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On Monday January 27th, we’re kicking off our Valentine’s Day sale with an extra sweet deal: $100 off any #MotoX without a contract from 3pm-4pm ET. This deal is only available for one hour, while supplies last. If you miss out, don’t worry. You can get $70 off any #MotoX without a contract through Valentine’s Day. 
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Guess this pushes it over the edge... Ebony Back here i come.
Gotta contact discover... I just bought mine last week. Yay for low price guarantee
Is this just US?
Why wont you make the Moto X available in Central America!? I need this phone...
+Motorola Mobility any quick tips to get my order this time!
I missed your CyberMonday deals last year thanks giving :|
Awesome deal! Loving my moto x:)
Dam I just ordered one this week.
Urrrgh, I just bought a Moto G...!
+Jeremy Rodgers i think you can save a moto x design on the site and just order it during the 1-hour window
When are you guys gonna release the next generation Moto X?
Yusuf M
Does anyone know if Canadians are eligible for this deal?
Nate W
Nice! So this will make it 299/349 during that hour?
West coast folks (in PST) get ready at 12:00 PM :-)
+TZig Adam  Give them time to develop and perfect the Moto X, Moto G, and 2013 DROID line first.  Isn't it amazing enough that the core apps are on the Play Store independent of OS updates.  That they brought KitKat to the masses before any other OEM.  That they brought a customizable device or that they brought an inexpensive but good phone to the masses?  Things like this cannot be rushed.  Too many other OEM's have started to release new generations of their flagship phones rapidly, thereby forgetting their existing customers.
On Verizon too or just T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T? 
Ok, +Motorola Mobility, what about european countries? Give us shipping! I want Moto X or at least Moto G! To Croatia! Two Moto G's at once! Please?
+Ronald Czik *any Moto X without a contract*

Yes. It also applies to Verizon.
Great. I'm expecting mine today. Just ordered it two days ago. This is what I get for not holding-out longer. I should have learned that the longer you don't buy a product from Motorola the better off you are.
+Rui Jin last time on cyber monday deals it lasted 7 to 8 minutes!
Those shells for moto g are really expensive, when do u think about giving them a discount? 
Any word on if this will also apply to dev editions since it says "any" moto x?
Will this include CDMA versions (Verizon, Sprint) or just the unlocked GSM version?

Also, what about the Developer Edition? 
do you get to customize it or do u get premade ones?
I'll be buying another one on Monday, I guess.
+Ryan Saldana It will be promo codes like the holiday sale. You will need to register on and the code will be emailed to you.
+Nate Willis The final price depends on the options you select within Moto Maker. Try customizing a Moto X now to determine the price using the $100 off offer:
+Ronald Czik It's $100 off the off-contract Moto X, so your carrier isn't a factor.
+Christopher Chavez The offer is good on any off-contract Moto X through Moto Maker. It also applies to Dev Edition.
+jose carranza where in Central America? To my understanding I thought it was supposed to be available in all of Latin America...I got it here in Colombia...just not able to order from Moto Maker...
Hmmm can't wait for Moto X 2...definitely going to just buy that one off Moto Maker! Hopefully I will be off contract by then! Keep up the good work +Motorola Mobility loving my Moto X!!!
Yeah that wood back looks freaking amazing
+Joshua Wrathall I'm located in Guatemala. The phone is not available here, I've searched. I was able to get the Moto G from amazon and I'm truly loving this phone. Just so you understand how much I love my Moto G, I downgraded my Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 (OctaCore version) to my secondary phone and I'm using the Moto G as my daily device. I love this phone so if the Moto G is this good I can only imagine the Moto X being out of this I want to be able to speak to my phone even when it's locked ;)
I'm thinking they give a rebate if you just bought it before the discount... Not sure though..... I'd be expecting one if that happened to me
I would definitely be asking for it
These deals are disrespectful towards your early adopters.
Eric T
Nobody will be able to purchase. The servers will melt down 30 seconds after it starts. These deals are almost always a waste of time and a terrible idea. Please have capacity to handle this sale and don't have like 500 units that will sell out at :02 past the hour.
I recently purchased my X directly from Motorola.  

Can I get the $70 off if I'm within the 14 day Return Period when this starts on Monday +Motorola Mobility?  

You guys keep pushing the envelope, and Im loving it. I have a nexus 5 and I brought my wife a Moto x for christmas. I am seriously thinking about buying a Moto x now for this deal lol. Keep up the good work!
Possible to get credit on order? Just bought one on the 17th. 
I don't believe your server can survive it.
I just order mine.  Have an order number but it hasn't reached FedEx yet.  Can I get this discount?
Screw you guys for making this US only.
The odds of getting the $100 discount are slim for me, but I'm still hoping to get in on the $70 - just ordered yesterday.  Hope they don't make us jump through too many hoops.
+jose carranza hmmmm that's weird! Yeah it's an awesome phone you won't be let down! Hopefully it gets to Guatamala soon! 
Do we begin registering for a promo code right at that 3 pm ET? Or 
Wow, awesome moto.........please give an chance for like that offers 
Nice this deal is on my birthday and I been debating on nexus 5 and motox but i guess this means its decided what im getting now! 
I'd love one but I work during that hr and I can't go on and make a purchase while working. Sigh

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Are you going to make it available in Denmark or is this more good news but in freedomland only?
Can I also get the $100 off upgrade if I trade in my Atrix 4G
+Mike McGill +Brad Reiter I have been chatting with +Motorola Mobility since the promotion announcement. I to happened to order mine 4 days before the promotion and would be appreciative of a $70 price match/adjustment. They have said that there is yet to be a solution for the problem. The chat agent mentioned that I could get a refund within the 15 day return policy and just try my luck for the promotion. I said okay what do I have to lose, worst deal I end up with is $70 off my $475 purchase price. It was mentioned that a refund takes 7-10 days to get your money back, which I'm okay with.
Since I purchased just prior (phone arrives in 3 days), I would just order a SECOND phone during the discount, and hope it gets here before my refund period expires on my first purchase?  Because I really don't want to be without a phone.  I would like to limit the amount of trips I have to make to the Verizon store to activate all this stuff.  Also, I'm out and additional $475 for a short amount of time.  It's almost worth it to just not worry about the $70, but that is just my personal opinion and situation.
Are they going to give out promo codes or will the price be changed on their site on the 27th?
Look guys Motorola aka Google is a large company they don't have the time or man power to answer all your questions so here. #1 - register now at the moto maker site design your phone and save it for the sale a so when the time comes all you have to do is pay for it that'll give you the best chance to get a moto X. #2 when you register moto is going to send you the code for the sale I'm sure before the sale. 3# moto already answered this but people keep asking this applies to ALL moto X phones including the Dev edition, and the larger storage ones too.

Hope this helps
Hey Moto ! Damn I just ordered mine this week ! I need a refund
+Motorola Mobility Can I use the 50$ off promo code "friends with moto" that I got yesterday combined with the 299 price on 1/27? If so that would be unbelievably awesome!
+Daniel Perkins you must be high if you think moto/Google is going to do that it's already a hell of a deal why push your luck
The deal is applied also for europe ? Italy? I want to buy a moto x from italy..
I live in Canada, can I order this and use it?
If so do I just put my current sim card?
Any hope of getting one in Ireland?
For $299-349 I'd rather have a Nexus5. Regardless I'm glad the MotoX is staying around and becoming a hit. Hopefully other OEMS will take notice and realize the UI and UX are just as important as the hardware.
+Mehran Azizi I answered this for people already this phone will work for any network AS LONG AS THE NETWORK BANDS ARE COMPATIBLE. So your best bet if it's a GSM based carrier is to look at the Tmobile Moto X it supports the most bands because they have their own bands and then when att trying to buy tmobile fell through a couple years back Att had to give them some of their spectrum so the tmobile moto x supports the most gsm based bands. Tmobile moto x supports I believe 750,800,1200,1700,1800,1900,2100, and 2400 mhz bands don't quote me on that check or to verify. Then search on Google what bands your carriers use and if the numbers match you can use it.
But also for those of you still asking the questions, this is a USA only deal so unless you can ship this to American address your not getting this deal.
70 off is the 27 to the 14 on the 14 the discount will be 100 for VDay
+Motorola Mobility, i spent a lot of time looking at this offer, then i noticed i couldn't order via my phone. That's unfortunate, because it's the only way i would have been able to order. It's fortunate though, because I'll be able to save even more money and continue to use my HTC One.
So do I need to purchase the phone by 4pm, or is 3-4pm just the window to sign up for the promo?  The FAQ mentions expiration dates, but would that be today?
+Patrick Morrissey At 3pm EST today you will sign up for the promotion on their website. You will them be sent a promotion code. The promotion code will expire. I think the last promotion codes issued for a previous promotion lasted about a week.
Will this set receive Android 4.4 Kitkat  update? Details say it has 4.2.2 Jellybean?
I didn't think the Moto X was still running 4.2.2. I know the Verizon version is running 4.4.
+Christopher Cote it was when it was first released but the moto x acts like a nexus and get the updates when the come out, so it's on 4.4.2 now 
I think even the moto g is getting 4.4 as well or may already have it
That's weird.  So the 3-4 thing is just the time frame to request the promo code?  They really should have clarified that.
You need to work on your credit card processing. I had to use 3 cards, 30 minutes with customer service until I finally could submit my order. Apparently you don't like Discover cards. There is no feedback in your error messages that would allow customers to rectify any issues.

It seems elementary to have a functioning credit card checkout.
+Zach Papadopoulos good luck. I think their phones are great but the customer service experience isn't. Amazon really nailed that much better.
+jc duenas actually it's a rumor and has not been confirm by lenovo, moto, or Google get your facts straight
The part that Google MAY sell is just the handset production division, Google will still hold the vast majority of moto patents, technologies and services, and again that's if they even sell it which Google has not accepted any offers yet, I mean just a month ago everyone was saying lenovo was going to buy blackberry, so we all know how reliable rumors about buyouts are
And all of this still has to go through the federal trade commissions before it even happens... which can take sometime, and even if lenovo buys moto, it's not even a bad thing lenovo is the #1 pc manufacturer in the world right now and they make very good smartphones already in China and the rest of asia, the whole reason lenovo wants moto is to have more brand recognition in the USA and be able to make phone in the USA for people in USA to buy. Lenovo is a solid company and moto could be in much worse hands, but again things will have to fall in place first.
So when it's sold and Motorola becomes like every other oem putting crap bloatware etc then it will still be a rumor? Then the conversation will be who cares blah blah it matters to me and a lot of moto x buyer that Google was behind the phone/company. 
Why are you so butt hurt about it these things happen constantly and just because lenovo owns them dose not mean the products moto makes will change, so get over your self and stop spewing BS +jc duenas
Also one more thing to get your facts straight on +jc duenas lenovo is one of the very few Manufacturers That Uses Almost Vanilla android With almost no bloatware
I got mine free at Costco Canada on a FIdo $55/month 2yr plan plus Costco $125 CashCard.
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