Thanks for shopping! Moto X is sold out at it’s promo price today. At noon ET on Mon, 12/9, register for your unique code while supplies last. 
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over in about 8 minutes... hope this works out!
wow, i got one spot, waiting for promocode now :)
Sold out in 8 mins... really?
why woven white back cover is not available?
Link to reservation definitely did not work on first try, but only after several attempts. Good luck to those who didn't get in today for next Monday!
WOW, way too fast but My spot is saved!
I don't believe they sold out that fast 
how the f.. one register for this 
how do you get a reservation?
That was fast, but expected. THe Moto X is a great phone, and at $350, it's really hard to pass up. 
Wow, ya 10 minutes. And done. Well they will have another one on Monday. But I would bet in that 10 minutes a few thousand phones were sold.
If Motorola wanted to make it right they would stop doing promotions and just let us have it for the 349.00 price 
+Mike Grima there were probably 100,000 available for the discount... I am not surprised it sold out in 10 minutes.
I got mine though! As soon as the clock struck 12-noon I was there entering my info
How is this possible? I didn't even get a chance to even get the message. 
I managed to get a reservation; curious how long it will take to get the code. My Moto X is in the cart waiting!
Lol.. I'd like to see the inventory level available on Cyber Monday if they said they were increasing the amount of codes available for today... and they sell out in 10 minutes
They probably sold 10 phones and then said the promotion was done, I don't believe they sold that many they're just trying to make up for Monday this is just a PR stunt by Motorola 
I was at 12 EST but only saw the same page that's been showing for the last two days???  Oh well, this did seem too good to be true...  Looks like I'll have to wait until next year to get my hands on this phone...
Lol I know people that signed up under every email address. So no there was not only 10. People are just butt hurt lol
+Mike Grima you're right I can buy one right now at full price that's why I think it's a scam 
10 minutes and yet you can still buy it at full price? What a joke.  Even more reason to buy a Nexus 5.
Finally, I was able to register for the promotion. Hopefully I'll finally get  a promo code for the discount. I would go for Nexus 5 at the same price, but this is going to be for my wife who doesn't like the design of Nexus 5 and likes the fact that Moto X can be customized with colors and accents of her choice. 
Got one for my wife (got me a DE yesterday).  But, I do feel bad for those that didn't manage to sneak into the 8 minute window.  Seriously, after Monday's fiasco they should have allowed a lot more.  There are going to be a lot of POed lost potential customers
So when you wait in line on black Friday for a tv at Wal-Mart, and the 100 they had in stock is gone, you expect Walmart to permanently lower the price because you were not one of the first 100? Why should Motorola be held to a different standard than a brick and mortar store? If you want to blame anyone, blame the resellers. If you don't believe me, watch eBay and Craigslist after these phones have shipped. 
When they say they've sold out, they mean they've sold out of the promotion codes not actual physical inventory...
+Mike Grima The discounted price was for a limited number of units. They didn't sell out the device itself.
I'm just here to watch everyone cry :) got mine for 299 off contract on Republic Wireless all day everyday!
+Don Emmons Nothing personal, but that's silly. They said they'd have a certain stock available at discount rate. They never even came close to saying that's all the stock they have in total.

And I mean, what did you think would happen? You had overloaded crashed servers last time so there was clearly a ton of demand for it. And if someone really wants this phone and knew supplies were limited, of course they'd gun it right as soon as the promo was live.

I'm surprised it lasted 9 minutes.
+Henry Pham Even the link provided in the most recent twitter post took me to the 2day sale page which was unchanged and had no area to enter an email address. I had to click on the home page to find a link to click to register. I did get a page that popped up saying "we've received your reservation" so hopefully I'll actually get a code but it was really frustrating that the most up to date link from Motorola didn't take me right to the page to sign up.
The level of pouting that is going on is comical.
+Brett Walker That figures!  Thanks for the info.  I was using the link from the Twitter post.  I suppose it wasn't meant to be!
Then you already knew this would happen.. Why did you even try Lol
And to be technical, they weren't even selling the phones here. They were giving out promo codes to get a $150 discount.
I feel great that I actually got the phone on Monday, and it's already shipped, LOL
+Don Emmons Then your disbelief has nothing to do with what happened here. I mean, in that case, it beckons the question of why even bother in the first place?
They won't tell us how many phones were allocated to the sale. At least when Walmart has a Black Friday promo on 50" TV's or whatever, you can see how many are on the shelf.
Did anyone get a confirmation email?
Got mine. I honestly deserved it after spending an entire day refreshing on monday
+Motorola Mobility usability tip: for next Monday, add the email address entered to the confirmation page. I'm paranoid about typos.
I got 2 reservation (2 people) waiting on promo Code.
Agreed +Paige Miller. Or just send an immediate email that confirms registration. I understand staggering the promo codes so that everyone doesn't go to the moto maker server at once, but a quick email that says we will be receiving a promo code later is reassuring. 
+Leeep ster The page didn't even switch over from the blue "come back at noon" to the red "go, go, go" for me until 4-minute after the hour... that deal barely lasted 5-minutes...
Jose L.
D'oh, forgot it was 12 EST not CST. Thankfully, one more day left.
You have as much right/chance to buy and X like everyone else on the 'net. You must have some psychological damage from black Friday because everyone ran to the TVs while you walked.
Shame on Motorola for creating buzz about a clearly disclosed limited quantity sale (marketing) and for trying to make a profit off of a really great product (capitalism).
(note sarcasm)
Got a reservation for myself and one for my wife...  hope selected colors are still available when we finally get our codes...
+Richard Myers Wow! Thanks for sharing man! The only "bad" thing for me is that only 2 colors are available. I want this for my mom and she wants the cherry one... 
I find it most interesting that they didn't post anything to Google+ at all until raising the "sold out" flag, but they posted on their 2 Twitter channels at launch.

As an FYI for anyone who is trying again on Monday, you will want to look at both of their twitter channels (Motorola and MotorolaSupport) for the link and go-ahead.

Ironically, their marketing dept. posted the wrong link on their Motorola Twitter channel, and the right link was posted on the MotorolaSupport channel. I think most people who got the promo code in time were looking at the support channel's post.

I think that Google should strongly consider helping Motorola restructure its marketing department. Do they not know about browser extensions that can post to multiple social media at once? Do they not know what browser extensions are in general?

I am deeply concerned about Motorola's competence under its current management. I'm not hating on Moto or Google... I really want the company to succeed since they are an American-owned company.
Jose L.
Need to enter info right at noon and hope it takes you less than 8 minutes? Heck with it, i'm paying full price and never participating in another cyber event from here again.
I have to wonder if most of the pissed off people are Verizon people who wanted to get an off contract phone at a half-way decent price so they can keep their unlimited data plans.  

Verizon seems to do a pretty good job of limiting people's ability to do this since the Nexus devices never have the right radios, and Verizon has their "all devices must be certified for the network" crap.  
+Mike Grima Hah, you have about as much right to state your opinion as others have the right to call you entitled.

I don't know what wasn't simple about the promotion. 12pm EST, click through and fill a form, until supplies run out. This isn't rocket science. Didn't get it in time? Then you didn't get the promo.
Has anyone checked eBay? I find it hard to believe everyone was buying phones on cyber Monday and today for personal use. I would be blown away if it wasn't more than half of all requests were for profit. Again, check eBay in the next few days for 4sale promo codes.
I'm still waiting on my code, anybody get theirs yet?
Uh to everyone that thinks they didn't post on G+ until the sale was done, why don't you goto their page. I saw it when it launched.

Also it is a PROMOTION, they are not required to sell an unlimited number at that price.
+Brett Walker, I had to refresh the originally-linked page for the promo button to show. More than once actually, but I finally got it.
+Yoni Stratievsky Thanks, I totally missed that... I thought it was the same post as the one they sent yesterday evening. I stand corrected.

Did that post link to the registration page or the ad page (ad page = wrong link).
Rui Jin
The problem with this system is people may reserve several spots just in case. 
Got my reservation right at noon... and yes I did it to keep my Verizon unlimited data. For those complaining, you can try again Monday at 9am EST. 
Swappa has new, in box and still sealed, Moto X's for 400. Used ones are less. 
+Jeremy Powell Not sure, all I know is I bolted into my office right at 12pm, wasn't sure where to go, clicked on that link on the g+ page and it went where it needed to go.

So whereever it linked to, it did it right. =)
Got confirmation that I got in, but still no email. I suppose they're staggering them to distribute load on the MotoMaker site, but has anyone gotten it?
Nothing yet.  They did say within a few hours so I'm not too worried. 
+Yoni Stratievsky Good deal... I guess that's 1 less mess up on their part.

For the record, I do still think that they should take a serious look at restructuring their marketing department. Monday's fiasco should have been handled very differently in real time.
+Dominic Powell I would knock at least two zeros off of 100,000.  I can't believe that the Moto X promo codes would have had that level of demand.
Rui Jin
No. Hopefully they keep their words this time! 
+Samuel Lopez that is exactly what I did. However I did not wait 5 seconds. It worked. I got a spot. No email yet though.
What a major fail by Motorola! 8 minute supply of phones. This after I spent all day Monday trying to place an order! That sucks.
Rui Jin
Or the site somehow crashed again and they lost all the email addresses that just registered! Lollll 
Wait... Sold out? I registered.. Got the confirmation... Still waiting for the promo code... For everyone that "registered" and DON'T get the opportunity to be the first ones to purchase the phone, it'll be the BIGGEST bs that Google/Motorola has put their patrons through. Remember, without your devoted customers, Motorola is nothing +Motorola Mobility
+Eugene Tsang I'd relax; it said you'll get it in a few hours: I'm sure it's coming if you got the confirmation. They're probably doing this to avoid overloading moto maker.
Just got promo code email confirmation. No actual code, but confirmation that it's coming soon.
Rui Jin
I just received email says i am registered and will be code send out soon. At this point i am relaxed 
I just got a confirmation email, now im waiting for the promo code 
I just received an email confirming my registration. No promo code yet but "We’ll be sending it in the next few hours.".
JUST got an email confirmation saying I'll get my code "in a few hours." phew
Rui Jin
+Eugene Tsang you should've chilled when you saw the you are registered page.Sold out simply means they "sold out " the code 
Everybody getting confirmation emails now. I got mine! :) No code yet though...
Just received mail from Motorola, confirming my registration. The promo code will be sent in few hours.
Just got my confirmation email. Whoever didn't get one, better luck next time.
+Dave Knudson you just described me.I am sick of this GNEX..bad radios Bluetooth is awful and the battery life is next step was the iPhone before this offer came along
Just got email saying wait for another email :)
Woohoo. I can not believe I got one! :-) 
Thanks for your patience, codes are beginning to roll out in batches throughout the day. Have fun designing your Moto X! 
Just received my email confirming that I will receive the code
This makes up for the 10 hours I spent Monday trying to get one. I want the 32 gig. What are you guys getting?
+Russell Lewis Interesting. I tried refreshing the 2 Day Sale page and/or re-clicking on the twitter link about 20 times and never saw the button to push. First time I went to the homepage there it was staring me in the face.
anyone know if codes are transferrable or if they have to be used on the registered # & email?
The code is assigned to you specifically probably by the email you entered
Got the emails saying my code will be sent. Waiting waiting :)
+Motorola Mobility my wife and I did have fun designing our phones... Too bad we weren't able to order them on Monday or get a code today. :-/
finally, I was able to register for the promotion. Hopefully I'll finally get  a promo code for the discount. My husband would go for Nexus 5 at the same price, but this is going to be for me.I dont like the design of Nexus 5 and the fact Moto X can be customized with colors and accents of my choice and signature.I'm so happy . i'm waiting  for the promotin code.
Good luck to those who didn't get in today for next Monday! 
Cant wait to get my code. Miss read the op stating noon ET... and just by chance checked at 11.06 ET. Luckily I have already received my email confirmation. Thanks!!! Truly cant wait!
Rui Jin
+Eugene Tsang the fact that they are supplying limited quantities is going to make lots of people rage no matter the process go smooth or not, because so many won't manage to get one. Just be happy that you got yours unlike many others. =)
Got my coupon code! I prefer this format to the Monday fiasco (even if it did work). More time to design and less urgency when checking out.
I have not received any email whatsoever.  Is there anyone else that was able to get in earlier today that has not yet received a confirmation email?  Starting to wish I took a screen shot... 
Yes my son who was on lunch at college took care of his old man and made sure I got one
that cat going to give the dog the scatch of his life
I got an email at 2:05 PM that i was registered but still need to wait for the promo code for few hours. Nothing yet. I hope i get it.
I got the confirmation mail but no code yet.
Is anyone in the same situation?
got the first email a couple of hours ago, and my promo code email a few minutes ago. just ordered without issue! Estimated delivery: Monday.
Got my code and ordered the phone just now. Can't wait to receive it in a few days!
Still waiting on my promo code I got my email 2:05 stating I would receive one
I wanted to buy developer edition 32 gig but this promo is not applicable on it :(
+Thomas Karlsson I can't believe Motorola deals with a company that can't supply their flagship phone with car docks. I personally believe that they are having a problem over at Griffin. Not great timing when the Moto X is selling like hot cakes.
To those it may concern, in order to buy myself and my gf a moto x, I had to do two separate transactions, which means I couldn't take advantage of the 18 month 0% financing.  When you get to the part of checkout where they ask your email address, make sure and use your other email address.  If you use the same one, it'll remove your coupon code.
+Greg Silvestri Have both the car and desk docks ever been available? The've been listed Out Of Stock for as far back as I can remember. I wanted to buy one but ultimately settled on a general-purpose dock.

If the promo Moto Xs are selling out in 9 minutes, how many accessory sales the stooges at +Motorola Mobility are missing out on by not having them available?
still waiting for the code. anyone still waiting?
Yes still waiting here as of 3 PM MT.
+Motorola Mobility I did some research and found out that the MotoMaker version is really not a good option for international traveler like me... Would there be anyway I can "return" the code to you so another person could get my chance instead comes Monday?
+Motorola Mobility I received the registration successful email but have not received the code yet (over 5 hours now).  Any ideas?
+Keith Bluhm Feel kind of wrong doing so... Offering it to my cousin but no reply right now....
Do you have the way for retrieve my order and my code from the cancelled order by your system? 
+Motorola Mobility According to the confirmation Screen I would have received at least some email communication...I have received nothing.  Please advise.  Thx
+Hieu Vo Thanh Does the code tie you to a specific phone type with regard to GSM vs Verizon? If the code doesn't tie one to a specific phone, and you want to send the code to me, I'll be your cousin for the day :)
+Rui Jin, apparently +Motorola Mobility has some plans for those who are selling codes; they've updated the sale FAQ:

Can I buy multiple Moto X phones with this promotion?

Technically, yes. But, each email address can be registered only once and a promotion code will only be valid on one device. If, by chance, you do have more than one code you’ll need to create separate orders and apply one to each phone

You’re not a store. We do not authorize using the codes for commercial purposes. If we detect you are applying for multiple codes for resale, we will not provide a code and we will invalidate previously provided codes.

Rui Jin
+Russell Lewis the guy is selling the extra codes he got. He is not using the code himself. I wonder how +Motorola Mobility deal with this situation. Few more folks could've got the code if this guy wasn't getting so many. 
Even though I got a confirmation on Motorola's website that I was registered I never even got a confirmation email that I'm going to receive the code and I registered at 9am on the dot! Whats up with that?
Hello Moto.. I got a promo code to use but when you try to put it in, the box at checkout won't take the code.. the code is too big!  Code is 24 char, box takes 9 char max.  Please fix so I can purchase my MotoX! 
I got 2 coupon codes, but my brother decided he didn't want one so we put it up for giveaway. ;)
+Motorola Mobility Got the promo, but cant use it because the promo code is 20 characters, but your checkout page only accepts 8 characters ????
I really hope this isn't how things go when they FINALLY release the wood! 
+Motorola Mobility I am guessing I can't purchase this phone off contract today because it wont allow me to do it.  Keeps asking me to choose a carrier before going to Checkout
+Amit Vora
The phone isn't unlocked. You still gotta pick a carrier. It's just means off contact. U don't have to sign a contract 
+Carlos Rosas    did you have to choose a carrier?  It keeps asking me to choose a carrier.  The other option I have is to enter a PIN from the store.  When i do that, I get 2 boxes. first box is where i am supposed to enter pin, only allows 8 characters.
the box below that is for the randomly generated character that you are supposed to put in.
sold out in 9 minutes? Success or failure?

I am glad I have my Nexus 4 and don't have to deal with these things for probably 2 more years.
+Motorola Mobility question - Looks like +Carlos Rosas was correct. i have to choose a carrier.  But does that mean that i am locked into that carrier?  off contract phone means that it is Unlocked and can be taken to a different GSM carrier.  is that correct? 
Get the T-Mobile one, it's GSM SIM unlocked.
+Amit Vora You can choose the T-Mobile version. Reports are that it's fully SIM unlocked so you should have no problems taking it to another GSM carrier.
still waiting for code....anyone else waiting too
+Amit Vora the ATT version won't work quite as well on T-Mobile (1 missing band). That's why you choose.
+Rui Jin, I was wondering if they might track the codes via the info they collected and perhaps watch the eBay auctions? It'd be a lot of work, but from their FAQ +Motorola Mobility is now on record as stating they will cancel codes if they find people commercially profiting from them.
+Amit Vora  Yes, I had to choose a carrier. I thought the T-Mobile Moto X came unlocked. I might be wrong, though. 
Anyone have a extra code that they don't need?
If anyone wants a promo code let me know I'll send it to you I can't use it since I'm in Canada! Thought I had figured it out but I didn't. 
I'm not charging anything for the code but somebody might as well get an awesome deal since I can't :-( 
+Motorola Mobility add Canada to your shipping list please! You've seen the interest and how popular your phone is now open it up to the world! 
still waiting on my code
Total BS, came from work and now I hear it is sold out? How can they
sell out. Sounds like MoM and PoP store. 
Jim C
Non contract customers always get screwed. Thanks a lot!
i contacted motorola live chat.  They said that no customers will be getting an unlocked phone, even if you purchase off contract. They will not allow that to happen. All customers have to wait 6 months before they unlock your phone.  Unless you have a developer edition.
+Motorola Mobility tell people the truth in your posts and tell people that it is NOT Unlocked.  it is a carrier bound phone that you are advertising and doing a sale for.  In rest of the US and world, Off contract phone usually means Unlocked phone, so that you can go to any carrier.  You are not a carrier.  Be a phone company.  Well, all I can say is that you just lost a very high paying customer (someone who was about to plunk $500 on phone and accessories).
Not sold out, +hauligan u. The allocated number of discounted phones were sold, with a second, extra allotment up for grabs on Monday. Why would anyone think Motorola was going to sell their entire stock of flagship product for half the profit?
Got my code and ordered my phone 3 hours ago!
+Amit Vora, if you mean bootloader unlock the Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular versions can be:

If you mean SIM unlock, other owners have stated that the T-Mobile version is already: and

Unless they're messing with the phone software specifically for this sale (which really doesn't make sense), I think Chat had no idea what they were talking about.
+Russell Lewis +Ilya Belousov I hope you are right.  I am thinking about using this phone for straighttalk. It would be nice if +Motorola Mobility can chime in and clear things up for people.  And thank you for providing the links. I am going thru them now.
Has anyone got to checkout and they asked if I was eligible for an upgrade? I'm eligible and am on month to month but they put some banner about if you upgrade you lose your unlimited plan? Huh...It also said "keep your plan". A little confusing......
+Amit Vora, I was considering the same idea. Save my username and let me know how it goes. 
+Steve Sudduth
If you pay full price for your phone you're not going to lose your unlimited. At least on Verizon 
If you sign a contract u lose the unlimited 
I received the email stating my registration had been received and that I would be receiving my unique code in "a few hours" but it's been 8 hours now since that email and I still haven't received my code. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
Their chat service told me it would be after midnight for the code.
I'm experiencing the same issue, Scott.  Received registration email around 2pm est and still no code as of 10:20pm est.  I guess "a few hours" is open to interpretation.  
Wireless Plan
Verizon Verizon Individual Keep Existing Plan
24-Month New Contract Voice and Data Plan Contract

Number of Lines: 1

Requires $30.00 activation fee per line

Change Plan
This comes up in final checkout....What does this mean........I have an unlimited plan now but it looks like they have me in a 24 month contract.....something is wrong here....
+Steve Sudduth
when you get to the section when you select Verizon the next selection I believe is where they give you several things to select. You need to select no contact 
If you buy a phone full price you don't need to do anything to your contract. You can activate a difference phone every day if you want and not change your plan. But u obviously selected existing customer
Mine came at 5:50pm, so they are getting them out...  If you have more than one code, you have to do multiple orders either with different G+ accounts or by changing the contact email and phone one the payment page (per +Motorola Mobility Support).
Thanks, this is not the time for any hasty decisions. Measure twice.....cut once.
+Motorola Mobility got my code but cannot check out, I've tried multiple devices and browser's but the checkout page does not recognize my zip code so I cannot proceed past the shipping address page, I've contacted customer support and didn't get any real answers, any suggestions? It's as if your website is actively trying to not take my money. +Guy Kawasaki
Hi everyone, I have a extra promo code for Moto X, Plz contact me if you are interest.
+Ilya Belousov Are you certain about this?  When I spoke to Motorola via chat, they advised they are locked and would have to contact the carrier.

My understanding only the Development phones are unlocked.

Customized Moto X are carrier specific. For example , if you buy AT&T then you can only use with AT&T, etc.,.
Anyone bough the case for MotoX? Air Jacket Grip vs Pro Shell Case? Which one do you prefer?
+Luke Wensden I'm interested! I have been trying to purchase a Moto X at the discounted price all Monday and today
Thanks again Chris.  A little screen glitch going on there. Had to scroll down past "new customer, existing customer, and there was  NO CONTRACT". I was getting a little skittish but was able to place the order. December 10th delivery projected. Whew!
Hey Motorola Mobility, Got a "You're registered" e-mail at 2pm that said I'd get a code in a few hours.  It's past 11pm.  It's not in my spam folder.  Did I get skipped over?
Was one of the lucky ones.. Just placed my order for my custom x. I didnt see a button to add the extended protection plan. Was this not an option because we got the discount?
does anyone here need a promo code? got an extra one cause my friend ended up getting a nexus 5
will t.
Uhhhhhh sorry I blinked and................... 
Got one for my wife, but unless they bring back the sale for the dev edition, I'll stick with the Nexus
Thanks a lot, I got my Moto X this time
has anyone received the moto x dev. edition if they bought it cyber Monday?
Picked up a Verizon DE for me on Monday and a Motomaker version for my wife yesterday. I received notification late last night that my DE will be delivered on Friday.
I rec'd a confirmation email at 2pm yesterday. Still no code. The "few" hours promised has turned into nearly one full day. What gives?Between Monday and yesterday, I'm feeling like joke's on me.
Has anyone's Moto x that they ordered yesterday shipped?
+Motorola Mobility when will I receive my promo code? Email Registration confirmation received yesterday at 1pm CDT. It has been over a few hours!!!! 
If someone still needs a code (and will use it, not sell it), let me know. My wife isn't going to use hers.
James T
+chad hershberger lucky mine hasn't shipped don't know how yours would already be delivered so soon can you track your package?
+James TYes, the tracking number for FedEx says it will be delivered tomorrow from Texas. 
James T
That's why dam enjoy
Free to good home, one code, got two, daughter doesn't want it. Not for resale. So it better be someone that can use it! 
+Chris Wood can i please please have it. i need it so bad. my phone is a disaster...
I have an extra code to give away if anyone is interested.
+Carlos Nieves could you start a private msg with just us so i am giving it to the correct carlos nieves?
 I have an extra code to give away if anyone is interested.plz send me email id.
I got one for my wife. Thanks +Pierangelo Munoz  But I may need another one for my own.. Anyone who has an extra please kindly share with me. :/
+Jordyn Jennings
So if a phone costs 300.00 dollars to build what should they sell it for? 350.00! The phone is made in America with the ability to customize to your liking for free which obviously is in the price but that is how they make customization free 
+Chris Wood Ya thing is they don't cost $300 to make the Galaxy Note 3 only costs $240 to make a far bigger and more powerful phone
You r looking at specks. The Note 3 isn't necessarily a better or more powerful phone 
+Chris Wood I didn't say it was better but there is no denying that its bigger and more powerful
Seriously? Doesnt apply Dev Editions? Thats kinda lame.
There is no denying it's bigger 
But I don't know where you get more powerful. What r u basing this on
Don't know why anyone would ever want to care a phablet around 
Um Snapdragon s4 pro vs the snapdragon 800, 2gb gddr2 ram vs 3gb gddr3 ram, 4.7 inch 720p amoled screen vs 5.7 inch 1080p AMOLED screen, 2,200mah battery vs 3,200mah battery all these things drive up cost quickly
As I said specs but if you checked out how things really work the Moto X has an X8 chip that works more efficiently so the specs do nothing but run down the battery. The X will get more battery life 
+Chris Wood Not saying either is better what I'm saying is more powerful and larger dimensions and sizes of things just make it cost more. I do prefer the moto x over the note 3
Can u really carry it in your pocket. I have the Bionic with the X in the mail and I can't wait to retire this brick of a phone and the Note makes the Bionic look tiny
+Jordyn Jennings
We all know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a specs beast, seeing that it’s being packed with the most cutting edge processors. In contrast, the Moto X packs hardware that’s widely viewed as last generation, a modified 1.7GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset, which doesn’t seem as intimidating as the 2.3GHz quad-core packing Galaxy Note 3. When it comes down to it, the Moto X proves why specs can’t always dictate things, as we notice a more snappy response with it. Well, it’s still quick on the Note 3, but it just doesn’t have the same level of snappiness that the Moto X exudes.
+Chris Wood I don't think you're getting what I'm trying to say the Moto X is one of the best smartphones out there. the note 3 lags and the Moto X doesn't. All I'm trying to say is that not having that big of a display, that big of a battery, and the newest cutting-edge specs means the phone cost a lot less to make then the note 3. And I think the Moto X should be $350 off contract all the time like the Nexus 5.
But the Nexus 5 being offered at 350 doesn't mean everyone can charge that price.. And seriously who knows how much the X8 chip costs to make and then you have the customization which drives up cost then u have made in America which drives up cost this is why it costs more... And as for the Lag. Why does a spec beast of a phone Lag? 
Really though. Moto is a business. They wouldn't stay in business long if they sold it for 350.00. As for the Nexus. Google is the only one capable of selling a phone for 350.00 because they make their money elsewhere. I for example couldn't get a Nexus if I wanted to as it isn't on Verizon and my opinion Motorola has a better radio then anyone so LG can't compare JMO
When does a moto x bought on the Monday sale ship? 
+Jordyn Jennings A phone may only cost $240 to build or what it but thats not the only cost, many millions goes into R&D, they have to pay the people to take support questions. The cost goes on and on and o yea then profit that's what businesses do they make money.
 +Motorola Mobility  Got promo code but before order checkout, I have one questions: Without activation in US, can I use it in India, means is the phone unlocked one?
Lucky enough to get a code but the 30% off accessories (home dock/car dock) is useless as they are out of stock. Would be nice to somehow still be able to get the 30% off when they come back in stock.
Just wondering. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to build the Moto X. I got my email yesterday morning saying their building it. Just curious if anyone knew how long it took 
+Chris Wood I got my "they're building it" email just a few hours after you gave me the code. So I geuss it just varies from device to device
I just got email that possible 2 day delay. Storm. That's cool. I just want it before someone decides to cancel the order for some reason and not give a reason. 
Sorry, I'm a European customer, and I had a question.
Having come to the U.S. to work, if I buy a Moto X without a contract, then I can also use it with a Vodafone SIM when I go back to europe?
Did everyone get their code that received an email stating that they would? Just was curious :-) 
Well maybe you got lucky. Expect mine on Thursday now. 
Only thing I got was Fri. Saying it would be 1 to 2 days later then they said. That would make it Thursday which I highly doubt. Talked to a guy yesterday that ordered the same day as me and got it in 3 days.. 
I just wish they would keep us better informed with emails about the possible shipment day now. I talked yesterday with customer service and after a 10 min wait they told me all my account showed was hasn't shipped yet. I already knew that! 
Anybody notice how the PowerDock charger has popped in and out of the assessories store? I snagged one while it showed "add to cart". Still hoping the NavigationDock pops up with the "add to cart" while the 30% THANKS promo is still on.......
So the phone just got here and I have to say the blue is a bit more shiny and metallic than it was in motomaker. Kinda wishing I would've gone with a green matt back now, but it really doesn't matter honestly.
Got my moto x today! Overnight from Fort Worth TX
Got the second one yesterday after getting another promo code on Monday and ordering it Monday night. 
Thinking about switching over to the Moto X. Was hoping someone may have an extra code they don't mind departing with. Send me a message if you do. Thanks, much appreciated!
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