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Very nice but why not in Germany ? Always the same :(
Dear Motorola, for a global company I think you have a pretty short-sighted view of the world.
As above comments already point out, the world is bigger than the US and UK...
Global launches are not as easy as everyone here seems to think they are. It's not just a matter of choosing to sell the product there. There are regulations, manufacturing/assembly, advertising and logistics involved. This is why the Moto X was difficult to immediately replicate for overseas.

Cut them some slack and simply just express your interest in the product launching in your respective regions.
+Andrew Armaneous I quite understand that global launches are complicated.
But in this case we are talking about a contest with ten possible winners which hardly qualifies as a global launch.
What is the differentiation between shipping out a packet to UK, or Germany or India or even Quebec? 
"Contest law varies even more between different countries. If you were to open up a contest to people all over the world, you would have to research the law in every single country on earth, to avoid getting yourself in legal trouble. For a typical promotional contest, this is just too much work. The legal fees for the required research would be much more than the payoff of the promotion."
Motorola may chose one day a global contest but right now is America & UK. Sit back and enjoy the ride!
Really google/moto?  $699 in total prizes?  The 100 runners up should all get free watches, and the winner should get 20 watches for friends and family.  Why so cheap?  This is just a penny campaign to get designers to join/use G+ and Gdocs
And really? Only in the US? :(
How dare an American company introduce new products in the most demanding, highest margin market? Who do they think they are, a for-profit company or something!?
If you want the current watch community to buy these watches you should also make the crown knurled (like sports watches) and make it have a clicking sound when you spin it.  Maybe could be turning a generator to help power the watch......touch screens are great but people like tactile functions....it makes them feel good when they use it.  People like to turn knobs (even if it does not do anything).....They made this mistake in cars and now have reverted back to have knobs to turn for main functions.
It's sad people comes from outside USA can not participate... 
Why United Kingdom and not the whole of Europe? This is rubbish. I am not sure if i will boycott the Moto 360 exactly for that reason.
is that grey bit at the bottom of the face part of the screen. if its not then that will ruin the watch quite a lot
As usual Switzerland is not in the list... Im amazed how a worldwide company like you still think the world is composed by the US and few other countries
Compañías pequeñas, lanzamientos "globales" pequeños...no importa el dueño, Motorola sigue pensando con el trasero... Triste...el mundo es mas grande que esos países... Ojo lo publico en español ya que no solo se habla ingles en este mundo...
I hope that the US lunch is used as a BETA test :) After all problems are gone, they can sell it in the big markets, like the EU. And don´t wait to long, Apple seems to have also a cool smartwatch.
I have to be a US resident to participate? 
Those speaking gibberish really don't apply here because the international language of commerce is English. Also, as I intimated above, there is more competition (creating higher quality goods and services) and higher profit margins (they sell them here first for as much as they can get, and after we've subsidized the world in yet another fashion, you create less profit). 
It's a business, people. Obviously one that has done rather well by its customers, from the sound of it. In the end, however, if Motorola does not make money, they become Blackberry. Take a benzo and buy a knockoff from China if that doesn't calm you down. 
Yes, everybody from Gibberstan or Gibberania please stop commenting on this article posted on the internets for all to see, for we're making young Benjamin here nervous.  
So again, if you're not from 'Murica not only are we not allowed to participate, but we're also not allowed to comment and/or post. 
In all seriousness I think you are missing the point because as intimated several times already, this is not about a product launch but merely a (not so open) competition.
We can indeed all take a Benzo and buy a knock-off from China as you have suggested or, we can all wait a few months for the Motorola sale to (the Chinese company) Lenovo to go through and buy a knock-off straight from the source. 
Ah, the wonders of modern day living...
Why do some pics show a black bar going across the bottom of the watch? Is the display not a full circle ?
No, the display is not a full circle.  There are components under the grey piece that do not permit usable screen above them.
I think rectangle shape will be better because we can see more information in the watch. I think the watchband change to metal will be better too because we can use for more time.The watch can change to some light color, it can give people a relax feeling.
+Motorola Mobility is it possible to make a section where people who are not allowed to participate also can post their design ideas? I think a lot of creative people from around the world have some very beautiful ideas they want to share and which maybe also could help some american designers.
Can someone help in providing steps to use this psd file to fit my screen shot in? I'm new to photoshop. Thanks in advance. I tried adding a layer and pasting the image in it but wasn't successful in getting the right result. Thanks
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