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Put this DIY project on hold. Trust us.
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A. Lee
Oh snap! Wood backs for the x are coming!
Dear +Motorola Mobility you guys say you really listen to us and what we have to say well I was wondering can you please team up with google to make the nexus 6 device. Please, I want the moto x but I also want the nexus 5, why not have best of both worlds? I mean after all you are a google company?

P.s. a 5 inch or bigger screen would be amazing thank you we love you +Motorola Mobility

P.s.s. also amazing camera features would work too.
If you could bring it to Europe I'd be even happier :-D 
I just ordered a Moto X yesterday. I really wanted wood.
Active grip for europe, please!
+David Kolečkář they work independent of Google. The CEO himself has said this numerous times. An actual Google + Motorola initiative would be very cool.
release wood options before XMAS!!
I've waited this long... What's a few more weeks or days.
I don't want to buy another phone just for this back cover, but hell it looks so neat.
Don't tease me like that :)!!
I knew this wood take forever to happen. (i had to do the bad pun)
I'm so ready for this +Motorola Mobility I tried to get 2 moto x's for the cyber Monday /wed sale and only got one for my sweetheart. I wanted one so bad but maybe things happen for a reason and I didn't get one because I was supposed to get one of these bad boys.
Yeah, if only you had this during the 150 dollars off promo. 
V. Mt.
wow is that bamboo?
that would be a nice wood.
and bubinga pomele, too.
oh, and olive.

oh wait, i forgot: i canvt even buy a moto x in germany...
and the moto g doesn't have the active display
What am I supposed to do with this piece of plywood and new jig-saw I just bought then??
how about wood for the moto g?
How good is it when I already got my Moto X? There's no upgrade path and Motorola is not offering a service to "change" the back for existing Moto X owners!
$150 promo expires tomorrow. I hope they are going to release the wood tomorrow as well. Then it will have paid off to wait. Now to get rid of my DE version after I get my Moto maker edition. 
It would be awesome, more resistant phone! But I think if this phone will be available in Colombia, it will cost more than 1'200.000 COP (600 dolars) :/
As stated in another comment, it would be nice if you offered a way to send in our phones to swap out the existing back for a wood one. Some of us couldn't wait to upgrade.
+Rich Talcik : The Nexus 5 has that name because its display is 5" (4.98", actually). I don't think there will be a Nexus 6 phablet. If you really want a Motorola smartphone with a 5" display there's both the Droid Ultra and Droid MAXX.
By the time this wood back plate comes out the moto X 2 will be coming out. 
I had two codes +James Middendorff but I used one for my wonderful wife to get one and when I tried to use the second it said code not valid. I figured we were limited to one. I think I'm going to wait for the wood ones. Might as well at this point. Thank you for the generosity!
+Mike McGill it's actually called Nexus 5 because it's the 5th nexus (phone) released. Has nothing to do with screen size like the Nexus7/10 tablets
Flip the switch and make it live NOW!
Who said this is necessarily only for a teaser of just Moto X wood backs? This could very well mean this is perhaps coming for the Moto G or both. They are both similarly shaped.
seriously Moto phones doesn't exist !
When we have the Moto X in Germany I would definitely buy one. I bought 2 Moto G as a Christmas gift an this device is awesome. 
It's no Ara. It is clear that this the wood cover for the Moto X.
+zowie tay
This would be awesome but i can live without the moto maker. Not at the Nexus line up. 
Does anyone know how to get the promo code that expires today?
+Anna Stuever Join the Google+ community called "Moto X".  People have been posting their extra codes there.  You have to act fast though.  Also, nice silly profile pic.
My christmas gift ~ . Can I wait ?
+Motorola Mobility: why don't you reward those of us customers who have been extremely patient in waiting for the wood backs since they were first teased back in August? It'd be nice if you'd extend the $150-off full-retail deal and throw-in a Motorola Skip like you did in the early MotoMaker orders.

It's not good customer relations to keep penalizing early adopters of your product. It fosters an environment where customers are liable to hold-out on buying your product for the next better deal.

When it first came out the Moto X was priced at $299 with a 2-year contract.

Shortly thereafter those early adopters were dismayed to learn that they could have saved $100 if they'd just waited when the on-contract price was dropped to $199.

Then, shortly after that the price was dropped to $99 on-contract, and for a short time was even going for only $49 on-contract with Verizon.

One can buy an on-contract Moto X for only 1 cent on Amazon currently. Yes, it's a stock white or black model, not custom, but it's $98.99 less-expensive than a MotoMaker model.

Then those early adopters of the Developer Editions and full-retail found they spent $150 more than if they'd just waited a short time when those were discounted to be on par with the price of the Nexus 5, Moto X's hot new competitor.

So now that the wood backs are coming out, why would I pay $149 (with the rumored wood premium) on-contract or $549 full retail for the unit, figuring that the price will again be cut shortly after the holiday season concludes?

As has been pointed out in comments on your G+ page those who have already bought a Moto X feel slighted that they can't send back their unit for an upgrade to a wood back. They feel regret they should have waited to buy it and are suffering from buyer's remorse. Customers of your product should never feel buyer's remorse.

Motorola Mobility, you've fostered an environment where customers are liable to hold-out on purchasing your product. That can't be good for sales. Please consider rewarding those who held-out so long with a discount. I would suggest eliminating the wood back option fee completely and throw-in a Motorola Skip with every order. Also, drop the full-retail and Developer Edition price back down to equal the price of the Moto X's closest competitor, the Nexus 5.

Readers of this comment, if you agree with my sentiment please send the message to Motorola Mobility by +1'ing this comment.
Hello that such friends motorola, I searched the flip shell g scooter for Mexico but I have not found it, I can make the purchase with you and you send me to Mexico, if so please let me know to buy it. thank you very much.
i believe there still some codes are put on hold waiting for this happening by today 11:59pm. I'm curious how many ppl will purchase $550-$600 since they had chances to have it without wooden back for just $350-$400.
I was, but chatted with Motorola who said it's not coming today...guess I'll just live without it (I'm not paying full price just for wood).
So tired of being teased, enough already!  Really, it's not funny anymore.
+Mike McGill, it's disappointing and bad marketing strategy, but it's not like they owe their customers anything. Early adopters always pay more. If they want to do something great for their customers they should allow us to send our devices back and have the wood back swapped in for a fee, or at the very least, open up Motomaker for Dev edition devices.
+Justin Atwell I thought about holding out for rosewood as well, especially seeing I play guitar, but I couldn't resist, so bamboo it is for me.
Can I get the wood back ONLY? I have a moto x and it's great. But I got tired of waiting for this mystical wood-backed unicorn.
When does it will be available for Mexico?
Wait and buy made in China
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