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Oh, look, it’s the Moto 360 on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Josh Topolsky demoed a Lytro camera and Sony’s new VR headset on Jimmy Fallon's, but what really caught our eye was the Moto 360 that he was so casually sporting. 

By +Bogdan Petrovan 
Josh Topolsky demoed a Lytro camera and Sony’s new VR headset on Jimmy Fallon's, but what really caught our eye was the Moto 360 that he was so casually sporting.
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Hope to see some news from you guys soon... Super psyched.
I love how Motorola is close to it's people, to us. They communicate freely whenever any required information is to be given to anyone of us, when we ask in comments. Also, it is great that the feedback given through such interactions is taken into account and also worked upon if possible.

Thanks for this +Motorola Mobility!
And, if anyone would like to know from me. I am saying this because I've heard Moto X sales didn't impress much. Now the cause of this in India can be availability of only the 16GB variant.

My friends always take suggestion from me whenever they have to buy a new phone. I suggested Moto X to many, explained all the awesome things it has (because I am using one) and they were impressed too, but the storage was the only thing that turned their smile down and ended the conversation.

I really think, 16 GB models of any phone shouldn't just exist anymore. In India, people need more storage, take this as an important point. That is why we always look for SD Card support. As it can be expanded.

Techies like me always need more space for their stuff, and such a phone is what only techies buy. Normal people (who also have a low budget) only value the 'large screens at low cost' which they get in brands like Micromax.

Take this into consideration, and I felt like telling this because I just read that Moto X 64 GB variant is coming soon, but only in US. I really don't think it will ever come to India. And now, there's no good in bringing it here. People who bought Moto X already will envy you. 

PS: It doesn't mean I dislike the Moto X! It is awesome and I love it. I left my Xperia Z and using it now, it is just awesome! 😄😍
This is the first "gadget" in well over a year I'm excited about it being released. Seeing it like this suggests soon. Bring it, Motorola! 
Can't wait for the first reviews of your product (and maybe buy it, when it would be available in germany)
+Motorola Mobility u've got the most exiting Smartwatch in your portfolio, without seeing any functions... and that's a huge +
Nice!   Can we see the women's model now?   This one clearly isn't it...way too big.
+Rahul Ghosh I've said already, 'Techies'. And I didn't mean to offend anyone by saying 'Noobs' so I used 'Normal'.
+Vishal Khedkartechies are everywhere. But there are people who doesn't feel like they need a 64gb right now. Coz the price will skyrocket to 30K. Now would u buy one moto x with that price
+Rahul Ghosh really good point! But at least 32 should have been there. And I didn't even buy this one... I won it... 😜😁
+Vishal Khedkar ya I agree with u. 32gb is the sweety spot. I would have bought the moto x if it was 32gb 
+Linh Nguyen ya partially u r correct. Hardly we stream online. Also there is no Netflix,no spotify etc. But we have a habit of taking as much as stuff possible in the mobile. We expect to take entire collection of Game of thrones etc in our cell. It's a different case that we don't even open that folder anytime. We love the fact as The more the Merrier 😇😂
Great marketing, even though it's not being marketed exactly.

Teaser perhaps?
Yes. (We'll go with that!)

Thoughts on this, this looks beautiful on his wrist. I wonder how many people noticed it's the moto 360 with out needing to be told!

This most likely is going to be shown off at Google I/O, it is very much expected!
James M
I tried my best to get Best Buy to sell it but they wouldn't. Dang employee were smart in that store.
I want one for each wrist. Lol seriously though first watch I've wanted in 15 years.
Can't wait to get one. Hopefully it will be available in germany right from the start. I am already fully convinced of this product.
I canceled my Pebble Steel order the day they announced the 360. Cannot wait!
Motorola is playing best inning's ever
can't could I get one for free?? its rough being a student
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