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We have some news for you!  Details on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX are here!
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Love my Nexus S, But I definitely miss Motorola's build quality and Radios.
I just want to know the EXACT release date...
So, when ICS for Motorola Razr XT910?
I perhaps still Q2..!
Wow, it look nice. but where is ICS  for Motorola Atrix?
Thank you
I have a XOOM and I'm still waiting for the update to Ice Cream localizated to Latam :-(
Some DROID RAZR/DROID RAZR MAXX owners will start receiving the upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich this week as part of our standard upgrade process - broader deployments will come soon.
I LOVE Motorola phones. My first cell phone was a Motorola. mmmmmmmmmmmm. 
.....well sort of Ice Cream Sandwich, once you dig beneath the bloatware.  Have you unlocked my D3's boot loader yet, like you promised?
Moto sux releasing ics right before jell bean releases
And it took All that time for Motorola & Google to work things out for #droidrazr  & #droidrazrmaxx  to get Android 4.0 ICS? Is this a joke or something? ICS is already at 4.0.4, going to 4.0.5? That means what? For #motoroladroidrazr  series to get to 4.0.4 it's gonna take what? another 6 months? Until then ICS 5 will be out . This is a real joke. The only real down fall & turn off from that I find from #google  . Still don't understand how come Google simply can not deliver fast Updates of their OS. Especially that now #motorolamobility  belongs to #Google  . 
Where is the #+Down #button  
I wish you made a razr max for other carriers like sprint... Love the phone but I won't get verizon:-(
+Kobby Laast Imagine, imagine. Thats why myself was about to get the new #samsunggalaxys3  but I hold myself & told myself that owning a GNexus, I will never buy any other Android phone not from Google even though with real Google Phone, still #Google  lags big time on #pushingupdates  on time. #Apple  is the only one who delivers real push update on time.So far unbeatable. 
+Moilim Yacoub that's where you are wrong, Google updates the GSM Nexus devices basically all the ones that say Google on the back. The Verizon and Sprint version don't and that is why Verizon G-Nexus phones had to be updated by Verizon. The Sprint version I believe is on the same schedule as the GSM Nexus.
Google puts out the software, it's up to the handset makers to make it work. If not for the extra crap they add on top of ICS, it would work immediately. It's the handset maker's (and maybe even the wireless carrier's to some degree) fault if you don't have the new OS yet. Google did their part. It's out there. The handset makers need to stop adding extra crap to the OS. It works perfectly all by itself. At least give us the update when it's released and add your crap as an option later on (when it's ready). Waiting 3 - 6 months for an OS update because handset makers need that time to add their own unnecessary crap to the OS is maddening. A month I might understand but how long has ICS been out? SERIOUSLY! If this doesn't change soon, I'll never buy anything but Nexus devices again. They have nothing added. That's the reason they don't have to wait for the update to work. When the update is released, you update your device. It's that simple. Complain to the handset makers and this will stop. Or, just buy Nexus devices. They're excellent devices.
Wow! I kept trying to send and it said "cant post comment". Then I see it on here 4 times! That's kinda funny. LOL
+chris currence We work very closely with Google and our carrier partners to bring our consumers the best possible experience on each of our devices. This means we must ensure that all upgrades enhance device functionality and provide an overall improved experience. It's a team effort.
Same here, would love if Motorola's best phones were on Sprint as well...
+Motorola Mobility I understand there's alot more to it than what I posted but this is getting a little ridiculous. I'm holding out for the Maxx HD by the way. I love Motorola products. The people would like their updates quicker. If that means trimming some of the UI you add to the OS, so be it. You want to sell more phones don't you? Give the people what they want. You have the best battery out there, the best hardware and radios, and the best accessories. All you need is to shine up the phone's exterior a little more and find a way to expedite these updates. Jellybean will be out in a matter of weeks and less than 10 percent of android phones have ICS! Get the phones updated quicker, make it a little prettier (I don't care but most seem to), and keep up the good work with accessories like the lapdocks. I love it. Make it better. If you do these things, you'll be selling more phones than anyone consistently.
yes you are worlking closely to insure that the ics ready xoom fe i bought in nov will be upgraded long after it is obsolete
Moto Sux
+Motorola Mobility NO! Because the BEST POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE would be to bring the brand new "NAKED" version from google not later than 1 month after release! Furthermore, it is NOT a good experience for us customers if you pre-install apps! Even if they're nice apps, we want to have our own choice about if we want those apps on our phone or not! The BEST POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE for us is when WE can modify the system as we like to!
So please no more modifications from you or the carriers! We simply hate it!
+Benjamin Stelter Actually their Webtop is a step in the right direction and very useful. Since Google owns Motorola now, they can simply add it to the OS so all device makers can utilize it. It's the next evolution of the cellphone. Just add it to the OS update so we can have the updates immediately and won't have to wait for Motorola to add it after the fact. Some changes are good, but get us the updates quicker please.
+Motorola Mobility if you care about your customers experience so much then please remove the Motorola UX (MotoBlur) from Android and just ship with Pure Stock Android and I bet that it will the best selling Motorola phone to date. As +chris currence mentioned, you guys have amazing hardware, good screens, outstanding battery life, and I can go on and on. The place where a lot of Android phones (besides the Nexus line if course) lacks is the user experience, and that is because of the overlays that is put over the OS. These were helpful before but now +Android has matured and starting with ICS Android no longer needs an overlay to look good or to improve the user experience. Stock ICS, in my opinion, is by far more user friendly than any manufacturer skin including HTC sense and Touchwiz. +Motorola Mobility my point is to please start putting stock Android on your devices or at least include a toggle to go from Pure Android to your custum interface. You can poll your customers here in +Google+ just post "Who prefers stock Android over the Motorola Android Overlay? Leave your comments below." And you will get your results. If you actually read this I would like to say thank you.
+Jens Geffken I agree with you on the 36 hours but not with the "crush razr" part and never return..... ok get a the next Nexus and you won't have that problem or if Motorola listens to my comment above.  
I'm still waiting for the Razr Maxx to be released in Germany. Now I actually wait for the Rarz HD. It's like being in an eternity loop.

I tested the Razr once and really fell in love with it. Is it really that hard to make a release in Europe? 
what about ICS for motorola razr in mexico for telcel? 
What about the Motorola Razr XT910, when we are expecting to have the update?
Brazilian Atrix 4G as well. Next Nexus here I come... And if it was a Moto Nexus, I will become a SIII fan.
Im still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it took Motorola 7 months to produce a near stock ICS.  Really???? 7 months??? Everyone has ICS, Samsung has a heavily integrated  Tounch Whiz version, HTC has had it for months now and the least skin intrusive version has taken the longest.  Inexcusable and downright ridiculous.  They barely made their own imposed deadline of 7 months.  7 months.  WOW!  I wonder how many of us would of bought a Nexus if we new it would take 7 months for a near stock ICS 
I think Motorola has promised releasing ICS for RAZR in 6 weeks after Google released ICS source code... is it 6 months now?
Hey +Motorola Mobility , if you can't update your phones as fast as new Android versions are released, that's fine with me, but don't block us from tweaking our phones...unlock the bootloaders so we can do it ourselves...

Oh, and about that +Sprint's nice, but it's not exactly a star studded lineup.
Im sorry Motorola. I really am. I love ur phones, i went from a nexus back to the razr. Ive had every phone from u since the og droid. Loyalty. But ur phone should of had ics in feb march at the latest. Im disappointed in u guys. Ics upgrade right before jelly bean comes out isnt cool nor is waiting 7 months for an update that should of came on the flagship device. I would of waited for a march release just have it launch with ics. Also, stock is always preferred by consumers over bloated skins, u take up precious phone storage.
Wouldn't it be easier for Motorola to roll out updates if they have less devices on the market at the same time, or less frequent hardware changes?

At the moment I am still waiting for the RAZR MAXX to be available in the retail outlets, but already there is talk about the RAZR HD. The same situation was with the XOOM where almost in the same week it was on sale in my area, the XOOM2/XYBOARD was announced.

It just feels like I am always waiting for the next device to come out instead of buying one.
What about the RAZR HD when will we see it?
I love the razr maxx but was so disappointed in the time it took to get this upgrade which I need
for global roaming; I pre order my wife a Samsung GS III.
What does global roaming have to do with your RAZR MAXX? That is a provider issue!
The phone will not support global roaming until it gets ICS. Once I get the
update verizon can enable it.


-----Original message---
LOL they really told you that? So actually what they told you is that the Verizon version of the phone has been limited threw software restrictions to work in different networks. WOW i would be pissed and give the phone back if i were you...
Y moto locks razr?almost other android devices by moto are unlocked.
+zhihao mo That is because they want to ensure that people like +Gary Welch stay with Verizon. It is actually pure stupidity from the carrier because he signed a contract (probably) that binds him to Verizon so why lock the phone? It should be open to you when you get the device with which provider you want to use your phone with. +Verizon Wireless is getting their money anyway.
In Germany you have branded devices but they don't limit the networks you can use.
+Sprint +AT&T +Verizon Wireless should learn from the European carriers.
Also in Germany there are no carrier specific devices like in the US. If you by a SGS3 you can use it with any of the 4 providers. It is always unlocked worldwide! If US carriers would switch to that concept manufacturers would save a lot of money! +Motorola Mobility e.g. could take the RAZR and sell it in every market without changing modems, altering pcb and etc.
2 bad they never listen ;)
All these seems like they haven't learned anything from Apple's strategy.
Defy still on Android 2.2 ..........
When can I expect this update on my phone?
I'd be happy to get 2.3 on my Xprt!
And what about EU customers? It's a shame how bad your support is.

First you said that ICS would be on Razr in 6 weeks and it had taken 8 months and according to this ICS for Motorola Razr was being developed before thatn ICS for Droid Razr was event planned, (it was in March/April) and now it is released for Droid Razr and EU customers must wait at least another month? Are you kidding me or what? The same happened to XOOM.

Seriously, It's a shame how bad you deal with your customers.

You know who is no buying anything from motorola anymore. 
Everybody speaking English and he starts out with "kijk dir is ook een mooi" omg I am laughing my ass of.
I went from having the first flip phone razr to the moto Q to a blackberry back to the droid razr i love motorola's phone. As much as I might have been to not have ics just yet i would rather know that i am able to have a bug free phone
When will be Razr Maxx available in Czech republic? Thanks Thomas
What is this Motorola, all the companies upgrade their phones and you still, how long we need to wait to get this update, and I hope it worth waiting, otherwise it's really useless.
New Android OS is coming, while we are still waiting Motorola to release ICS for us, when we will get it, after it become old and available for everybody, so what is the big deal?????
+Manny DeeGreat : Well I'm a Motorola fan too, but they can do much better. I'm critical of them because I care, and I know they very well could be the #1 manufacturer if it were not for the software, which isn't horrible, but it isn't great.
I just purchased my RAZR MAXX last Friday, still waiting on the upgrade.  But I must say the Motocast is a great idea that has poor follow through.  If anyhting goes wrong with the account to fix your phone you have to do a full factory reset??? Really wait crappy software,  I got the wrong password now I am screwed and have to do a reset to get it working, you can only change the password on the phone if you know the old one? how stupid is that, please fix this glitchy software
Tran H
Still waiting ...
Moto said that ICS Upgrade rollout begins in Q2 2012.well,today is june,are you kidding me?
+Francesco Fumelli It will probably be the same with the Atrix (especially for me in the UK!). At this rate I feel sorry for Photon users who at this rate won't get their update before christmas.
So please Motorola Europe can WE have ICS on our razr right now? Jelly Bean is out, so your commitment to be "forever behind" can pass undisturbed :)))
yeah you have mantained being only 1 os behind with the razor while you line your pockets from the false promises you made as to locked bootloaders and updating the devices in a timely mannor MY XOOM FE ICS READY DEVICE STILL HAS A LOCKED BOOTLOADER AND HC 3.1
Can I ask real quick about the Motorola Xyboard? I couldn't do a general post on this, so... See, on the website it's shown not to offer eCompass, Barometer, nor HID feature of the Bluetooth, but the Xoom supposedly does. I was told this not to be true. WHich is it? :) Also, the Duel-LED flash I was told the Xyboard has, contrary to the Xoom. I'd love to post this stuff in more appropriate location, but couldn't find one...
Defy is already unlocked long time ago... And Xoom can get Jelly Bean soon...
Edu GG
I have one RazrMAXX from last week and is still with 2.3.6
when ICS will be available in Spain?
I have Droid Razr, when ICS will be available in Italy????
Just got mine in Malaysia...Late 3 days but it is ok at last i got it:)
Is the Razr going to get the Jelly Bean/Candy Cane upgrade
So, when ICS for Motorola Razr XT910? for this version 65.1.40.XT910.asiaretail.en.03
Dear Moto, we could already had stable ICS with new kernel for MM2, if there would be unlocked bootloader. Count please one less Blur user - me ... Running CM9 alpha /faster and better then Blur GB/ on MM2.

Encrypted bootloaders already failed, unlock them please. Mind your customers!
Motorola can you give us the reasons of the delay in Canada? Is there something we can do to help you give us the update?
Can we unbrand the RAZR to get the ICS update?
I'm from Hong Kong and got the ICS upgrade for my RAZR Maxx by OTA a few days ago.

Problem in G+ app, can't load images. I had already factory reset my RAZR Maxx after upgrade. Also, the email app was great before upgrade but now it's not the worst but, bad.... when replying email... Date, Subject not showing in quoted email but only Name <email address> wrote... just like the Android stock email app... 
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