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Yo! The #Moto360 Yo giveaway has ended, but you never know when we might YO again. Add MOTOROLA on YO and keep your eyes Yo-pen #YOFORMOTO
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So you said I won. Then you said all prizes were claimed.  Talk about elation followed by heartbreak a minute after. #motofail
I got the yo, opened it, took me to a page saying I WON, put my email in, and it said I didn't win
Darn. Why did you send out more than 20 YO's? I got my hopes up
Me too. What the heck? Sorry just excited. 
I didn't even get the yo until a minute ago, I was waiting for half an hour!
Brutal...filled out the form, tapped go, browser just sat there...
I suppose there were millions of others tapping GO at the same time I was
I got my yo, and then the website wouldn't load? Did I win yo or no
Only first 20 people is what I read in the rules, so I'm not surprised...
Messed up. Said I won a 360 and then BOOM all out... WTH Moto?
Lot's people out there with faster fingers than me
All I got was application error from Heroku :(
I can't believe it I thought that I had finally won something for once.
Wait Wait... I Win and Lose in a matter of seconds... I was jumping all over the office and then BAM you have no more! Weak! 

My assumption is you'd have to be holding your phone right when you get Yo'd to be that!
10 seconds or less.. you then say I didn't win.. what the... 
At least give us a moto 360 at a discounted price or something because this contest was a sham!
+Marco Mendoza the same thing happened to me  and I submitted it the split second I got the notification. 
I got the yo it said right on the screen and I took a screen shot of it that I won a moto 360 I put my information in hit go and it said oh they're all gone sorry.  I had my phone in my hand at the time. You couldn't have hit go any faster
Lol same here, I took a screen shot of the "You Won" than the let down. 
Because you gave us a heart attack we deserve another giveaway
+Motorola Mobility I entered my info, but didn't get the 'Sorry, all Moto 360's have been claimed'. Instead I got like an error message or something weird, I has screenshots in a post I tagged ya'll in
+sean parmenter I was holding my phone!!! I had just pulled down notifications already. Seen a Moto yo pop up, and clicked it less than a second. No good.....
Man I really thought I had won now my coworkers all think I'm nuts. Blown.
Jaz F
This sucks, it said I won then nothing! 
Yeah. This kind of sucked. Got the yo. Same thing. Planned to buy one anyway but would have been nice.
Jaz F
Isn't this bait and switch? 
+Calvin Phillips WOW! I had to reach into my pocket, so that added quite a few valuable seconds to my "entry". You definitely had me beat but I'm surprised you also came up empty...
Tony G
I also had my phone in my hand and hit immediately.. Same thing! Did anyone actually win? As much as I want the watch I'm willing to boycott if I find out no one actually won and they are just playing with us
I won and I went on the link I put my email address and clicked the box that said I'm 18 years or older and then I hit go and it was taking to long to load so stopped the loading and refreshed the page and it said they are all out. I AM SO DAM MAD
I got the same result. I am starting to think it was just a quickly spun up app that did not have a good workflow. They did not add a thank you page and instead it just takes you to the default page for people that just happen to find the url.

One can hope anyway.
+Tony G I'm sure there are a lucky 20 people out there. Probably too busy convulsing to check this post...
+Mers Shata Same here., I'm not surprised though. there are clearly more than 20 people here that entered and were Yo'd. None of us were fast enough. I would agree that the wording is a poor choice:

You won!

Nah, just kidding...
Motofail,I won and then said I was to late. Then why sent me the yo. 
+Motorola Mobility  i got a YO saying that I won a moto 360..but then I didn't...thats not a good way to tease and torture your loyal fans.. :( 
If this was actually the way to contest was designed - to tell everyone they won, only to say 'except for all but 20 of you', that's horrible and is going to generate some serious bad press.  I really hope it was just a bug and they'll re-issue to the actual winners.
Did anyone feel like this was like trying to register for Google io 2013?
Even now, people are waiting for their Yo message. This was a complete waste of time and not a fair giveaway at all.
I just got beat down by a very strange contest, but I think I'm still going to throw my money at Motorola for one of these.

"He hurts me because he loves me?"
The verge just posted an article that Motorola and yo just majorly screwed up their giveaway... Shame on whoever made that happen. This was unfair. 
I really want one but if this ever happens again I will no longer buy any motorola products.
All this means nothing when you only want to focus on the US.
annndddd thousands of people just simultaneously uninstalled Yo.  
Won but all claimed here too. Heart break. How long did it really take to run out?
I got a message that I won but I put my email in. Then it told me I didn't win. What is up with this?
+Xernan Pascua ditto. My heart skipped several beats and by the time I could enter the info, they were gone. Guess I'm just going to have to buy one now. 
+Al Steffen okay. I didn't understand them like that. But anyway
The rules should be very clear though... This is bad... 
I missed it, got a yo but didn't see it until it was too late cause I'm at work  and once I clicked it it said sorry all moto 360's have been claimed 
Same here.... I went from super-excited to super-pissed within 30 seconds. +Motorola Mobility this is not cool... So how many people actually won??
Glad I didn't enter this contest. Sound's like +Motorola Mobility has disappointed many people
Hey moto - what gives? You tell me I won a 360, but then tell me I didn't? How in the world is that fair?? You did this to me last year, too at the MeetMotoX party in the city. Won the competition to get a ticket, then I was left stranded at the door. Why does Motorola hate me so much? You've gotta treat your hardcore fans better than this. :(
I got the yo, clicked it immediately, my browser opened, and then nothing happened afterwards. I'm not sure exactly what was supposed to happen, but I was left feeling rather confused and disappointed.
"How to Enter: Entrants must be one of the first 20 users to successfully complete the entry form to be eligible to win."

"How to Win: Administrator will select twenty (20) potential winners from among all eligible Promotion entries received during the Promotion Period."
Ryan B
One minute I think I won then next I didn't.  Doesn't surprise me that this contest ended the way it did.  +Motorola Mobility 
I didn't get a Yo either even though I added MOTOROLA on Yo just a few minutes after the contest was announced yesterday...

Garbage. Said I won. No way to claim it. 
I got a Yo from you and when I went to the page saying I won I got a message saying there were no more 360's to giveaway :(
Yeah thanks for the 20 seconds of excitement. 
This was a huge disappointment.  I'm actually really annoyed by the way this one played out saying everyone won and then saying sorry none left.  I just uninstalled the app now. #MotoFail
THIS is why Yo is a terrible platform for contests. It's like you're getting contest ideas from OnePlus...
Why bother to tell me I didn't win? Just don't send me a Yo at all.
Yeah... i had to delete the app after getting the fake yo and heart break
+Joel Morgan Out of curiosity, did you actually finish submitting that form after 5pm or was that after the hububaloo? If so, it was certainly not "first come, first serve" as a lot of people submitted their forms before that time.
Did I win?  It says all the prizes were claimed.  Seemed like I was told that I won, but I didn't.  EDIT: It's not that big of a deal, I'm probably still going to buy one, but this was poorly handled.
This is ridiculous, I was pumped. Then dumped:-( 
I thought I won! There should be a new contest that isn't through Yo. 
The website wasn't loading properly and i clicked at exactly 4:30 when Yo appeared.

I might as well get the LG R then.
I thought I won too? What gives Moto?
I was so excited when I got the message stating that I won a Moto 360. Then, I'm typing my email and the page goes blank... Well I refresh it and I get a page saying they're all claimed. This is the kind of thing that burns bridges. You should NEVER have said I won it. Plain and simple.
+Aaron Mason

Really? I got to the website much earlier and no such page came up. How did you win?
+Motorola Mobility I expect this sort of frustrating "marketing" contest b.s. from other companies. Not Motorola. You already have positive buzz built up for the 360. Just sell the thing. For every one of the 20 winners here that is excited about winning you upset 1000 more people that didn't.
Ugh. It said I won, but now it's telling me they ran out! 
+D Newman They already lost much of their buzz the minute LG revealed their round watch. And it looks very nice. Moto took too damn long.

It feels like the freaking OnePlusOne invite system again.
Why put "You won a Moto 360!"? It should have read, "First 20 to reply win a Moto 360!" Won implies you already won. I see a class action law suit here.
I got the yo, opened it, took me to a page saying I WON, put my email in, and it said they were all gone??!?
+Motorola Mobility Unfortunately not a great way to handle a contest and interact with your customers. I got the screen saying I had won, as I had my phone laying right next to me and clicked the Yo instantly. I entered my email address and then get the message stating that everything had been claimed. 

This is the kind of thing that those of us who own tech blogs, like the one I own, +TechDissected, will write about all over the place. It's bad publicity and something that you should make it up to those of us who were told they had won something.

I own 4 of your devices and believe in your company fully. Then to have something like this done is pretty much a huge slap in the face and this is what makes us support other companies.
+sean parmenter so based on this everyone that got a yo should have won? Or they should have just sent Yo's back to 20 random people and they should have been the winners? Very poor planning and wording on +Motorola Mobility 's part 
Excuse me +Motorola Mobility but you have a very strange marketing strategy. You had a ton of hype around the watch at IO, waited months, then run a campaign like this that afforded most people almost zero chance of actually winning, and forces people to install an app like Yo? Like I have said before, if you're catering to the 12 year old market, bravo, well done.
What bull I received a "yo" message from moto then clicked on the yo got an "i won message" and nothing.. I'm really upset.. Not cool moto think out your contests. People can either pass on good word of mouth or say the opposite.
Seriously I was elated when i got the YO and then nothing... so lame.  Would have rather not got the YO.
I'm just going to add that I got a "yo" too and well it said I didn't win after putting my email address. I think you need to do another contest that is better organized.
I got excited when i received a Yo only to be heartbroken when i opened the Yo.
+Nicholas Mrak, that's how I read it the first time. But they never specifically said anybody who gets a yo will win. Only a "select twenty potential winners from among all eligible entries". An eligible entry in this case would be one of the " first 20 users to successfully complete the entry form". 
Jeez, it's like at this point they are trying to make this watch fail. Piss off everyone who's dying to get one, GOOD PLAN.
I assumed I won from the, You won a Moto 360 message, then i felt a bit alone in the world, when you turned around and said all was claimed after I had fild out my information 😟
Yeah not much to say other than I'm in the same boat as everyone else here. Did anyone actually win one of these? 
Moto needs to take a course in writing and reading comprehension. You told me I won. It didn't say I had a chance of winning if I was fast enough. Wish i would have been smart enough to take a screenshot. 
Wow nobody can turn my excitement into shear disappointment like you guys...Maybe would've been better to not Yo anyone but the winners, and let the rest of us know that the contest is over through a post.  Oh well, it was a good thought
Told me I won, submitted email, then said they were all gone. Disappointed to say the least!
I got a message saying I won but wasn't able to claim it. Freaked out for a quick second. 
Funny the message said you won, who would be dumb enough to send out a you one message to everyone, oh yeah Motorola! #motofail
So pretty much the first few people that got a yo won, no chance for everyone else lol 
Pretty bummed about this whole situation. Received the same thing as everyone else, a "YO" stating I won.. then nope.. :( I'll keep "YO" installed in hopes they resolve this problem but i'm not holding my breath.
Got the yo then said I won... Didn't put my information in in time I guess
Be careful +Motorola Mobility, don't oneplus your fans and potential buyers. Stating that "You won a Moto 360!" only to be misled afterwards is absolutely not the correct wording, regardless of your terms and conditions. What about a discount for all who thought they'd won, yo?
Same here received the yo message from motorola just find out all the prize were already claimed.
That made me very happy and then very sad :(.
Brian O
Experienced the same thing as others.  Got the Yo message saying that I won.
You are dirty for telling me I won and then getting my hopes up. I don't care what the rules are, you are doing a diservice to your customers. I planned to buy a new moto x for me, a moto g for my dad, a moto 360, and the new ear piece because I love your products. Now I'm taking my business elsewhere. +Motorola Mobility
Motorola really screwed the pooch on this. I came back to my desk saw a Yo notification from Motorola and I was super excited. Turned out despite the fact they told me I won, I didn't win.
Rubbish execution on this contest Moto... I got a notification about winning too but unable to claim as everyone else.. 
The one star rating the Yo app is getting from this isn't enough >~>
Hey Motorola, you may want to fire who ever was in charge of this thing; you pissed off a LOT of people (check the android blogs and forums; the backlash is HUGE!). There is a MASSIVE difference between saying "confirm your email for a CHANCE to win" and what you actually said which was "You WON a Moto 360"...I'm now having a hard time with the idea of buying the moto 360 and supporting such an ethical void cpany/team/department.
Shame on +Motorola Mobility for this! You got our hopes up and then crushed them. I wish I could say I was surprised. This was last year's offer code mess all over again. Glad to see you learned from it...
I got a message saying I won, and a Yo back but then they were all claimed?? Really?
You say I win and later say I don't?! I was going to buy a 360, but now, nope. 
got yo-ed saying I won and instantly clicked to input my email and boom just like that. glass breaks 
Thanks for getting me excited Moto... Then crushing my dreams. I am looking forward to getting a LG G Watch R.
I replied the INSTANT I got the "winning" YO. Turns out it didn't matter... BOOO!
I'm sorry but it is a real let down to get the "You won Yo" to be redirected to a page saying they have all been claimed... Kinda makes me lose some faith... thanks Motorola. ~Regards, Your Former Customer
You crushed my dreams, Moto! Told me (and apparently everybody else) that I won, then snatched it away from me! Not cool, guys!
Damn, i went from So happy to so sad in 3 seconds flat.. what a terrible way to trick us!! ugh. Come on Motorola, that's just not right! Bad taste in my mouth at the moment
I got the "YO" today and clicked on it immediately only to be told the contest was over?
This was an epic #motofail. Why tell hundreds they won and then only let the first 20 who fill out the form actually win? Just randomly pick 20 and tell them they won. I'll probably still buy the watch because I'm a loyal moto customer but this was pretty pathetic. 
lol same thing happened to me... thanks for yanking my chain.
It said I won as we'll :-(. However I read the contest rules before hand and knew that it was the first 20 to fill out the survey that would actually win. Yes, this was poor wording on Motorola's part but I don't agree with how upset people are getting. Moto doesn't owe us anything and did this as something fun. How many times do you word something wrong? It's easy to do. 
Eze Ude
Glad I'm not the only one that got the okeydoke, I guess... 
I also got the link saying I won and then that they were all claimed. They should have worded the page better, so hundreds of people wouldn't think they won
Well I "won" but then I didn't.. What the hell +Motorola Mobility ? and I'll send you my address for you to ship me my Moto360 to make up for lying to me. KTHXBAI
Didn't end up with a message but this sounds like a terrible experience. Already uninstalled the app to because why say yo when you can say something specific?
Sounds like Moto just did a big-fat YO-blast out to everyone on the list (not unlike tossing a few steaks into a lion's den) and let the suddenly over-burdened servers and routers decide the winners.
+Nicholas Mrak The first twenty people who got a Yo AND completed the form. I'd hate to think my form was the 21st received...ha ha ha!
Epic FAIL Motorola, especially to all of us loyal users that were looking forward to receiving the watch and using it daily 
Yo, there are already to many messaging apps that exist only to farm and mine your personal information to resell to others... yo.
What a disappointment... Told you won... Then not... I want my time and effort for making a Yo account back :P
I got a yo from Moto at 6:06 which I thought was weird since the contest should've done it at 4, and I click it to see "all devices claimed already sorry!" Here's an idea: only send 20 people a yo! Instead of the what looks like 100+! Terrible contest Moto, I'll remember this when it comes to the 360...
I'm confused.  YO said I WON.  But after filling out the info, it said I LOST.  Who, exactly, can I yell at?  Whether I won or lost, this is a horrible marketing failure.
What?! So i did not win?! My heart was racing when I saw that I won. Filled in my email and BAM. Error :/
Chad D
Glad I wasn't the only one duped
This screwup really dissapointed me, damn 
Would have been nice to actually get the message/yo so I would've had a fair chance like everyone else. Either way it probably wouldn't have mattered 
Very disappointing experience from #YOFORMOTO :( what will they do for disappointing their fans and early adopters? 
I'm another "you won" but didn't participant. I wouldn't be upset if the wording had been different as I understood the rules. I've uninstalled Yo and don't care for any of Motorola's other Yo contests at this point. Motorola just tarnished it's name as well as Yo's (which no one really ever used anyway, now no one will). Good job Motorola. Two birds with one stone.

EDIT: Now I'll be spammed by Motorola as they gained my gmail address from this.
I am also another "You Won" participant that got the unfortunate page that said all of them were claimed. Are there any thoughts about this mixup?
Moto. Please rectify this. That landing page was pretty misleading. Or at least address the issue prior to or at next week's event.
So you said I won, and the next page said they were all gone, that is horrible and I hope it is corrected 
Nos Tek
The Yo App would not allow me to make an account and I feel cheated Moto!
I won! Oooh my heart.  Left arm tingly too.  I should know what to expect from a Motorola promotion by now... 
Frank D
Rules were not clear and they screwed over a lot of people saying they won, me being one of them.
Never even got a Yo from them. They need to find a better way to have a contest than through this POS app.
Instead of act fast should have read pray your server request is processed first. I can only imagine how many people submitted "First" . G Watch R is looking real nice these days.
I feel so jipped, it said I won one, I even saved a screenshot of it...
Do you think that was the best platform to use for a contest? 
I will not be keeping Yo installed to go through this again. Plus I don't get Yo...yo. I've already got the money, just waiting for the release date. 
I got the Yo and hit it instantly and it said they had all been claimed. 
Discounts for all of us or I'm getting a G Watch...
Same here... Elation to despair in a split second.. Not cool. LG G Watch R for me now. Screw you Motorola. 
Scenario: company creates a great bit of promotion and potential fan loyalty by giving away an awesome product. 

Result: said company botches the result and hundreds of people (myself included) become thoroughly vexed, disheartened, and mildly disenchanted. 

Really, who could've seen this one coming? i'll still get it eventually because its one of the best products I've seen for awhile now, but now I'm not nearly as supportive of the company behind the product. Don't get me wrong, we all knew we probably wouldn't win and we're certainly not owed anything free; what disappoints me is the poor execution in what could've been a fun event. Sorry, but it really is a  #motofail  
Another guy let down by the "You Won" message checking in. +Motorola Mobility can you let us buy ours early at least? 
Same here, I never win and I thought no way I won just to be told they have all been taken 
You said I won Moto! I've been trolled by Motorola ...
+Motorola Mobility that's messed up how you toyed with my emotions like that! You have lost some of my respect now. I was really excited cause I've never won anything then BAM next screen yep you're still a loser... Next time better word things better and use another way to do this than this stupid Yo app! 
I got a message that I won, but then it said all watches were claimed. What's going on?
You guys have to READ the rules!! The FIRST 20 people to click the link AFTER they get the winning message get the watch.. They sent the win message to who ever yo but the first 20 people to actually click that link get it....
Was everyone supposed to at least get a link? I didn't get one from +Motorola Mobility. I thought the rules said you would get a link, and then the first 20 people who filled out the form would win?
+Mike Contreras Yeah I read it right after I read every TOS for every app I install.  A simpler fix would have been "You are eligible to win, click here."  The articles I read said if Motorola "Yo'd" you back you won.  It's not such a big deal as to cause rioting in the streets though, simple marketing mistake.
Checking in. Same problem. Weak sauce. 
I thought I was the only one....DAMN IT.  This was total BS...If it says you won...then you win.  Why sent hundreds of YOs out with the link and then tell them no way.   I replied to the YO almost instantly. 
Wow right when I thought I actually won something in my life, its taken away in a few seconds....
+Motorola Mobility Totally bogus. You guys botched this one up. You don't say "you won" if it hasn't been determined if the person has won. Unless you're going for the whole spam popup vibe. I got the yo on my lunch break today and entered my info right away. I'm not even sure I want to buy a 360 now.
I received Yo from Motorola but dismissed the notification because I was busy. Then I went back into the app and now I can't even find the Yo from Motorola!!!! But I guess I didn't miss out since +Motorola Mobility messed it up.
Everyone has hit this spot on. I got the message saying I won... I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing. I enter my email address to claim the prize, Woah, what!? I didn't win?
I went back a screen... Sure enough, it said I won a Moto 360. Very few times have I felt so mislead and disappointed. 😞 
Just want to jump in here and add to this long list of the disappointed. Maybe Motorola will at least give us a steep discount on a Moto 360... Free is better, but at least we'd all get something for our heartbreak. 
I got the Yo and reflexively clicked the link immediately, only to be greeted with the "all have been claimed" message. I don't understand what happened. Was I just a few milliseconds late? Did everyone who entered get a Yo, or only a subset of "winners" who then had to race for the prize?
Why did you tell me I won if I didn't actually win! Such a let down... This needs to be taken care of immediately 
I also got the Yo and clicked on the notification immediately to see a screen saying that I had won. After entering my email address, a message stating that all 360s were claimed was displayed. Clearly, Motorola made it seem whoever hit the screen had already won and just had to enter their email address to confirm and claim the prize.

Disappointed with how Motorola handled this. 
I was having a hard time, losing any hope of a good day. That's when I got this YO saying I won. I nearly cried, because it was a ray of hope in that this day might not be bad after all. But when it told me that all the watches were claimed and I didn't really win, I was just sitting there, contemplating about what just happened.
Seriously Moto, I love your products, but you screwed up pretty bad.
I read the rules and was confused by the wording. However I eventually decided that everyone would get a link and the first 20 to respond would win. As a result I spent 4:15-5:00 est staring at my phone. After that I just gave up, confused, and guessing that only 20 people got a yo back. Seeing this thread now, I am deeply dissapointed and confused, especially since I didn't get a YO back while others did. WTH #Motorola !?!???
Wth. I clicked the Yo link and it says its been claimed already?? 
I appreciate moto for the contest... But I have done so many contests and was so shocked at the surprise and more let down than any other contest, I will never enter anything again.
Worst thing ever to be told Congratulations you won and then psych you lose.
I didnt get a chance to enter email it said I won :-(
being first is quite difficult on the internet - a bit of randomness would really help
never even received my yo! even though I was signed up
Received a winning Yo only to be told Im not a winner anymore...Motorola you need to get your shit together!!
Jaz F
oh well, they did it again and again I didn't get anything. At least they didn't post that you won something, it just went straight to no more 360 available.
I got a YO this afternoon saying I won..
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