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Thanks to your feedback, now you can go hands free at home with the latest Motorola Assist update.

In the new Home Mode, you can set your phone to “Talk to Me”, and your texts will be read aloud and calls announced. Check out the update now:
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Heck yeah! Been requesting this very feature for awhile. Thanks moto! 
No Drive Function for Moto G ,why ? 
I just used it for the first time. Amazing! Thanks for this
+Punit Soni +Kirk Stromberg +Motorola Mobility is MOTO G going to ever get such amazing updates ? i just updated the ASSIST APP and all i see is meeting and sleep feature :/ please dont forget that there people who have MOTO G too ! not everyone owns a MOTO X ! hope you get these amazing and better features to the MOTO G too ! :)
It's not working for me, can't find my location
+Motorola Mobility Great job on the Caller ID and Messaging features but Answering calls is a complete fail from my experience with 2 landlines and 3 different cellular carriers.

Moto Assist simply hangs and takes far too long to answer the calls before the caller is sent to voicemail. (Voicemail doesn't kick in until after 6 rings, BTW. So it takes Assist more than 6 rings to maybe get around to answering your call... Or maybe not, lol!)
Just got it. I'm cool now. Thx. 
Really concerned about battery life with this update.
+Elison Niven I'm testing battery life right now. I have my fingers crossed that it doesn't negatively impact the battery noticeably.
Great stuff. Thanks +Motorola Mobility Just a simple suggestion, It will be more accurate if it has an option to identify Home with the WiFi as well.
+Nathan Urbina I agree but from my testing, as listed above, Assist is just too slow to pick up calls before the call is kicked, after 6 rings, to voicemail. So, sadly, I still have to put my food down to answer calls, lol. :)
Awesome!!  Love this update!  I've thought this needed to be available for a while now.  Thanks again +Motorola Mobility!  Leading the pack again!
I would like driving mode to be Aviabable on the moto g 
It's been a long long time since I've been happy with a phone right out of the box. 8 months and counting.
Thanks!! Love the update. Love anytime I get an update to my Moto X. Always bringing new features. Keep up the good work!!
God,I hope Lenovo let Motorola continue on the path they are currently on!!

What a fantastic phone the MotoX is.
Jimmy C
Love it keep it up! 
I loved it really, but can't use because I have the habit of leaving the phone in one room while I move to another. If the ringtone doesn't play, I will never be able to know I have received a call.

I don't know how you'll solve this. Probably by not completely stopping the ringtone but by attenuating the volume when the name is being spoken and then increasing it again later, in repetitive pattern. This was how it happened in my very old Nokia 5800 Xpress Music.

Lol, we've come so far from those days... 😊😁
+Vishal Khedkar I noticed this too and would love for the phone to continue to ring but lower the ring volume when announcing the caller. Only problem is that Assist is trying to hear you over the ringing which would be problematic...
Make sure you highlight Assist as aggressively as you can on the Moto X 2 launch!!
Why does talk to me have to be tied to one location? Next update give users the option to toggle on/off this feature.

But is there a way to have it work without the notification in the notification bar? I'm a bit OCD with how many notifications are present in the notification bar
I was just thinking about this idea yesterday.
Works great on my Droid Maxx! This will be a lifesaver with kids. Thanks!!
+Motorola Mobility I just got the update, but I'm working. Will it read my texts and answer calls when I ask, just like when driving?
So I have to turn on high accuracy location settings and let Google drain the hell outta my battery to use it? I'm a little skeptical of this one. 
Please add ability to use non-default locale. I'd like to keep "Talk to me" feature work in Russian for self-localized devices.
The Moto G is your best seller but you don't make this new functions available for it. Fuck logic...
Folks, if they added all these features to the Moto G why would anyone buy a Moto X?
So you give the user base a taste of what the Moto experience is but save the really cool stuff for the top device. Which honestly isn't a high end device. It's considered mid range.
Thanks +Motorola Mobility loving each update. The one thing I'd love to see is reading messages back that you are sending, every time I use "OK Google now". The same way it does when you reply to a message, it says "I think you said..." That would be the best
+Motorola Mobility Nice to have feature.. But would love if you detect my home with my Wi-Fi. Why would I keep GPS in high accuracy mode at home and drain my battery.
Another reason why Motorola is leading the way in android features. Would be awesome to see that love shared across all android phones via Android 5.0 ;) I love my Nexus 4 but these Moto features are killing me :( I want them on my Nexus device to. After all Google owns Motorola so why don't the family share the same love to the Nexus family?
Can you make it not do it while the screen is on... 😌
I hate how much I still love the Moto X... it's not new, it's not fancy, and it's awesome.  Damn Moto for making quality devices that stand the test of time, like Pearl Jam or that Led Zepp band.  
Well, I used this new feature several times tonight. Pretty good! Nice addition. Now if only that OTA update would find its way into my phone...
+Ricky Smith the ownership is yet to be transfered, but Google has sold Motorola to Lenovo. And it is written in the same Wikipedia article.
+Motorola Mobility please make moto G and E available in India as soon as possible as they are out of stock since a month and I am eagerly waiting for that pieces
what updation. i am updated but no difference old and new  
I am updated but not there in home mode
Definitely should add options to add multiple locations and allowing those places to have individual settings. 
WiFi home login instead of having to have the GPS on would be a great addition (and would allow for multiple locations to do the same thing)
I agree with some of the other comments... Home location based on wifi would I'll be awesome! 
+Sascha Seyer I think its because it doesn't have the low battery sensors that the moto x has, correct me if I am wrong but I think that's it.
Hey +Motorola Mobility ... just curious... is there any chance that an update could allow Exchange calendar recognition for Assist as well?
+Motorola Mobility but where is SmartActions? Change profiles based on location/time/calendar....miss it. Was best feature of Droid line
It didn't work for me but I'm using handsent SMS .
When will this update be available for Moto G. When announcing updates indicate what phone or hold off until it is for all Motorola phones.
+Motorola Mobility  Now you just need to add ability to toggle wifi and ringer for Home Mode,  then add a Work Mode with same options as Home Mode.  (i.e. add the features Smart Actions had on the Bionic and other devices)
I have a question here, I heard a number of complaints about Androids, about high consumption of airtime, how does this happen? Please help, my uncle's got one. He has no idea why.
+nhlanhla mabikwa It's a rare occurrence, but an app can glitch and use a significant amount of data in a short amount of time. Thankfully they've included a section in settings to show you exactly how much data each app uses, so you can disable any bad ones. In 6 yrs with Android its only happened to me once. 
Moto X fantastic keep on the good work Motorola thanks 
Motorola assist would be much more useful for me if I could simply have it turn on when I'm connected to a BT headset and not depend on drive detection. I have a Jawbone headset that I'd like texts read to me through, but I don't want them read aloud when I'm not connected to the headset or in someone else's car.
Why this type feature not available for moto g
Nice feature. I wish you could set it to recognize when you are on home WiFi and not have to use precise GPS.
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