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+1 this if you think everything is better in High-Definition. ATRIX HD has 50 percent more pixels than the leading smartphone. Seeing is believing:
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roc fu
unlock the BL
Make it available to others.
I want a 4.5+ screen on Sprint, my Photon is not doing so good anymore. Or should I go with HTC or Sammy?
The S3 is still garbage. 2 of my coworkers have it and it is still complete crap with all the stuff that is loaded on it
+Braden Nida Everyone's entitled to their opinion, I guess.  I love my S3.  Easy enough to root and remove the things you don't like (and I have).

Only 6 apps installed:
• S-Voice - a key app that's similar to Google Now.
• S Suggest - Shows apps that are guaranteed to work with your S3.  Kind of useful.
• Samsung Apps - Junk - It's their own app store.
• Media Hub - Their own media store - junk.
• S-Memo:  Kind of like OneNote or evernote.  Gets high reviews.
• AllShare Play - pretty important app.  Provides ability to push media to other Samsung hardware.

So, only 2 apps that aren't of any value, except to Samsung.

And for the record, I'm not putting down the Atrix HD.  It looks nice.  I have no intention of going into a tit for tat here, so let's just leave this one where it is.
Galaxy Nexus..... 0 extra apps installed.... and I tried all the above apps when the SDK's were released.... (insert no good comment)
Moto you should just listen to the people on what they want instead of trying to pack in a bunch of stuff no one cares about Moto would have the most sales if they didnt lock bootloaders and cheat us on updates how can you expect people to keep buying your phones if you dont update them i spent $500 on the Photon when it first came out still no sign of an ICS update. Get it together and watch your sales increase and Stop making bullshit flagship phones like ghe Photon Q how do you expect it to sell with a qhd screen when the gs3 and Evo LTE are killing it. IJS. Keep up at this rate all the people who know something about a phone will never shop with you again
all devices are certainly qualily. but how about optimizing the system..  most importantly: get the right to produce next generation nexus phone.  i really expect.
I have to say my Photon has been one if not the best phone I have owned. But the deal breaker for me on staying with a Moto product is the slider and since Sprint/Moto only have the Photon Q, I am left with the decision of going with another brand. I am within 3 months of upgrade and it looks like my next phone will be a Samsung, either Nexus or S3. 
I use my photon on tmobile now
Yea i never do ota until i see its safe might lose root. But u can still use bootstrap recovery
Bootstrap is the recovery you just can't flash kernels cuz the bootloader still locked but root works fine there are roms for locked bootloader
Aw damn IM feeding the baby and on G+ at the same time lol
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