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We're happy to announce that DROID BIONIC by Motorola is getting Android ICS in phases starting today. But that's not the only sweet treat we're planning, DROID BIONIC will also receive Jelly Bean in the coming months. Keep up to date about software upgrade news with the Motorola Android Software Upgrade News site:
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Kyle Cole
As a former Bionic owner, I'm glad to see this! Loved my Bionic!
Wayne May
Should'nt it be JB by now?
AWESOME, been waiting for a long time, but am really happy to see it coming. Thank you Motorola.
Yay, then it'll only be one build behind...for a month or two.
As a former Bionic owner, and customer who was burned by Motorola's poor customer support about my phone and its myriad issues, I'm overjoyed to see this. Im actually considering buying a Motorola phone again, especially after the severe battery problems I've had with my Rezound.

I wonder if this is some of Google's influnce. Either way, it is nice to see.
I LOVE my Bionic, especially coming from the OG Droid. Am really happy with it and will love it even more with ICS and Soon to be JB. Thanks Moto.
How about now you stop releasing stupid Verizon-only, US-only devices? Did the Bionic even come to Europe?

Make more of an effort in Europe, and you might actually get somewhere instead of reporting a near 600million dollar loss.
JB in the coming months... ahahahah... 
+Kyle Cole So was I, still am, love my Bionic and am glad I am going to be able to get ICS and eventually JB.
Thank you Mr Soni and the whole Motorola team. My Bionic thanks you as well!
Will be interesting to see if ICS still has web top  and how it will work with my Lap Dock or if they stripped it out completely.
Who cares? I am running JB on my Photon 4G that you refused to update!!
Still don't get why they decided the Photon wasn't going to be upgraded. And that does suck for the Photon owners. Am just glad the Bionic eeked by to be able to get ICS.
Same as the rest who cares since I bought a Photon 4g on the promise of ICS and then they drop it. 
The fact that people are still on gingerbread makes my stomach turn. I forgot it even existed 
+Paul Kohlmeier, I get that, that was also why I choose my Bionic, that plus the web top functionality which they are now striping........... I am just glad that I at least get ICS.
Basically if you have the Photon your screwed...... 
Wow finally! I now am waiting for JB hopefully won't take as long... 
Outstanding! Now I can take my bionic off eBay and relist for a better price.Sorry, sticking with my S3.Too late for Moto to get this customer back.I wasn't burned by support for the bionic, but the treatment Atrix, photon, and electrify users received.There's no telling if I buy a new Moto product which ones will follow the same support treatment.
I have the Razr Maxx on ICS and I love it. I have JB on a Nexus 7 and I love it as well. I do not see that there will be a big difference for the phone between the two. HOWEVER if you are upgrading from GB, either way you will be pleased. My advice though. When the upgrade rolls out, be prepared for some issues. The Razr forums are full of them for the first month or so of the roll out.
Now, if I could just get that Circles widget that the HD's got....
Um ha! So no jelly bean on RAZR a newer phone yet?
Unlock the Atrix,Photon, and Electrify bootloaders.
Dan Gillmor
I bought a Photon in part because Moto promised to update to Android 4. Now that you've reneged on this -- and locked the bootloader on top of your refusal to provide the update -- you've lost this customer.
ok, but what about the annoying battery meter?
WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! but i dont have 1, (doubt alot still have theirs anyway)
+Sam Wong I am so sorry to hear that ICS on Razr Maxx has not gone as well for you there as it has here in USA. There were a lot of Factory resets done here as well and even more cache cleaning than I can believe. Probably the best advice I have is to dump all non-stock apps when you upgrade. Then reload each one at a time to monitor their performance. Not all apps are created with ICS in mind and actually cause the phone and ICS appear to be bad. I got very lucky and my upgrade went very well and fixed many more problems than it created. I used to have a 'Rotation' issue and ICS cleared that up. The Power Bar Widget is great for helping get more life out of the battery. I went from using 60% a day to using only 20% a day just by using some power management techniques. No extra apps required (some power apps actually use more than they are worth) and knowing that my Data Limit is getting close (and being able to adjust it) is worth the upgrade.
Its about time! I just rooted my phone, but kept the stock rom, just in case something like this happened!!
I love my bionic and say many thanks for the great news!
+Rajat Kumar I was on the road to get a Bionic when the Razr Maxx came out. My plan had just changed and I was upgrading. Things just worked out to get a Razr.
Moto steps up! Nice! Per their revised update matrix there will be lots of Moto phones on JB in the coming months!
As a former Bionic user, I am overjoyed. Thank you for fixing the wrong from last year Motorola.
+Motorola Mobility man you guys are still failing..  You're giving out ICS when Key Lime Pie is about to be announced?!?!?  What have your programmers been doing this last year? It's like you want people to buy Nexii and Galaxy Ses.

Also why is the DROID RAZR not being upgraded this year?  Why do we have to wait until after the Razr M and Razr HD to get our hand full of jelly beans?
My Atrix 4G would love an ICS update...
It's getting year-old software? Bummer 
Too late, no one cares
Keith Mullen
Screw Motorola! ICS is about a year old and a version old. Motorola stated ICS for Atrix then backed down. Will not by another Motorola phone as they can not keep up or deliver on promises. Next phone will be Samsung!
Wow, good luck on the Samsung quest.  There's not a day goes by that I don't want to hit my Galaxy S with a sledgehammer, Android 2.2-toting, non-upgradeable, lockup-prone little piece of crap that it is...
Tempted to make an obligatory comment about how quick anyone with an iPhone was able to get iOS 6 (even with it's faults)...........but nah.......LOL
Jelly Bean in the coming months? I'll have a new Nexus by then, but its good to at least see Moto committed to upgrading it. 
I love my bionic and i hung in and today i received my upgrade. So far, i love it. Thanks Motorola for coming through in the end and with jelly bean coming
man i feel sorry for VZW customers. You guys got shafted with the worst android phones until recently.
Josh B
What about my photon?
oh so nice & im very carefull to my gadget and protect forany attemp virus. 
I'm running jelly bean right now on my photon. Rooting rocks.
Shit finally I been on jellybean for a wile now lol
yes Droid does suck. But android does not. +android is the best!
Will Yu
This is a sure sign that Motorola under Google will be cool again, keep it up. 
Hey, at least you're getting ICS, those of us on Samsung Epic 4Gs are stuck on Gingerbread, seemingly forever...
All of these update issues go away if you buy a Nexus device. Plus they are pure Android. No need for UI because JB is beautiful as is and oh so smooth.
Can't moto make a decent update for the defy? Not everyone wants a screen that's >4". All I want is a ip67 phone w/ decent specs that FITS in my pocket.
Hooray, it caught up just in time to be 2 versions behind.
+Keith Mullen I wouldn't trust Samsung either unless it's Nexus. Look at the S3 update wait
I live my motocast feature. Im at 4.0.4 and loving it. So skeptic about upgrading my razr again
Alright now update the Droid 3 and I'm happy.
well now you know. You either buy a nexus, or buy a device with the same SOC as the Nexus so that you can root and rom. 
plus there are plenty of very stable JB roms available for the S3.....People rooting and roming is a GREAT thing and not difficult... i plan on getting the next nexus, and i am still going to root and rom it!
Bionic my worst purchase, thank to it I need to buy the note II at full price. Either way thank thank for the update, I guess my wife will enjoy it. 
What I really want to know is why Google doesn't chime in in what is still going on at Motorola
Buy a Nexus phone if you want latest updates! Getting 4.0 when 4.2 is about to come out, screw that! Love my Nexus on Jellybean
Thank you Mr. Sony. The Bionic is now the beast it was meant to be. Restored my faith in Moto and Google. After 15 years of Moto phones it looks like I'll be sticking around for a few more.:-$ :-P 
Motorola smartphone will get better with updates now that Google has a hand in that decision. Everyone needs to stop complaining about updates...if you wanted a pone for the quick updates you should have got the galaxy Nexus... I've had this phone since its release and never looked back. So in the future think about your decisions...if you want a phone that gets quick updates then buy the Nexus... if you want another phone get that one but don't buy it then complain you don't get updates when you had the option to get the nexus
i would think they know that there is a new version called jelly bean. But you no its not like there owned by Google or something 
Thanks +Motorola Mobility for reasing ICS. A year old software. Let's not forget the other phones that won't be getting ICS. You guys are such a competent company to invest a 2yr contract on. 
So according to the official software upgrade news page the Bionic has Jelly Bean in the plans yet the newer Atrix 2 hasn't. You must be kidding me Motorola! I already have a Droid 3 and Atrix 1 gathering dust. If this is to happen to my A2 it will surely be my last Motorola phone! Please assure me it's just a typo.
+Harry Kirk the 2011 RAZR and RAZR MAXX's JB update s coming before the end of time while the RAZR M HD and HD MAXX is coming at the end of the year.
About time. JB is a good move and not expected so soon. if I could only get rid of Verizon's bloatware...
Actually I may go back to Windows phone.
Haha that's so pathetic. Great post Moto, I'll see you when you catch up to the future... Umm no I won't. 
Matt D
hey motorola, what is the price of your cheapest phone and what is it?
You know they are on J now...right?
Thanks I love the new web top with my lapdock
When are you going to fix the Razr & Razr Maxx?!!! loved my max when I first got it. Then you updated it and destroyed it with ICS bugs!! Fix these phones now! I'm stuck with a crappy phone that lasts all day now. Sometimes it takes 2 minutes to make a call! I wish version would give in when a phone sucks so bad & let us switch to a different model.
Pathetic. Should have gone straight to jelly bean 
Mat Lee
ICS? Isn't Jellybean the newest? Kind of behind aren't we? This is why you should get a nexus.
Am done with Motorola for long now. An eye sore.
Too little, too late. Never buying Motorola again.
Agian, why doesnt Google say something? They own Motorola now and I would doubt that they will continue to have Samsung produce the Nexus.
This is nice and all but... HOW ABOUT THE DROID 3?! 
Hi wait, after days there are be chance motorola came back and tell sorry we are not able to update bionic with jelly bean... As what it done for atrix...

+Motorola Mobility needs to hand device maintenance off to XDA Developers they had ICS long ago and are running JB on the Bionic right now. XDA can make these phines run from scraps of code and the idiots making the devices cant seem to maintain them. This company will never change no matter who owns them.
They need to do that for the PHOTON 4G
FINALLY! Sheesh... When's the source code gonna be released so mod community can incorporate the Moto fixes into, say, CM10? 
Ken S
ITT: The same people who would complain if Motorola released the software without testing.
Too late, too bad and still a version behind #motofail, already switched
Its sad that Motorola is happy to announce this at this point.
heh the android is eating a ice cream brownie
+Tyler Durdin XDA is just a forum. It's the devs that post there that further the development. I know what you are saying though. I have CM10 on my SGS3 with no major issues. 
Another phone with nearly identical specs to the Photon 4G getting ICS. And yet, the "high end" smart phone I paid almost $300 for after taxes and 2 year contract is getting kicked to the curb and losing all support to stagnate on Android 2.3. Thanks for nothing +Motorola Mobility but you've just lost a loyal customer. And by the way, I would love it if at some point you finally acknowledged your Photon 4G customers and fessed up to us why you screwed us over so bad. #MOTOFAIL 
Another phone with nearly identical specs to the Photon 4G getting ICS. And yet, the "high end" smart phone I paid almost $300 for after taxes and 2 year contract is getting kicked to the curb and losing all support to stagnate on Android 2.3. Thanks for nothing +Motorola Mobility but you've just lost a loyal customer. And by the way, I would love it if at some point you finally acknowledged your Photon 4G customers and fessed up to us why you screwed us over so bad. #MOTOFAIL 
Not a bionic owner or a moto guy, but I like how things are progressing in Moto. Thinking of buying phones from you again.
"Google buys Motorola mobility!" I don't understand whats the point of this buying when other mobiles get ICS/Jelly bean updates more faster and Motorola gets the same update at a later date.
Kevin T
+Alex Rubio obviously you need to stfu while grown ppl are talking. This is about moto not living up to their word. It's not about Google buying them. That's a shitty excuse for moto to not upgrade phones that are more than capable of running ics or jb 
I decided to load  a new ROM onto my phone because I thought that this update would never come. Well, anyway, now running Eclipse rom (they say it is faster) I dont care about the ICS update. But Jelly Bean? Now I want that... 
I don't know, Motorola is happy to pretend an update is coming, then change their mind. Don't count on that update until you see it! 
IMO the confirmation of Jelly Bean makes up for the tardiness of ICS. Im excited 
It's nice the bionic is finally getting ics but its about one year too was the last moto phone I will ever own/owned...happy with my iPhone 5 ;)
Good for you. Now how about unlock bootloaders for your older devices, like my Droid X
Motorola should accidentally leak some insecure bootloaders the way Samsung did with the Verizon S3. I love Moto hardware, but can't get past being locked out of my own device. 
Holy hell... I'm not even happy. I'm just relieved. It took waaaaay too long for the phone to come out, and this took an even more ridiculous time for these updates to roll out. I was considering never buying a moto phone again.
+Steve McCartney Google has updated two phones to JB. Samsung is still pretty average when it comes to upgrades.
-1 for pricing policy in Australia from DoMySEO team. Stop abusing Australians with almost +30% increase of same Chinese goods ins AUS vs USA.
+Joel Mansfield ......correction, a influx of people that want to customize their phones has turned it into "just a forum"......but that forums name is XDA Developers....more than half of the people who joined have no business there....but I understand that if you own a Motorola phone, you need SOMEONE, to maintain it. 
is that dude eating ice-cream????
Will the DROID 4 be getting Jelly Bean in the coming months?
Great upgrade to a very good phone!
+Joseph Newhall Yeah, I'm bitter about it, plus they can't even give out the bootlock so I can at least put on a custom rom. I'm looking at the webdock to get since I'm going to have the phone for a bit now unless I decide to fork out the money to upgrade. Come on Motorola give me the bootloader!
Maybe my Bionic isn't the "redheaded stepchild" that I thought it was.
droid are really not thhat geat i ean moterolla mkes i thats one of the oldest company that makes phones but the android sysstem is alright but not all that greaat df no what its all craked up to be
Motorola is slow as, to slow for this customer. 
Wasn't all that happy with the Bionic at first but this phone keeps getting better and better.
Cool. Thanks for lying to us about an Atrix 4g update. The fingerprint readers don't even work and then you take away our promised update? I'll be going with nexus from now on. You guys are too slow.
Whoop woot love my bionic!! And later on we be gettings that jelly bean!!!!!
Thanks for screwing over us in the photon group! You guys really rock!
Please. In a month it's a two year old operating system. 
Pathetic. Shame on moto for taking so long... For shame. 
Hahaha! All my friends sold their Bionics because they didn't get the update. 
Release the sbk and other nvflash materials for the atrix, please.
Damn it! Literally a month after I sell the thing...
This is the reason why I don't jump on Android. The carriers need to approve and "massage" the latest OS. Just provide the service people are paying for and let the OS update. I can't ever figure out how corporate people reason.
iphone the better in the world
I had an iPhone and I loved it until I started using the Samsung galaxy s3. Such a good phone. Sorry motorola, but I think Samsung is winning right now.
Really? The Bionic was on gingerbread all this time? But good with, Moto.
can't wait for it....i'm sick of borrowing the galaxy s3 from my sis.finally i will b free.......
Awesome... Jelly Bean, are you kidding me!
Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again. ;)
I would like that ice cream sandwich in my hands. Stat.
Nice! Looking forward getting it pushed to my phone :-)
Motorola is getting late with its update.The world is already updating to jelly bean.
Can anyone say fragmentation? Sorry but the sad truth is that Android will go down in history as the Microsoft of this decade. 
Everyone should probably just go get some sort of galaxy phone. Better than any others
Too little, too late. Sorry you too so long to provide us with updates for our Bionic after multiple delays. But I am much happier with my new iPhone 5.
Lol, ICS? Geez. xD

Been happily running Jelly Bean since it's release, and got the latest 4.1.2 update the day it was released as well. Hooray for rooted Verizon Galaxy Nexus!
Rob Go
Is this phone from 2002?
Droid X still is on Gingerbread.
Is there a web resource anywhere for Motorola users to look up their devices and get system update status?  Last I heard for my Droid X, there were no more updates projected, but obviously these things change from time to time.  If there was something official stating what is and is not expected, or schedules when available, I'd check it occasionally.
Cool i want one how much

Congratulations on lagging behind, while pretending that you're ahead of the curve.
I tried running ICS after rooting my phone but the build was too buggy. I'll upgrade to the official ICS build once there is a rootkit for it..
I wish they had this one on Verizon.
Where is the -1 for the stupid coments?

Moto you suck, you give the bionic ICS, this device hardly broke the sales of the atrix 4g, but you leave the atrix user in the shitter. NOT BUYING FROM YOU AGAIN! and will encourage others to do the same.
Verizon - I'm checking for updates and nothing yet.
Good job Motorola on giving bionic jellybean. Hope you ain't lying like you did to photon owners.
+Bill Maginnis this is in soak test right now. You have to have signed up for it to get the update early.
All droid soldiers amass and save me for my company conspires to switch to the iphone :(   This is most troubling indeed.
Did I really just read the promise of TWO OS upgrades?
Its okay. I just flashed a stable Cynogenmod 10 jellybean ROM (4.1.2) on my atrix. It actually works now after being previously unusable on stock gingerbread firmware. Keep the $100. Tell mark and matt from moto support forums thanks, they're good peoples. but as a Motorola customer I feel used and abused. Sent from my SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS.
Sucks for you people.... I would not wait this long
hey Bionic users I've got some bad news see photon users are going to be able to transfer to another carrier to get a brand new phone from another carrier and Motorola is going to pay for the early termination fees
Any word on updates for the droid 3?
Yeah just the way the Atrix 2 was suppose to get jelly beans. At this rate anyone who still choose Motorola loves an abusive relationship. The company has shown time and again that it has no regards for its users and simply can't be trusted. 
I wont trust a compagny saying that she will update a phone in the future...not anymore. just look at what happened to the atrix 4g. As a long time customer and atrix 4g owner, I felt betrayed when they abandonned the update of my phone. Even the lg optimus 2x, a tegra 2 phone that was released about at the same time gets the update ! Pfff..shame on you Motorola.
If u don't got GS3 your way behind! Best phone Ever! Former Bionic Owner 
It's pathetic that motorolla abandoned atrix ICS updates.
/ICS Upgrade rollouts began in Q3 2012 for select countries and carriers./

Q3 eneded month ago, when my RAZR will get ICS?
great liar to Atrix users. XXXX you!
I don't understand how they can be sorry about messing up so they go as far as to give jelly bean to bionic owners, but the electrify owners get left with gingerbread despite having the same specs. Motorola frustrates me, I'm going to samsung
Screw you +Motorola Mobility for all the Atrix/Photon/Electrify owners out there. Glad I'll have a upgrade in 2 weeks. Never again will Motorola get my money.
We want SBK, source code, updates and unlocked bootloader!!!!
Arman A
This is Motorolla or Nokia?
Hahahha seriously? ICS? How is this good news? I remember getting all hyped about the Bionic, the specs were beast at the time. but I'm glad I waited for the RAZR.
What about the RAZR HD in Canada? Why is it not listed on there as getting jelly bean???
no prizes for guessing wat os its gonna run
no adobe flash support in ics and jelly bean.... buu huuu too bad
Google can't completely turn over Motorola overnight, but it's good to see them start going in the right direction.... either way, I still won't buy anything but a nexus anymore, only unlocked and straight from Google
Key Lime Pie is on his way and you're just letting out Ice Cream Sandwiches... Lame 
Motorola hmmmm, there's a reason why they almost flopped. 
Wow Motorola you actually failed big time. No JB update for Atrix 2 but you update an exactly similar spec phone.  
Good to see, Already got job tho, when I dropped the bionic for my galaxy nexus
+Bob O`Bob if Motorola is not delivering upgrades for newer phones that they promised it for, I think it's unlikely (not to say nfw) that they will deliver it for a phone as old as the droid x. My droid x is getting increasingly sluggish just running updated apps. Ordered my razr maxx hd on Thursday. 
how mach........ .. .. ...... ....... .. ......
After a day on ICS on the Bionic and the news of JB in the future my faith in Moto and Google has been restored.  Great job and thank you Mr. Soni.  My Bionic is truly the beast it was intended to be..
No, buy Motorola products, they are well made - just don't expect official updates quickly, particularly if you are outside the US. Just go to and flash custom ROMS, which not only allow you to run updates far before they are officially released to your device, but usually unlock and include features not in the official builds.
If you have an android phone and don't like the fact that manufacturers such as Motorola haven't upgraded you to ICS or JB then just root your phone and flash any of the amazing ROMs that are out there for your device. There is an alpha jb ROM for the original droid if that says anything. Or better yet ,get yourself the Galaxy Nexus direct from Google. I'm already on Jellybean 4.1.2 . Hands down best phone experience I've had.
Cool. ICS is totally the latest version of Android.....
The best thing is that future motos are going to be nexus!
Photon 4G owner here.  Thanks a lot for taking back your promises and not supporting my phone.  We all know that the only reason you released an OTA this summer was to block users from upgrading on their own.  You purposefully devalued last year's phone to extract more money from your users.  I've got news for you: if you do not upgrade the Atrix/Photon/Electrify then I will never recommend or purchase any hardware from Motorola ever again! #motofail
I m happy my samsung note n7100
Why divvy these things out like its slop in a Dickens novel?

Sir, may I please have Jelly Bean for my Razr? 
Lol @ JB coming in a couple months. Not believable. Fortunately I already run custom rom's and have a geourgous version of jellybean with a tweak to over clock the processor. Its amazing.
+Motorola Mobility I am unable to receive the update! Why? I've tried going under settings and checking manually, but it just says that my device is up to date...
Hahahahah ICS, jerks give users JB now, by this speed i believe next october owners of this device will get JB. 
Got to give credit to Apple for not allowing carriers to mess with the OS and thus delaying updates. If I ever switch to IOS this will be the reason. I hate all the skins they push on us with all the unnecessary features and bugs. I like the direction the Moto is going now with light skins. Still need to root on the first day to get full access to the phone I own. 
I want to think that it's +Motorola Mobility's fault that the ICS update took this long but something tells me it's VZW's fault, most likely them cramming in as much bloatware as possible.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I will never buy another Motorola phone. Go die in a fire, Motorola. 
+Motorola Mobility why don't you talk about all the people you screwed when they bought handsets you said you were going to upgrade an then you said you weren't? I wouldn't have purchased this phone if I would have known I was going to get stuck on gingerbread. This is crap.
Hurry up with Jelly Bean please!
are u going to give stylus slot also
do so.its needed
My screen is smashed so I'm glad I waited for the new upgraded model before I turned it in!
Wow that's great, it came out before the photon 4g. How about you at least release the libs and drivers for the photon? Let +CyanogenMod finish your job. Never again moto... Oh, say, how was your quarterly earnings report looking?
Better late then never. The ICS is very nice, smooth. Like a whole new phone.
Been running jb on my bionic already. Verizon ducks balls maybe motor will pull there head and Verizon head out of but. Verizon rep told me they waited so long because they didn't want it to compete with the razor. I have a razor max and i dont really think it does anything any different than my bionic. Plus I can change the battery in my bionic. 
Owner of a Photon 4G here. I really wish I hadn't been lied to. Owners were supposed to have had the upgrade in Q3, then it got pushed back to Q4, and now it was cancelled. Your rebate is a horrible and lousy deal. For you Bionic owners, I hope for your sakes they follow through.
Ben Cox
I have razr maxx and yet to receive jelly bean upgrade. What a joke, i'll dump motorola in a second and switch to Samsung GSIII if you jack around much longer. GSIII is a better phone also.
Disappointed in Motorola. Photon was scheduled for ICS and now its off the list. If they can't support a year old phone, I wont give them my business ever again. This is absolutely the last moto phone ever in my life.
+Glenn Costello missed my point dramatically.
If Motorola would put up and maintain a resource where users could check on the status of updates for their specific hardware, even if all it said for my DX was "none," that would affect my brand loyalty rather dramatically.  I note you hinted at some strong language/feelings, and yet you still bought another Motorola!  That's not likely to be the case here.  In the past I've owned more Motorola handsets than all other makes put together, but I think that ratio is going to fade away.
A least some hope for a lost device. What a waste. 
I'm already running jellybean on my bionic. ROM is pretty stable and really smooth. Only thing that isn't working is the webtop docking which I don't use and I think there are some minor audio glitches I've read about but haven't experienced.
ed m
Any news about jelly bean for razr m? 
Awesome , my dad is happy to here this . He has a bionic . 
Dear Motorola,
Your phones suck. I'm on my 5th X and I promise you'll never see another dime of my money. This phone is by far the worst piece of technology I've ever owned and I mean that with all sincerity! If I had my way your engineers would choke on this piece of crap! 
I think.motorola has the best phones they have cooler things than other people
+Ryan Zentz You might be the issue there. I have my X since it came out. Same one, still works great. The phone is a beast, it can run Jelly Bean if they come out with the ROM. 
+Bob O`Bob I see. I thought you wanted that list because you thought there was a serious chance of droid x getting resurrected. As a general service it would be nice, although I think the information gets disseminated pretty effectively once the manufacturers/carriers know what they are doing.
If I gave you the impression of a strong anti-moto sentiment, that's not the case. I think my droid x has performed well. I never expected it to be updated beyond gingerbread. I was somewhat dismayed at how long it took some moto phones to get ics, but I was completely incredulous at how long it took the Samsung NEXUS!! on Verizon to be upgraded to jellybean. None of the manufacturers have done well in this area and the carriers are also to blame in my opinion. I like the build quality of moto phones and Verizon is the best network in my area. So I resign myself to probably one upgrade beyond jellybean at some ridiculous late date. Perhaps as google takes the reins things will get better but I'm skeptical.
What do you expect, its a motorola device. Its prone to fail just like the others before it.
Whatever you do, you are still a**holes by my book.. Jelly bean has arrived a few months back and you are talking about ICS, "in phases".
What's a Bionic?

- sent from my Motorola Droid Bionic
Just another reason if your getting android not to buy anything but a nexus phone.
Glad I got my Nexus and yes I'm running Jelly Bean. Can you digg it?
Great news! When will it be availabe in MN? :)
+Punit Soni I don't see how this company can treat the people that spend their on these phones like complete crap. Tell us that our phones will be upgraded to ICS in Q3, then pushed back to Q4...and now never!!! Screw +Motorola Mobility 
It's about time. Took them long enough.
Meh photon 4g got forgotten, gonna switch to optimus g when is out... 
Ben Cox
Problem with reloading apps when and if they decide who gets jelly bean upgrade, some apps are coded to allow data and wi-fi but verizon is working diligently to prevent those of us with unlimited data from using data by making it mandatory app makers prevent data usage and go WI-FI only. If u can help it dont reload any apps like NETFLIX if u have the dual version Wifi/data capable.
So are they going to wait tell the last day. I will not be buying from Motorola again. First was supposed to be here in January did not come tell september then promised update by end of Q3 now Motorola says the update will come by the end of October I would be surprised if it came before 2013
OK...been waiting for a year I'm reading its released..but yet I've still not received it...WTF?
I hate the bionic i have issues with it since i got it. Sorry motorola i expected more from this phone.
They are trying to force us to upgrade to the Photon Q or Electrify 2 but who in the hell would waste their upgrade on either of those phones??? Not me
Bout damn time, why does this take so long 
In less that a paragraph explaine the difference from Verizon Bionic plat form to ICS and JBN.
still have my bionic, and still like it, specially since I still have unlimited Data. 
Photon 4G?    You know,  that really good phone?  The one that if I don't get any upgrades on will turn into the Samsung Note2 soon?
Been running ICS all day and am enjoying it. Glad to see Motorola stepping up its game. 
Jay B
Day late......
We want SBK, source code, updates and unlocked bootloader! Fxxk you everyday motorola!
Motorola isn't entirely responsible for the epic delays. The delay is 80% the carriers fault. You people should learn the facts before blaming Motorola. 
+Daniel Anthony Please post link to info that proves update issues are due to the carrier and not Motorola.
+Daniel Anthony there is no epic delays for our phones.  THEY CANCELED THEM.  +Punit Soni himself stated "If we didn't make the hard call here, we would be in trouble going forward".

The really stupid relationship here is that if they didn't screw over customers form the last year, they'd have issues in the future.  You know, keeping the users they screwed over happily recomending and purchasing their products?
That's great! I love my Droid Bionic and can't wait to get the new ICS and JB features
As an original Atrix owner I'm extremely upset in Motorola's decision to no longer support mine among other devices. Seriously, you cannot tell me with a straight face that my device cannot run ICS. That is a cop out! The android community has already gotten ICS working on many of these devices that Motorola says can't run the update. So either they are lying, or just not very good at their jobs. I bought this phone less than two years ago, and I believe that Google's policy is that any phone released two year before an update should receive that update. Pathetic when they can't even follow their own policy! And now they want to try to fix the problem with a $100 rebate on another Motorola phone....really? Why would I want to buy another phone from you that you aren't going to support? Give me the $100 dollars so I can go buy a phone from another company that will update their phones. This is absolutely ridiculous!! See ya Motorola, never buying your mobile products again. And I'm telling everyone I know the exact same thing.
Lucky for all of u!!! i have the photon and they said yes we will get it then no we are not getting it and then decided to lock up our phones so we cant do anything to put ics on it if we wanted to... Motorola is a crap bitch company 
I was part of the soak test on the photon 4g. And all I got was this locked bootloader..
2 days later and still no ICS....... Been checking for updates every hour lol.........Am tired of waiting, just want ICS........
It's been 4 freaken days and I'm still waiting for it!!! What the hell!? 
Really now? Still haven't seen it on mine. I've been trying to manually update every few hours since Friday. 
Oh great news!
I got news for you too MOTO: Atrix 4g was my last motorola phone.
Mine is downloading at this moment...we'll see!
Dan D
I didn't think it was possible..  My phone is actually worse after the upgrade!  This phone Sux!
I got tired of waiting for the OTA up so i manually downloaded it and installed it. And wow i whish this had come out mounths ago.
Hey +Motorola Mobility you know the high pitched whine while listening to music on the Bionic that you fixed awhile back... Whelp.  I just got the OTA of ICS, it's back. Since I use my Bionic for streaming most days this is a big headache, literally.  Any help?
Got my ICS OTA from VZW in MN last evening. Great so far. Thanks!
everything is good, except for my hotspot toggle doesnt work any more
I used to be jealous of my fiancee's razr because of ICS. Now that I have it, my bionic feels like a much MUCH better, smoother phone. I even prefer the screen of my bionic to a razr now, with the enhanced saturation. Thank you for coming through, Motorola, even if it was long overdue. Can't wait for JB!
I'm really happy we got ics, and everything was going good. But now while using the hd dock, my droid bionic will only output sound at max volume, or it turns it off. I havn't tried my car dock yet, but i'm afraid it's going to be the same. This is terrible, i use my phone to listen to music and podcasts all the time. :(
You've got to be shitting me.  +Motorola Mobility screws over 5 distinct models, and the one Verizon model they like, not only does IT get ICS, but it gets JB?  What's next, a free unlockable bootloader?  Our phones, our softeware.  Give it up, and stop acting like people got such a bonus.  You screwed your users.  You just happened to have given a select few from Verizon a thank you, while giving tens of thousands of other users the bird.  If your reading this, do NOT buy a motorola phone, until they've proven for at least 18 months they fully support a phone.  Hopefully, Motorola can afford to lose another couple of billion in the meantime.
Kevin T
this is an absolute travesty
Nice of you to leave the Photon behind.  Motorola is now last on my list when I go shopping for a new phone.  I've used Cyanogenmod for a handful of devices and this one is about to get rooted too.
I really like my Bionic, but there are a couple things in this ICS update that I think are inferior to what it had before...  the dock modes (car and multimedia) don't look as great.  specifically, when you are using the car mode and you hit the home button it doesn't take you back to the car mode screen like it used to.  It takes you to the desktop.  That is really annoying when you are driving because you have to slide down the notification drawer to select it and get back to it.

I also miss the alarm in when the alarm was going off.  Used to have that nice, full screen red interface that you had to slide to turn off an alarm.  Now you just get a standard OS popup window.
Don't be fooled. The ONLY reason why this happened it's fear of a class action complaint due to their marketing of the bionic as being upgraded to ics. +Punit Soni may present it as being a gift to you, rest assured, it wasn't. You just had a bigger false advertising legal arguments then the other phones +Motorola Mobility dropped on the floor after only a year. Since there has been no actual statement by +Punit Soni or +Motorola Mobility with any sort of explination or apology, I would be hesitant to trust them in the future. You may have ics now, but remember this the next time you purchase a phone. Even their new phones are behind in updates from other manufactures. And even those, there is still no comment on. Buyer beware.
Dan D
+Motorola Mobility +Punit Soni Dear Motorola (Punit), Thank you for making my piece of s*^t Bionic worse than it ever was with this upgrade. I wanted to throw it before, but now with constant freezes, lock-ups, SLOW functionality, I want to smash it into little pieces. Thanks to your buddies at Verizon, I'm stuck with it for another year. Do right by all of us and refund our money!! Not that you care, but you've lost me as a future customer...
+Dan D your phone may be having issues due to something unrelated to your operating system.  
I love this phone
I'm still waiting for my Razr M to receive the KitKat update. Am I the only one?
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