picasa/Google+ Albums so there is no reason it should be this slow.

Other than that, this is a very nice and welcome change to the stock Gallery App, however, I know Google is starting to push their new "Photos" App which is fully integrated into Google+ so we still have a separation but until Google gets their Photos App to be more full featured and with much better performance I guess we still need two Apps but hopefully between Google and Motorola we can get this disparity straightened out soon.
Yay Motorola The US....
what no kitKat...not MOTOROLA
they will soon release the update
I love it thing ever
Motorola ушла из России, а я другой телефон брезгую взять в руки
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