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Our Moto X Moto Maker offer will go live at 12:00 p.m. ET on Wed and again on Monday. Sorry we left you hanging today. We want to make it up to you with 2 days of price promos on Wed and Mon. We've added more devices too.
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please please please continue to develop the moto x
ideally toss in top of the line camera into the mix
Way to make up for it. You guys are great! =D
I would like to see a promo for those fancy new wireless ear buds!
My moto x dev edition was cancelled pls tell me why
Jim G
Love you guys! Hope you have power packs in stock! 
Eh. The Acker, EasyACC and RavPower external battery packs on Amazon are already well reviewed and priced much better than the main manufactures 
Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan when motorola X with G only have to sell ah. Ask.
+Joe Nastri There were a limited number of Dev Edition Moto X available. Also, the Wed/Mon sale will be for Moto Maker only. The Dev Edition Cyber Monday deal is sold out.
+Motorola Mobility yeah I could have gotten that (was in my cart and was still available). The battery of the Maxx is more important to me unfortunately :-( 
After waiting 2hrs and just refreshing the motorola page you tell me sold out , I already bought it and after 2 hrs motorola cancelled it wtf!!!
Make it up to me by selling me the Verizon DE that's been in my cart since 7AM. I'll be damned if I'm going to buy one at full price because your servers acted up.

Imagine I had waited in line outside of a store for hours, but right as I got to the front the automatic door malfunctioned and slammed in my face. Instead of keeping my place in line and continuing on through the door when it opened again I was sent to the back of the line. Does this seem fair to you?
+Motorola Mobility No! Please say it isn't so! I really wanted the Dev Edition because if I unlocked the boot loader, the warranty wouldn't be voided. 😦
Rough day. Hope it goes better on Wednesday.
For the hassle everyone went through, none of the options should be "sold out" -- backorders should be honored.  Shame on the PR people handling this event.
+Motorola MobilityThis is why you are one of my favorite OEMs, if this happened to Samsung, they would just shrug it off and not care. You guys are making things even better. Good job, keep up the good work.
Why do you use Twitter to update your customers? If +Motorola Mobility is owned by +Google then they should be using +Google+ to update customers in realtime. Why does their site point users to their twitter account?
+Jake Watkins Selling a small subset of the sale items a few days later makes up for wasting 12 hours of people's time today?
+Mark Sturgill No, but I like the fact that they are trying to make up for their mistake. That is respectable.
Hopefully Wednesday will be much smoother. I've wanted a Moto X for too long. Please take my money Motorola!! 
+Jay Ortiz You can get 30% off today with the promo code THANKS for most accessories on their site. I had the headphones in my cart with my my MotoX. I plan on getting them Wed with my phone (as they said the 30% would be extended until then).
So sad the Developer Edition is sold out :( I really wanted one... Guess I'll stick with my Nexus 4 and see what you guys come out with next year.
+Jake Watkins This seems like nothing but a (very poor) attempt at damage control.

Their tweets suggest they will be putting the Moto Maker back up at full price between now and their next "sale" attempt:

When a company is willing to charge unwitting customers full price in a small window of time between one massively botched sale and a "retry" I don't see that as "making things right". If they have the capability to make the Moto Maker available at full price, I don't see how making it available for a sale price is such a challenge.
+Mark Sturgill My guess is they're doing infrastructure upgrades and performance fixes between now and the next sale so that they can handle the flood of people attempting to buy all at once. The traffic to the site will return to normal volumes once the phone is listed at normal price, so they'll be able to handle it for the time being.

Then again, this is all just a guess...we won't find out for sure if the site will be able to handle the load until Wednesday.
+Mark Sturgill  when it's on sale, thousands of people flood their servers, so I guess they have to do some load testing before the next sale attempt 
I love my X. Got it from ATT for $27 a month and can upgrade it in a year for Moto X 2!
Really??? They are giving not one but TWO extra days for people to get 1/3rd off of the phone and you want more???  Moto didn't HAVE to run this promotion in the first place.
Motorola is really ramping up to be Google's version of the iPhone, and this phone is their test subject for that process. I expected some glitches, but you'd think Google would know something about this mess given the botched Nexus 4 sales last year.
I don't think anyone got a phone.
And no one will the next two days.
I wonder what suckers will be buying a phone between now and Wed though... ah, the uninformed...
+Motorola Mobility Thank you for giving us the second oppurtunity! I was really excited about this offer.  Nice to see the company go in customer caring direction!
+Motorola Mobility I appreciate the sale (and I especially appreciate that I can buy Verizon devices through somewhere other than Verizon!) and I know you don't "owe" your customers anything, but just between you and me, it seems like you are trying to kind of sugar coat this maybe just a bit.... and it was kind of a total epic cluster fail. Maybe just say something like... 'my bad dudes, we botched it and we know we screwed some ppl and we can't make it right for everyone so seriously sorry, we will get better' (Oh and also please add the droid maxx dev edition and you will be awesome and everyone will forget all the bad stuff real quick)
Oh great. I finally gave in and bought the standard tmobile edition instead of the moto maker version. 
Rui Jin
Feels like we being slapped a thousand times and they simply throw us a piece of candy... 
I agree with +Mike Gomes+Motorola Mobility does not owe this to anyone. It is a special offer they provided for cyber Monday and website crashes are not something that can always be predicted ahead of time and mitigated. Happens to a lot of big companies. Considering that they are adding in 2 more days is something more people should be grateful for and not whine about what they could not get. The phone is still available, it is just not for the discounted rate. Where else do you see this where companies extends their specials for 2 additional days?
+Premduth Vidyanandan Motorola isn't "extending their special" or "adding two more days"; that would imply that they actually ran the promotion that they first advertised properly. Nobody forced them to make this offer.
When is Moto G available?
I have tried to buy a stupid phone from that site I don't know how many times, goes through approved then thirty mins later cancelled.  Call the number and I get zero help.  #fail
Rui Jin
+Mike Gomes didn't you see their sale number? On yeah they do need the promotion... 
Rui Jin
+Jake Watkins I am not a Samsung fan boy, but this would probably not happen to Samsung... 
Any chance that you can extend warranty supported Bootloader Unlocking to the branded models ... or at least to T-Mobile? The Dev Edition policy is great, but it is a shame to be forced to have no choices for color (white back) and storage (32gb)... ?
James T
+Ben Schoon not other but more devices as in they will be in stock read it again
How about wood back ? I like bamboo ! 
Will the Dev version be on sale as well?
promotion codes all gone?????? You didn't mention it! +Motorola Mobility  can we get 349 device in two hours?
Made an order on 12/08 using promo code obtained on 12/4, order went thru, then Motorola cancelled it because it was being shipped to my office address instead of my billing address.  Have called each day to get the order processed and back on track, and now that I am 10 days from my order, order still has not been put thru and charge is still on my credit card.   Cancelled the order because the shipping address is not the billing address??? Really!
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