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We wrapped up our weekend at SXSW! Take a peek and see who we met.
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....and last but not least - Unlocked bootloaders!!!!
Unlocked bootloaders at least for those phones you don't intend to update - that would be sensible...
That sounds awesome Motorola!

Except for the STILL locked bootloaders!
When are you going to delivery???
Unlock bootloader = Never
ICS - Too slow

The competition is doing well and you are ....
Dear +Motorola Mobility , I guess most people who buy your products don't buy them because you are fast and reliable when it comes to software updates for phones you do already have on the market (it's easy to do a search concerning your fame in this respect), nor because you are really really good at keeping promises concerning open boot loaders, but because (some) of your hardware is great. Hence your performance on markets where your newest (and hopefully best) hardware is not available (because you didn't adapt it for use on these markets) might suffer.

And, oh, dear +Motorola Mobility , you might perhaps consider to respond to comments made here. [:-)]
My phone a moto spice works great, but my wife's XT is just a frustrating phone, after been at the shop a couple of times since brand new it just won't work,please an upgrade please!!!
@ +Martin Kuhn , +Motorola Mobility : plus, alas, not really that much consideration for non-USA markets. [:-(]

I want my next phone to be a Motorola one too. But, alas, the chances for that to happen are shrinking.
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