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TZig Adam
bye Nex5, hello Moto.
Are all the wood types ready? Folks are really clamoring for those. 
+Motorola Mobility (yes I know this is a boot thing but its the usmc birthday today) can I put a marine corp logo on this phone?
Are you finally going to give the UK some moto x love? 
ok google (/jarvis [explaind down]) ,launch moto g

(it's an easter egg,you can say "ok jarvis" instead of "ok google", and some other pharses too)
Can't wait for my Red Sox themed Moto X on Verizon!
Can't wait til this hits Sprint
I like the +1 engraving. I'm guessing it's red for Verizon moto maker!
+Anthony G. I believe it is the engraving that you can customize on the moto maker site. They had it when the phone was originally released but removed it soon after due to poor quality...I believe this is a tease that it is coming back
It could be cool if +Motorola Mobility lets us add custom images to the phone's case, like +Rich Talcik suggests. A 3D printer would let them produce a case of any color or add in any image.

Although it may be difficult for Moto to ensure the person requesting the picture added to the phone case had copyright use of the image.
Very happy +Verizon Wireless is rumored to be getting MotoMaker tomorrow, but disappointed I still have to hold out longer for a wood (or better yet ceramic, if they're coming) back. I've been holding out for a Moto X since it was first rumored last year, I think. My 3G HTC Droid Incredible running CM7 will have to hold out just a bit longer, I guess.
Every time +Motorola Mobility posts on G+ regarding the Moto X a lot of followers outside North America ask why the Moto X is not coming to their country. I don't know why Motorola isn't answering these questions (maybe their G+ admin is not authorized to), but I believe it's because the customized Moto X is assembled in the U.S. and in order to ship worldwide would be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. Also, I'm guessing the assembly line isn't capable of the capacity that would require.

Motorola is introducing a new phone this Wednesday called the "Moto G", which is rumored to be for the world markets. It may not be customizable and is rumored to be a lower-end phone than the Moto X. If you want the high end features of the Moto X the similarly featured Ultra, Mini and MAXX are available worldwide, aren't they?

If Motorola were to make the MotoMaker experience worldwide they'd likely have to have multiple assembly factories around the world for it and that's probably just not profitable for them.
This is an amazing device in so many ways. When are you guys -- +Motorola Mobility -- going to heavily promote the fact that these premium devices are assembled in the USA??? 
+Jeff Kasten You're being facetious, right? There have been multiple posts on just that fact on G+ and every time +Motorola Mobility does it they get all kinds of crass comments from people who live in markets the Moto X isn't sold in.
The G is supposedly a budget version if the X. The Nexus is a totally different phone, built by LG.
+Kushal Shah The Moto G isn't introduced yet but it's rumored to be a lower-priced, lower-spec'd non-customizable version of the Moto X. The Nexus 5 is a completely different phone manufactured by LG.
+Gabe Tinge I think it's the same red as G+. Although +Motorola Mobility is owned by +Google, it would be cool to also see MotoMaker colors in Facebook and Twitter blues, and say "Like" and "Tweet" respectively.
So is engraving back? Too late. Already got myself a Nexus 5.
MOTO X -  The best phone ever for me. The last update fixed the camera,  the only flaw it had. Now i'm waiting to update to Kit Kat.
i think motox is better than nexus5
+Raúl Colón Well thanks for contributing to (trolling) the conversation. Congrats, you got a response. Have fun with the vanilla Android and lacking the features Motorola added to the Moto X that stock Android doesn't include. Oh, and have fun with the camera issues the N5 is already rumored to be having. So you didn't get the Moto X because the engraving wasn't available? Good thing you were able to get it on the N5, right? And you got to choose from the rainbow of colors it's available in. Did you get the black one or the white one?

+John Dove Thanks for clarifying that. I wasn't aware. If I lived elsewhere in the world I might consider the reputably excellent Sony Xperia Z1 we can't get here.
Will be disappointed, if the UK gets Moto G with its weak specs and no MOTO X!!!
I want the phone in Ecuador.. Or at least sell it unlocked so I can grab one from the US :)
they both suck and not worth it you need to wait only cool thing to market the X is that its 100% customizable inside and out but they don't even know that at the stores and that's all that is cool about it other wise average and boring. seems like they took an old phone and rereleased it with a customizable system offered and that's just what it is.
+Mike McGill Watch out! We got a bad ass over here.

+Sebastian Torres They do have it unlocked. Shipping to Ecuador might be the problem. Perhaps check with a courier? ¡Buena suerte!
Looks like engraving is back!!! Time to order mine
I am hoping for a wooden surprise tomorrow!
+Reid Chadwick  If you ever actually used one you would know better. The phone feels perfect in every way, the optimizations that motorola pulled off are extraordinary. There is a reason that the most respected sites raved about it after using one.
+Mike McGill FYI, Ultra, Mini and MAXX are only available for Verizon Wireless.. They aren't worldwide-available. 
+Mike McGill well - I agree that the customized X is made in the USA.

But folks in Canada are getting their Xs manufactured in China.

Why can't the rest of the world get some black and white Moto Xs from China?

Just throwing that out there. 
+Tommy King I totally agree... My moto x has exceeded my expectations. (Coming from gnex). Just waiting for the soon to be released 4.4 ota now :)
Hello Moto, beautiful. Now you just need to upload HQ image
+Mike McGill I think it does not make good business sense to start with motomaker world wide. Motorola/Google first wants to see how well the concept of desinging your own phone sells before investing in more factories is my guess
I so want one of those things but the price seems a little steep when I look at the specs. I'd love to have one with my company colors. 
Why does it take so long for Verizon to get good phones? They're always lagging behind. I would love this phone. I have a Droid DNA right now. It has been a great phone.
it seems very beautiful. great! 
+Carl Krutka because Verizon does not the GSM standard which is used by most operators in the world
YESSS!! Now I can put an engraving on my moto x with verizon
I wish T-Mobile had moto maker then I would buy it
Dan C
Eyy Motorola!  Motomaker going live??
+amir ings T Mobile does have moto maker as of last night....and verizon..and sprint..
So is it just me or do you only have like 6 to 8 options for the back of the phone? 
Thank you are top gun B G+ 
Bad to the bone guys nice thank you for everything .
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Thank goodness I have moto x
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