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Moto G, available exclusively on Flipkart at an exceptional price - Rs 12,499 for 8GB and Rs 13,999 for 16GB - after 12AM IST February 6.  Free e-books, an exclusive 70% discount on shells and more.
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Moto g 8gb Rs 12999. Moto g 16gb 14499...
Where are these details available ?,It show as coming soon on Flipkart still.
Still says coming soon... Wtf? 
One hour passed since your post.....still coming soon. This is really irritating!
+Elison Niven The option of selecting dual / single SIM should be there for the consumers
Prices Revealed
8GB - Rs 12,999
16GB - 14,499
jellybean or kitkat?if jellybean,when can moto g(xt1033) get kitkat?
price seems to b a bit high for a single sim variant.. lets hope its dual sim..
A bit comparision of moto g with its international single sim variants these prices can be of single sim variant
Flipkart still showing "coming soon"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just read the updated post, which talks of 6/Feb now :-(
you made an offer i cannot refuse...:-)
thank u for price of moto g but i want moto x as if it specs are more than moto g
what does "RS" mean ?
how much is it in dollars or euros ?
+Elison Niven Thanks for your patience, Elison. And you were right, the site was in the midst of being updated. Thanks again for being a fan. If you have any other questions, you can continue to check out the Flipkart site here:
Still its coming to flipkart its irritating me very much 
+Anoop S Thanks for such positive feedback, Anoop. Are you planning on getting the Moto G? 
+Anurag Poddar You are so welcome, Anurag. We appreciate the love. Make sure to come back and let us know how you like the Moto G.
+Motorola Mobility Thanks for the information. I hope you have given plenty of stocks & they don't runout like Nexus stock.
Presently Motorola had only 8K Handsets of both version i know Motorola have to import lakhs of handsets from usa : ) +Vineet Handa
i think im the first one in india to order Moto-G :) + Motorola Mobility 
+Motorola Mobility The 16 gb is already out of stock in 10 mins !!!! Did you put up just 3 units on sale??? Out of stock in 10 mins?????
Why is it showing me out of stock then?
+Motorola Mobility How many 16 GB stock you gave to flipkart ? It's sold out in 15 minutes...seems like a couple of hundred only. 
+Vineet Handa They gave just a couple of dozen, i spent some time to look for the combo offer link on the 16 gb page and couldn't find it, in the mean time it was out of stock.

Hi.... i bought one moto g and i am loving it... i live in malaysia and i was wondering when can i get the kitkat update?
When going out to upgrade to android Kit Kat here in Brazil for Moto g, Motorola??
+Motorola Mobility I am NOT HAPPY! It was announced that the phone would go on sale at midnight, but actually went on sale 10 minutes before. By the time the flip covers were made available on sale, the 16 GB version was SOLD OUT (in less than 15 minutes).

I hope there is more stock available for the launch day or that pre-ordering of the stock is allowed so that we can still avail the launch day offers.

I think you and +Flipkart seriously underestimated the demand and the business opportunity here OR you just put only a few phones available for the midnight sale.

Either way, left a bad taste in the mouth after staying awake till midnight.
Is this available internationally?
+Motorola Mobility SINGLE SIM MOTO????? Custom Roms are not well supported on dual sim!! Plz let us know when single sim will be released!! 
WAAHOOOO!!! Eventually, was able to Book 1.
Will the price increase in 2 days? I hope not !!  

I will be credited with my salary on 7th :'(
+Motorola Mobility  Congratulations Motorola Great Come back to india Huge Success in india :) no more 16GB Stock available ill get my 3 of  Moto-G handsets in Saturday :) Love you <3
Well, +Flipkart and +Motorola Mobility have managed to turn around the not so enjoyable experience (refer to my previous comment) I had at the midnight launch by making up for it at the noon launch.

Again, the covers were not available at the same time the phones were and as I did not want to lose out on the 16 GB variant, I ordered the phone. Within a few minutes, the turquoise flip cover became available, and I ordered it at full price. I dropped a mail to customer service at Flipkart and they were kind enough to give me the 70%discount on the cover even though it was a separate order.

Congratulations on making a successful comeback to India with the launch of the Moto G!

I am HAPPY now! 
+Motorola Mobility Now that thousands of people here in India have bought this phone, where do you think they should take the phone in case a service is required? I have read in the past that all Motorola service centers in India had been shut down. 
Cant i buy basic model in my favourite color rather than buying a cover along with it? i dont want black model.. +Motorola Mobility 
+Anu Tangala Presently only 8Gb model available only few colors of back and shells available grab em before out of stock ;)
moto: please bring moto x as well to india
Now that moto g single sim version isn't available in India, can we use custom roms meant for single sim moto g on a dual sim moto g?
Eu teu um motoG mais o meu não veio com essas capinhas coloridas 
+Motorola Mobility I am totally disappointed with the Moto G Camera. It doesn't seem to be 5 mp. Any chances that the quality of photos improve in the kitkat update? Except camera everything is awesome. But camera quality in similarly or lower priced phones is far better than Moto G. 
Kindly add option to buy moto x using Indian issued credit card on the Motorola website ...otherwise when will you launch it in India...
+Motorola Mobility it's been a month now since u guys announced the android 4.4 kitkat.... why can't i see the for my phone in malaysia?
moto g dual india rollout kitkat update today
When will the 16 GB be again in stock? Thanks in advance.
yesterday i got it from flipkart moto g 16 gb , but from same day getting problem .....not detecting signal in both sim carcard slot .....checked with other sim and reset of phone ...............pls help me out what to do ???
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