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You've got pens, notebooks and a new fall wardrobe. Don't forget the most important Back to School accessory: DROID 4 by Motorola. Get it now for $100 off at +Verizon Wireless. See offer:
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"most important" ? No wonder our children are stupid. School and education is everything but. Fashion and toys is it. Nice phone, don't get me wrong, but way to perpetuate the dumbing down of the sheeple.
oh wow i just got an email from motorola that my phone is ready for ICE CREAM SANDWICH!!! Thanks! Do you guys have anything else out of date  you could sell me??? ohhhhhhh all of your products, kewl.  thanks for not unlocking my bionic as it's too old. of course it's less than a year old, but with all of your delays and such i totes get it. 
+Humberto Añez dude are you kidding me? Get a new phone already you are taking about a 2010 model phone with a 240x320 screen, 256mb ram, 512mb Rom and 100 mb internal storage. No other manufacturer would even have an upgrade path there. Upgrade hardware bro. I'm sure Google will start to address all this boot loader stuff as well as maybe refine Moto blur. EDIT: can't you get a free carrier subsidized phone?
+Paul Drake Maybe the XT300 has very low end specs, but it's the cheapest android device i could find here in Venezuela. Also, it's my first smartphone.
I have a D4, awesome phone!!! ICS update is great too. Had original Droid, then Droid 2 Global, now D4. Love the Droid sliders. My girl friend has the D3 & will probably never give it up, her favorite phone ever.
+Droid Mann which one are you currently running? I still have a Dx that I play around with, have not been able to find a ICS rom that everything is great.
Atrix 2 ICS, what's the delay? 2012 3rd quarter is almost over
+Shadi Safadi your device is scheduled to receive the upgrade in Q3. We are working with Google and our carrier partners to give the very best experience. 
That's the same info that's on the motorola website, I was hoping for something more insightful
+Motorola Mobility that's the same thing you have said about the bionic, we are well into the Q3 ?? 
+Droid Mann I appreciate the offer but I have that part down fairly well. I started flashing when I first got my D 1, moved to dx and now using a bionic. Mostly was wondering which particular one you were having the most luck with. I've been running mostly AOKP and you're right, they have  worked very well. Haven't flashed anything on my Bionic, STILL WAITING FOR THE OFFICIAL ICS, MOTO !
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