France. Germany. The United Kingdom. They'll all be home to the #MotoX - starting in February! 
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Will it be compatible with all the UK bands? 
Joe DC
+Nico Baguio yes it will you can see on the website the bands are for Europe including 4G band 7 which isn't used in USA 
Good luck getting future updates. They sure aren't in a hurry in Canada.
Any MotoMaker options?
Where will these phones be manufactured?
Will there be a Developer Edition?
What is the price of a 32GB model?
Nice, what about Ireland, Google's European HQ is located there, and we have no devices in the Play Store, and I believe Motorola will not sell there either. I would be very happy if they would include Ireland in the UK "online" region. 
I believe UK price is £380 lol 
Hmmmm $399 in the states and planned £380 in the uk?...with today's $ to £ conversion it should be £243 and no moto maker so are we getting ripped off?
+Motorola Mobility just bare in mind that the hype about this device is gone for half a year now... nobody I know would pay you 399€ - it´s not gonna happen. If you don´t want to fail - please reconcider the pricing...
+Dan Hirsch €399 is a fair price, Wtf? £380, on the other hand, is on the expensive side. 
No 32GB, No MotoMaker...Think i'll be back for Moto X2. I think this is more to just to get into the European market for Q1. 
Bring it in Romania. Awesome phone. Thanks Moto

+Pier Galeone I guess we shouldn´t compare  £ to € prices... then we would have to compare wages and tax in UK and Germany... and so on.

As a matter of fact Google is selling the Nexus 5 (32GB) version in Germany for 399€ and the Moto G (16GB) is sold for 199€. Therefore I would recommend to set the price for the Moto X (16GB) somewhere inbetween. (Maybe around 299€)
I don´t see an huge advantage for the Moto X over the Nexus 5 and we all know other Flagship phones are knocking on the door.

I guess the Moto G will sell very good in Germany - it´s been highly recommended by local tech bloggers. However the Moto X (without the stylish Moto Maker feature) won´t live up to the praise - too little to late. And don´t forget the German Angst (Always listening device... No Sir!).
+Pier Galeone wtf, €399 is far from fair. $399 converted to € = 291, so €300 would be reasonable, not fucking €399
+Siemen Gijbels things are always cheaper in the states.. €399 and €399 is not that much of a difference... In fact, thats about that standard. Other flagships are usually €700 at release. 
Bad pricing. It just killed the hype.
+Pier Galeone yes they always are, but if Motorola would have been a bit smarter, they'd lower their price to €300 - €350 max. You aren't even getting a quad core processor. Way way waaay overpriced. Long live Nexus devices.
Looking forward the day when future generation of Moto X comes to Indonesia. :)
+Pier Galeone Convert £380 to US Dollars. What do you get? $624,19. For a fucking phone that hasn't even got a quad core processor or a 1080p display. Flagship MY ASS. Like you'd be stupid enough to spend that much on a phone with those specs.
unfortunately without Moto Maker. otherwise I would have brought me one.
This would have been considered a decent price if it has not been priced so low in the US. Now, we think it is not fair!
Such a shame +Motorola Mobility. I, and it appears many others were ready to buy in the UK, but that price just isn't good enough with no Moto Maker and considering it's spec, USA age and price.
At least match N5, £340 for 32gb, £300 for 16 and you'll be far more successful. 
Just to put the Moto X's price into perspective, you can get the LG G2 - regarded by many as the best Android phone - for £50 less. 
The price is too high Motorola. The fact there is not option to customise the phone should make this a much cheaper option in my opinion. Right now it is not worth buying and a Nexus 5 is probably the better option as it is so much more cheaper. Sorry Motorola..
Which networks or developer edition only?
6 month old phone at a flagship price.

That'll be another Motorola I'll never see here then.

This might compete with the Nexus 4, never mind the still cheaper Nexus 5 lol
but for 429 euros, the equivalent of 589 dollars instead of $350...
These are great news! Thanks for bringing this great device to Germany!

I have the same opinion as +Dan Hirsch. It would be great to see the Moto X for about 300 €. Because I am sure that the phone will be produced in China instead of Texas. Also the phone comes half a year later to Germany!

I also hope that you are planning to improve German Google Voice significantly because that's a important for the success. ☺
I've been holding off getting a Nexus 5 to see what price this will be in the UK.

Ridiculous price imo, I'll get the N5 instead. 
It is amazing to me that parts of Europe will see a consumer product that was made in the USA. It's probably been many years since this has happened.

+Jim Allen Pretty sure they are not going to be USA made, at least to start with. 
+Josh Unwin mine is. There are special deals but these phones are about $550.00 here in the USA.
Motorola, is the father of mobile telecommunication.
I am happy with my Moto G but in few months Moto X :D
Tim Box
399 USD to GBP = 243 + vat = £290

I would have stumped £300 not going to waste £380
Though I'm not in that region I'm very disappointed in the price because it's clearly gonna be a tough sell. If it at least had a quad core processor then I could see logic in people buying one in 2014 just before other flagships are announced. It doesn't have Moto maker, so I don't see why it's so much more expensive to the US variant. Also, the fact that it doesn't have Moto maker means it probably should've been launched in Europe soon after, or around the same time of the launch in the US. It is a great product, but it's not worth that price at all.
Too late, this phone could have done so much better if they launched worldwide from the start. They could have got closer to the s4
Getting somehow already too late. You guys you should better next time. Roll out in multiple countries at the same time. Up till now Moto G is still not available in most part of the developing nations world wide. 
Very wrong price point. I'm starting to live Moto, but this higher priced European Moto X is wrong decision!
Switzerland is just going to be left out of course. And no Moto Maker in any of the European countries? I'll have to buy a Nexus one... 
Push the Kit Kat update to Canadian consummers already!!!
V. Mt.
y'all complain about the price?
have you checked the price of a samsung?
and specs is not everything. you don't need quad or octa cores. the moto x will be faster in daily use than the S4 by far !
dual core is enough for taking your selfies and posting them on facebook. so relax and enjoy this fine phone, or buy a note 3 
Too expensive and too late ! 329€ will be a better price. 
Australia next? Hope so :D
Available without a carrier contract? From where? 
When Moto X is coming to malaysia? It will be awesome to bring Moto Maker to Asia region. #suggestion 
No personalisation? Above 400 €? Sorry, I absolutely WAS interested, but NOW you can keep it.
I "stay tuned" for Italy, but I'm losing interest... it's a pity.
+Augustin Boustoure Ha! Oh, man...we sound a little like a bot. There will be more news to come and we'll be sure to share it as soon as we can! Thank you all for your excitement.
I know that Motorola is going through some restructuring and focusing their effort in selected market, but I just hope someday you guys will try emerging markets. Go #MotoX :D
V. Mt.
just days ago, everybody was like "bring it to europe". now that they will get it, they start nagging.
motorola should save their names and not sell them anything :-D
Of course, I hope these three countries are only the bridgehead and that more will be added in the near future. ;)
Y aura t il une version 32 go en france
Ordered mine today via Amazon. Even though the price tag is really high for a 6 month old phone I think it is the best phone you can currently buy. As far as I can see it is just like the Developer Edition but it doesn't have the special "branding". Can we unlock the bootloader nevertheless without loosing the warranty? As a developer I love to use my own ROMs. Hopefully you won't release a new and better phone for the same price tag 3 month later ;)
+Carlos Mendes Import it from UK or another EU country. You don't have to pay tax for importing it inside the EU and Amazon UK usually sends it very fast. As long as you can get your fingers on it in one EU country it's no big deal.
+Stefan Weiberg , not really. If you buy it in Portugal you have 2 years warranty, that doesn't apply all over Europe, Amazon UK is a good example.
I can see your point, but that is not the same, also I would have no problem with the language of the phone, but unfortunately a lot of people do, because PT is not an option. And no, PT from Brazil e not the same thing, at all.
+Carlos Mendes Language won't be a problem. You can change it in the settings. Only problem would be the warranty. In UK you only have 1 year. But this is no problem for me, because I will unlock it at arrival. Best option would be the import from Germany. 2 years of warranty and the currency matches. You only would have to send it to Germany in case of warranty, but Motorola seems to accept phones from other countries, too. At least the German support told me they would repair UK devices.
+Stefan Weiberg Language is a problem because not all languages are available. I know you can change languages in settings but portuguese is not available.
+Stefan Weiberg . Please do so. Thank you in advance but keep in mind that portuguese as 2 forms, portuguese from Portugal and portuguese from Brazil, and are nothing alike. I hope Motorola does make PT-PT available.
+Abdon Phir'athon Don't forget that the Moto X in Europe isn't manufactured in the US but in Asia (most likely China). This would drop manufacturing costs significantly.
In Italy it is possible to preorder it on Amazon (coming from Germany) for 399€...
Preordered... in spite of Motorola has been sold to Lenovo...
I really hope that this will means top hardware and Google software...
+Carlos Mendes sorry, I have to disappoint you. The Moto X arrived yesterday and I first looked up the Language settings. The Portuguese setting is only PT-BR. Maybe it can be fixed with a custom ROM but this would void your warranty.
Thanks +Stefan Weiberg, I already expected that.
It's a pitty, because Motorola has yet a good reputation in Portugal and is making little effort to capitalize on that. Probably because we are a small market.
+Carlos Mendes Motorola generally doesn't focus the EMEA market. Even though it's a big one. Hopefully Lenovo will start to distribute Motorola Smartphones in Europe and not their own Smartphones.
I've bought yesterday a moto X from UK to Italy.... but the display has a scratch. Now I'm contacting the seller in order to change the moto x with a new one. I hope it doesn't take too long...
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