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We’re celebrating a month of soccer with a new boot up animation. Watch out for the Motorola Boot Services update as it rolls out to all #Moto users.
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Andre W
Anyone else love how Motorola updates the boot screen?
Dammit now I can't restart my phone for a month or so. 
I'm loving the updated boot animations! If only we could personalize them more than with a message....cough cough........
I would love it more if my Verizon moto x would get 4.4.3
+Carlos B I highly doubt it. We have never gotten these little bootanimations on the Droid series because if the strict contract obligations and requirements with the Droid line. 
It's the little things that make a company special, thanks moto 
Has been updated! ! ! !😁
+Michael Vernon I'd love that. Like an option to switch between older boot screens and newer ones
As much as I love Motorla, I don't want football on my boot loader. I hate football.
You guys are amazing! But still waiting for the 4.4.3 on my Moto G in Portugal.
People need to reboot the phone to see the moodles in boot screen.
Why do not add the moodels to other use case, like charging screen, or unlock screen. When user charge the phone  or after unlock the screen the moodles just pop up and fade out.
I updated and it still shows the old one. I've tried multiple times.
Josh C
Got it as you just posted this , amazing boot animation!
Just updated Boot Services on my Moto G. I still get the old boot up animation.
I wish they would stay, it seems I get the download them works and for some reason some time later it goes to the default boot service
Soo when is it available????
Mk Nx
The one thing I miss the most from my Moto G. Awesome again Moto. 
It's great! Love it...and then I see the Verizon logo...wawawa
Loved it on my Moto G! Even if I don't like football hahaha It's a good concept! 
Sadly I don't have a Motorola, but I'd like to suggest that you make this a permanent option people can turn on. Very cool animation.
Please don't waste my time and phone resources with such nonsense. 
Right on Motorola, thanks for the summer time boot animation. 
I love how you guys update this based on world events.
World Cup fever in full swing.
well, as nice as it is , what's the point ?? I pretty much never restart my moto g
Oh no even my motoX got contaminated with football... but I like the animation!
Nice. Saw it after reboot. Why don't u create theme of this?
É Motorola, parece que vocês definitivamente esqueceram dos Razrs D3 e D1. Prometeram tanto a atualização para o Android 4.4 até o final de junho/2014, já estamos no dia 18/06 e não temos nenhuma notícia das atualizações. 
Got the boot services update yesterday & never bothered to see what it was. Thanks for the reminder! 
I hope the person who stole my moto g is enjoying this boot up
Let's us make our own boot screen animation from pictures in our gallery for example. 
+Gabe Tinge Great to hear! Thanks for the suggestion, we'll keep it in mind for sure -
+Tommy King It's comments like those that make our day - Thank you!
Next boot animation should be 4th of July! :D
thanks moto for beutiful art to make people know that your phone is not death after you buy it
how to get this boot animations ?
I'm not even a soccer fan and I love it!
Cool, but will be happier to see 4.4.3 update. I'm with Fido in Canada... What are you waiting for?
These little things.. Reminds of how Motorola is repaying me each penny I hav spent on it.. Its makes me special 
also 4.4.3 on asia... come on motorola
only for iran...................................................@
only for ali daei..............................................@
Today when I restarted my Moto E, I was bit scared when I saw Pink M during boot up and Football Theme animation. I thought there is some problem with my Moto, later I checked in Internet and understood that Boot Animation was updated automatically.
didn't like it.. previous is better...
ooi cc
This morning i just reboost my phone since many day i didn't do it and i was shock with the new animate, that was totally ugly! I like the previous one ! Pls change to previous animate
The orbiting ball is not a Brazuka, I bet it would've cost money to use the official one...
Totally agree man....prueba de game
Great for moto. I like top mucho mu mobile. Motog
this boot animation can be installed in a Moto G?
+Stefano Mauri hi i read about your trouble i have moto g well And running very Good..bit se people has recommemded charge directly to the dc source
..why i don't know u though on depende Android version
joe C
very cool boot enjoying my new moto g very much...thanks motorola!!!
I chance from Nokia lumia to moto g And i very happy .... Only i would to have an app for offline music And somewrong happens when i have transferred music from mu laptop to mu Phone
Whenever I reboot I'll wait and watch the animation that programed from Motorola mobility. I like it very much.
Moto please help us Maxx owners by getting rid of the DRRROOIIIDD bootanination. Love the phone, hate the boot.
They should let us choose, the boot animation we want in our Moto G, that would be really cool.
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