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Moto X natural selection at its finest...On January 21, Bamboo will be joined by Walnut, Teak and Ebony finishes on Moto Maker - all for only an additional $25. Which wood you choose? 
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If I already have a Moto X and just want to get one of these beautifully finished backs is there or will there be an option to do that?
Nice. I think I'll put my Nexus 5 on eBAY soon.
I may have just wet myself a little.
 An upgrade program would be send in your current MM MotoX for credit towards one of these fine wooden backed pieces of machinery.
Really glad that I paid $100 more for Bamboo a week ago. Cancel that.. Just got the email from Motorola... $75 credit.. Well played.
People are saying Motorola has no chance of survivability facing other manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple.

But what I really want IS A NEW PHONE WITH A KEYBOARD

I have a Droid 4. I am not getting a phone without a physical keyboard.
Can i switch my current Moto X with the new Teak model? i'm on Verizon EDGE and i only got mine on New Year's Eve.
Looks like I'll be buying another Moto X. Happy to see they have black trim.. White trim was the only thing keeping me from bamboo. 
+Sabrina Dee Time to move into 2014. Physical keyboards are virtually dead in Android and smartphones in general. Get a Blackberry if you still want physical keyboard.
Make the next generation moto x start at the low price of around $400 because the main reason that people didn't get the moto x in the first place because it was too expensive for what you get.
If only I could order just the back piece to replace my existing...I would so order the ebony.
I'd choose to have the moto maker available to Canadians...;)
That is a good looking phone. 
I wood go with the first one 😃
I like the one on the left but it is a little bit to dark so I would get the one in the middle.
Tim Box
Will the USA Moto X work in the UK?
+Tim Box Don't you guys already have the Moto X though? It just came out a few days ago.
You guys should really let us pre order the one we want! The carriers might up their prices by then lol oh well I'll wait that ebony and black is hott
I'd choose Bamb.. Oh wait I don't live in America, where Moto Maker is exclusive :( 
+Justin Smith If you are just looking at specs then that may seem true but if people actually use a Moto X, they will probably realize that it is an amazing device and worth every penny. 
+Kirk Winterrowd I know it works perfectly I own a customized moto x but for people who haven't used it they don't know that.
Nate W
The Ebony and Walnut covers look great! Now i can definitely do $25 for one of those. Nice +Motorola Mobility 
+Kirk Winterrowd At the end of the day, people only listen to what the Verizon/AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint employees recommend to them what phone to buy and i know none of them recommended me to buy my Moto X when i got mine on Verizon. They even wondered why was i still buying Motorola phone when the Galaxy S4 and HTC One were on sale at the time.
When Moto Maker will be available here in Brazil?
Tim Box
+TZig Adam Uk price for plain back £400 USA price for teak £258
The moto maker is great but the changeable covers on the moto G is better. I want more than one design for the life of the phone
+Justin Smith I think that people may be sick and tired of being screwed by the phone companies on "discounts on phones", or buying unlocked phones for 650 bucks.
I choose the one available in Canada.

Oh wait.........
Oh my... I think I'm going to be selling my Nexus 4 now.
These remind me of wood sided cars
Anyone want a blue on black moto x that says my name on the back? Lol damn 
These certainly look great, but the first time I dropped it without a case (which would defeat the purpose) I'd be kicking myself. 
+Motorola Mobility any word on the actual wood being used (besides the bamboo).  I know it's stained, but i'd like to know if its a hardwood (even a cheap one like rubberwood) or if its something softer like pine.  This makes all the difference in the world. Please disclose. 
+Sabrina Dee Your choices will be very limited, if existent at all, if you are waiting for a high-end phone with a hardware keyboard. At best, you'll be looking at devices like the Samsung Stratosphere II, LG Enact, LG F3Q, or an NEC Terrain that are running low- to mid-range specs and older versions of Android. I think the fact that a Droid 5 hasn't been released yet speaks volumes about the future of physical QWERTY keyboards and Android handsets - aka, there isn't one.
Teak. Clear cimo s line case to show it. Seems good to me
I'm partial to the walnut... :)
Por o mercado brasileiro não foi contemplado??? Nós merecemos!!! Adoro a Motorola! Só falta a Motorola adorar a gente...
Seriously hope they come up with some sort of trade in plan for those of us that bought already..
+Ray Caywood I doubt they will. The curse of the "early" adopter. Although, in this case, I'd argue that many of us can't really be considered early adopters :)
Good guy +Motorola Mobility sending credit to early Bamboo adopters. Not all OEMs play the baddies after they've pocketed your dough.
I would love to see something where I can send my Moto X in and get a wood backed phone. Especially because I paid 200 bucks for my 16GB on contract. 
The first one is really nice!
+TZig Adam +Justin Smith And that is a key problem. Employees are pushing other phones when the Moto X woukd be incredibly useful to so many people, yet they will probably never find out how great it is.
Those look great! Perhaps I will offer my money to you for the 5th time and have you auto-cancel the order.
Bring some walnuts to Poland, I'll buy one for sure...
I really like my RAZR, but moto X is adorable and sensual...
Sad face no moto maker for Canada :-( alas, I must go for a Nexus 5. Shame really since I LOVE my moto x but the all white is like a blank canvas.
Walnut with black front, metallic silver accent. 
+Motorola Mobility   Just wanted to share my experience with everyone in case anyone else is stuck in the same scenario. I bought a moto x during the cyber monday promotion. It arrived a week later which was great. Upon inspecting the phone, I noticed there was a piece of manufacturing tape inside (yes, inside) the headphone jack. I called up Motorola and told them about the phone. The rep told me to try to get the tape out with a tweezer (really). I wasn't able to get the tape out so the rep processed a refund for me. I mentioned how the phone was a christmas present and the rep told me to buy another phone at full retail, which was $499 at the time, and the $499 would get refunded as soon as they received the defective phone. I did just as the rep told me. I bought another phone at $499 plus tax and sent back the defective phone the same day. They received the defective phone a few days later and I went to check my credit card for the refund. I saw Motorola only refunded my about $160 for some reason. I called up and asked about why I received a partial refund instead of the $499. After 2 or 3 reps, I was told that refunds were processed in two parts and I should receive the remaining refund in a couple of days. Of course I did not receive any other refund in the following days. I called up again and was told the second refund was processed and my credit card company was at fault for not receiving it (really). After being speechless for a few minutes, I called back and talked to a different rep and he elevated my case to a higher status and assured me that someone would call me back in 24 hours to talk to me about the refund. Of course no one called. At this point, I alerted my credit card company to investigate. The investigation started on January 1st and I just received an email from Motorola last week telling me the remained of the refund will be processed in the coming days. The rest of the refund finally did go through on the 14th of January, which meant it took over a month for Motorola to process a simple refund for a phone they screwed up on. I love my Moto X and I am a long time Moto customer, but this incident was so frustrating that it has me second guessing any Motorola purchase I make. In case anyone is in the same scenario, be persistent and have your credit card company intervene if you are out of ideas. 
+Anthony Pimentel I feel your pain, man. Not the same issue. But I purchased a Moto X for my wife as a Christmas gift. Long story short, delivery estimation problems and logistical issues between Motorola and FedEx resulted in my wife not getting her phone for a month (just got it two days ago). It's a nice device. But next time, I'm going to think twice in ordering from Moto directly. I'd rather deal with the carriers, which says a lot about the experience.
Open up Moto Maker to Canada already, would probably already have bought 4 of these just within my family if it was open to Canada.
I already have a perfectly good phone but with the price reduction I might not be able to resist now... My bank account is crying.
Any of them, they all look freaking good.
I hope Moto X will be available in Italy and also the MotoMaker option, they have to adjust the price in EU however, imho the actual starting price is top high, 1€ is more then 1$...
If it is all the same to me, they all look nice but, I don't have an Motoral Yet. Although I do have the IPhone Five with the Security Lock. It happens to be a real good phone for me right now, Mrs. Lori Zeiner
Wish someday we,non- u.s. residents can buy moto x,too.
I am very happy you like the Bamboo. But from what I know about this Motoral Phone, there not at all what they're suspected to be. They mite be nice in all, but you well have problems later. I am gonna stay with my I Phone 5 until this contract is up next year. It is a two year contract on them.
Impressive- Motorola's rapidly becoming my favorite phone manufacturer... Unimaginable a year ago I'd say
It's great, yes, but still no shipping to Europe? Come on!
+Tim Box+TZig Adam I got an AT&T Moto X in the sale. It works in the UK but hard to get unlock code from AT&T. The UK version is not customisable and costs £380 whereas my US version cost $350.
Is it possible to put the wood on the front and make the back leather so it doesn't slip on surfaces?
We need a stainless steel option for this. Not just black or white. 
Now I don't know if I'm gonna get a Moto G plus Grip Shell and  Nexus 7 or this.
Bring these to Canada please!!!!!!
+Brian Smith not midnight or 8am cst. I just chatted with a moto x service rep and this was her response...

"Thank you for your patience Anna.  I do not have an exact release date but it should be sometime this week.  I do apologize for the vagueness."

They should at least know the phone is being released today, right?
Now see y'all's almost bed time! That must be a sign to just get the note 3 in rose gold....Verizon playing too smh. Imma get a jitterbug...y'all ain't bout that life smh...but really I'm ready to order my ebony phone...hurry up...thanks in advance 
Thought I'd mention that I was just told by Motorola support that the wood backs are delayed until tomorrow: 

"I apologize to inform you but it looks like the new arrival date has been changed to tomorrow." 


"I understand your concern. Originally the wood backs were suppose to launch today as of yesterday but we have now moved the launch date off until tomorrow."
+Ken McGrory  Not a problem. Motorola support also mentioned that they will be making a formal announcement about the delay as well.
They should be free just for that lol. Thanks for that update 
no doubt.  I've been refreshing all day and even talked to support at one time and they said it would be later today.  Hopefully +Motorola Mobility will weigh in.
In an unexpected surprise, the Moto X wood backs appear to be available! 

Support must have been getting mixed signals. 
I'm looking now.  Still says coming soon for me.
Ordered! Hooray!  I did have to create a new design instead of using the one I had saved.
Im getting ebony I was going to try red accents but don't know how they really look in person 
Walnut, black front, silver accents
Black and ebony. Already have white and bamboo.
What is the difference between Bamboo and Ebony "Finish"? Is the "Finish" still made completely out of wood?
Kevin W
+Tim Folkins I'm on the fence between Ebony and Walnut. Please post pics when you get it.
Kevin W
+Craig Pfeiffer What accents are you getting? I'm still debating on which one's. Hope you post pics when yours arrives.
if anyone has Verizon and hasn't ordered yet sign up for their newsletter you'll get an email with a promo code they will tell you to use the link to purchase a phone the moto x design your own is listed.... However, it directs you to the moto site and the promo code can't be used there. But since its listed as an eligible device they are suppose to honor the promo which is $50 off. I called them and they told me if the promo didn't work when I checked out on the moto site to call back once order was placed and they would give me a $50 credit. Well, I had no problems getting my credit. Make sure whoever you talk with note it on your account. So basically I just paid $25 for an Ebony back moto ;) be glad when it arrives! Promo code email50 and welcome50 will get you 50 off a few other phones but to be on the safe side sign up to get their updates for your records 
Kevin W
+Ladii Kia'Ma does that offer work with Off Contract purchases or just on contract? And how do you/where do you sign up for the newsletter?
+Kevin W just on contract, I'm seriously trying to find the link. a rep sent it to me while I was chatting and that's how I signed up. order was cancelled :( because it was an add a line & I returned the primary line because it was still within the 14 days with Verizon...asked several reps if I cancel this primary line it won't effect my order that's pending for my second line(I figured it would convert to the primary line)....everyone said no. So, anyway....yes it was indeed cancelled & to top it off once they did talk with Verizon they still couldn't send it out & I have to start alllllllllll over making the phone (really though!) So, I had to start over and design it & BOOM can't place an order since Verizon says I owe on an old account..........BAM, the $35 restock fee! I have to talk with Verizon winback team now & I'll be back on track.........So, I would love for you guys who are receiving yours soon to kindly tease me with pics! It's stupid that I have to design a phone all over again that has already been designed & assembled! They should really just hold it for me lol but oh well....the moto x is by far the one of the most comfortable phones I've held & I'm addicted to the dimple! Smh, please share pics when you guys do receive yours.
+Ladii Kia'Ma Mine is supposed to be delivered today. I'll take a pic when it gets here :) Hopefully Verizon gets you straightened out quickly.
+Anna Stuever  thanks for sharing!! I Love the blue with that! Verizon tripping they sent me out a white moto x  while I was waiting on my redemption pin lol I'm starting to think moto x might not be for me lol
Booo! Hiss! Not happy that Google is selling Motorola to Lenovo.
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