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The new Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, $300 on Verizon with a two-year contract, is the top-rated phone in our Ratings of Verizon smart phones, thanks in part to its exceptionally capacious battery. The Ra...
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Great phone, I love mine. Hate the added bloatware from the recent update from Verizon! More reason for me to root it & get rid of all that crap!
Will upgrade once unlocked bootloaders.
Please consider not purchasing this device, and help us with the fight against motorola and thier policies to lock bootloaders
Your costumers deserve a better experience. Please unlock your bootloaders.
I love my Droid X and I love Motorola and want for them to succeed over HTC and Samsung which is why I want for them to unlock their bootloaders. You guys make awesome hardware, PLEASE do this.
I don't have a basement not many do in the UK. So ill carry on. Unlocked bootloaders anyone?
That was an older moto phone. Newer phones and some phone that took updates, Or even non carrier specific devices are unable to be rooted. I do have a basement. Its finished, the kids use it as a play/game room. Why do I want my bootloader unlocked. Ill answer you. You retard. So that I can get ICS. Which moto is dragging their feet on delivering. So that I can get rid of this useless trialware on this expensive tablet. That is mine, not verizons'. Not Trolorola's
We don't have the Maxx, but we have the regular Razr and it does rock!
+Spoken Word, maybe you didn't read my post but I WANT to buy Motorola phones, they're my favorite manufacturer but I dislike their locked bootloader policy. As a potential returning customer, I have a right to let Moto know how I feel they can improve their phones and if they decide not to listen to me and millions of others, I can choose not to buy from them like you said but I'd prefer not to have to do that.
There's no such thing as an unrootable phone. Every phone that has shipped with a locked bootloader has been rooted so far, so locked bootloaders aren't my biggest complaint. My major complaint is the ridiculous amount of bloatware that is on them. For those who aren't into rooting and ROM flashing, their app trays are permanently littered with apps they don't want, yet are unable to remove. Shame on Verizon for doing that.
Will there ever be a Droid Fighter or Razr Maxx HD. People are dying to get their hands on one (that includes me, too).
I'm eligible for my upgrade next month and I'm counting on the Droid Fighter being available by then.
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