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Just released – a new look and feel for Motorola Connect, with an added "Ring My Phone" feature. You'll never lose your Moto X in the couch cushions again.
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Connect is awesome, i use it often
Google should learn a thing or two from the company they purchased. 
The Moto X was initially my 3rd choice phone. I'm so glad I couldn't get a OnePlus invite and the QHD Find 7 wasn't available. It's a blooming marvellous phone.
Finally. I no longer need  to go to the Android Device Manager app to ring my phone.

I think this feature will already be in Android L eventually. I hope Google learned some things from Moto during their acquisition. 
Nice to get a new look and feel, but so long as the messages are routed over the Internet it's a non-starter. :/
Got confused for a second cos in the the writing it said "Ring my phone" then the screen shot showed phone images and I was like, Having a feature where you call your phone, From your phone to find it, is not helpful xD
Sounds great, but can the millions of Moto G owners please get this as well? :-)
No Moto G support as per usual. Why did I even buy this thing?
So what's the story behind that oddly sized 7:28 in the clock? It better be what we're all hoping for.
Make this for any device for a price and I'd buy it
+Lee Bruner Awesome to hear! Hope you continue to enjoy. 
Love it, just tested out the phone ring because I couldn't find my phone and it worked perfectly! I also love the new design!
I use this extension frequently.... No need to go get my phone if a text message comes in.... Text right from my computer
I would love to see the ability to group chat and it's able to keep it in the same thread would be awesome.
Will it ever come for moto g?
U can get apk and it works on moto g
Plz make it compatible with moto g
+jason peel yep, I run Linux Mint and have the Motorola connect plug-in for Chrome browser and it works for me. 
New update completely made this useless to me.. Motorola Connect now does not work with Google Hangouts
+matthew saturnio You sure?  What exactly happens?  Works for me with hangouts set as SMS.  I tested sending a message from GV to my regular number and received it on connect.  And then from connect sent a text to my GV and verified it was received.
I would love to have it ! How do I get? 
Nice idea and looks promising, but I just tried and sending one message from Chrome Browser split up into 5 or 6 smaller texts on my Moto X. :-(
Are we getting motorola connect for moto G ?
Why this feature is not available on moto G
+Motorola Mobility why don't u guys add Moto circle widget to Moto E,G,&X??? this widget was cool... as there is no weather widget inbuilt in Moto E,G&X...or at least u guys can give Moto circle widget in play store for Moto's...
Thats a great idea! As an "ADMITTED NOVICE", I would also like to see a MOTO CIRCLE WIDGET, maybe someone w/the know-how can take a poll & see just how many folks would like to see this kind of widget & maybe it would be worth building one, ( SAYS THE NOVICE!!, ha! ha!)< but seriously, may be worthwhile...
actually moto should have something extra in software and widgets that everyone wants... i think MOTO CIRCLE WIDGET was one small key for that... 
+Motorola Mobility When I send a message using Moto Connect on my laptop, the three bouncing dots underneath the message continue doing so (in place of showing the date sent), even when recipient had received the message. What's going on? I'm using the Moto X on Republic Wireless, home wifi, due to lack of cell towers in my area.
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