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Get $100 off any Moto X by registering for your Flash Sale discount code today at 3 p.m. ET!
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Sounds nice +Motorola Mobility  but I just ordered mine on Friday. It hasn't shipped yet, so instead of causing both of us the hassle of me returning the phone and ordering a new one with the $70 sale, how about you rebate folks who got these within the last week or so?
OK, I guess what I am asking is are the ones that are going to be on sale today the GSM unlocked versions, or do we have to select a carrier during purchase. Thanks for responding +Abdul Sidikov but I need +Motorola Mobility on this one I think.
+David Foster you select your carrier to get the correct phone, then choose the No Contract option. Go to the website and do a dry run. 
If you have your design in the shopping cart, will it automatically discount at point of purchase?
Just got mine last week :(
Is there a way to just buy the wood back? I bought mine before the new backs.
+Jim G these are off contact prices. You won't be using an upgrade....
+Abdul Sidikov I messaged with +Motorola Mobility  live help, they said there was nothing they could do to add the rebate. I (and anyone) in my situation will have to return their brand new, exactly as they wanted phone and reorder it with the rebate. Lame.
Sadly I'm about $40 short from begin able to buy my "Electric City" design. I guess I'll have to wait.
+Matthew Tagliaferro I can see it being a liability yes, but it is not hard to remove the current back. I think the motoxs from the moto maker have adhesive in there. The adhesive is not required because it is not on every motox and it's not that hard to get off either.
My guess is that this 299/349 (32G) price is going to be the norm very shortly. Then there will be a fire sale (just like the Nexus 4) where they sell them for 199/249 to clear inventory for the X2 or X-2014/5
EDIT - after talking with customer service. For those of us who just purchased a phone;+Motorola Mobility  gave us another option. They now have an option to get $70 in accessories at their online store. Just open their main page (, click the Sale FAQ's, and scroll to the bottom, and start a chat with customer service. I don't need accessories, so I will order a new phone at 3pm est, and hopefully save the $100.
+Ethan Scott it's free to ship it backif youre within the 14 day period, i sent mine last week because they send you a return label. Only thing is it takes up to 2 weeks to get your money back, so youd have to cash out an extra 300+ untill yo get a refund.
Así todos en mi familia tendrán uno, jejejeje...
+Ethan Scott Or get a $70 promo code good towards their accessories, also lame. They should just rebate you a $70 debit card or something. 
I'm with you +Richard Allen . If I wanted accessories originally, I would have ordered them. Seems pretty wasteful. I am just glad I didn't get my original phone engraved with a signature. Hopefully someone else out there likes Walnut with Orange. Maybe Motorola will just wait for my original phone to come back to them, then ship it right back to me. It would be nice if I could just cancel the original order.
Registered! yay!!! now waiting for the PromoCode :-)
I registered too! Now impatiently waiting for my code 
Got my promo code. Apparently it has an expiration date of 2/3/14 at 11:59 pm. I had hoped it would last a bit longer than that, but hey that's not bad. 
Motorola's web-site is so slow now....
Can I use moto x outside USA if I buy the 16 GB varient?
+Abir Hassan If you buy the Moto X unlocked GSM t-mobile version it'll work overseas. The memory size is irrelevant with international compatibility 
Trying to buy the 16G, getting an error message -- "Sorry, you selected a configuration that is backordered and unavailable for selection at this time. Please select another Moto X - GSM Unlocked."
"Availability: In-Stock Mar 11, 2014"

Coupon is valid until 2/3/14 11:59PM EST

Is this a joke?
+Oded Shahar I get a 4 day lead time. Maybe it just depends since they're getting hammered right now with orders 
looks like they may have sold out of walnut backs too...just says "not available" now...
I'm from indonesia, can i get one of those moto g?? It's not available yet in my country.
Wood Back / Green Front / Green Buttons Moto X Eco Edition.  You can send me one for coming up with the idea #MotoXEco
c'mon folks, get this stuff to EU ;)
Yes I'm using mine in canada without unlocking 
Love that wood grain look...excellent combo.
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