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Thinking about Cyber Monday already? We’ll be offering a $150 discount on any off-contract Moto X, including Moto Maker and Dev Edition. Supplies will be limited, so stay tuned for more details.
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TZig Adam
Splendid. Every time I see an official l Motorola post here I feel tingly inside because I know they will come out with something awesome. This should've been the actual price of the X to begin with. Hopefully it's available so I can order right away. 
Incredible. Motorola is at it again! Definitely going to get an off contract one. 
Great, too bad you won't have a wood option for me to buy 
Why do people want the wood option so bad?

It sounds nothing more than a gimmick. 
Omg, I just got my developer edition off contact last night!!!
+TZig Adam
The wood back looks nice, and is different. It won't add any functionality to the phone but if I had to chose between a $500 moto x with a plastic back and a $500 moto x with a wood back, I'd go with the wood. Problem is, if I can get my hands on a Moto X for $350, I might just get a regular back. I don't like any of the current colors moto offers now (besides the standard black and white versions). 
Please, sell Moto X in Italy (well, in whole Europe). Thanks
Hopefully, for those of us with an upgrade who can't afford $350-$400, we can get a sweet deal on a contract phone!
I'll buy a 32gb right now if this goes live. 
Otherwise it may be the Nexus 5 if I miss the "limited time" on this. 
I mean... what does "stay tuned" even mean??? 
Today, tomorrow, Friday???
I just know I'm going to miss this... 
And once again, the rest of the world misses out.
have had a terrible ordering experience with you +Motorola Mobility .... its nearly impossible to order when shipping and billing addresses dont match. also, when items (like dev edition) are out of stock, I was still about to place an order. order was immediately cancelled and it was not easy to find out why.... i have already moved on to the nexus5 :( ....
I wish they would just pull the trigger on this right now!!!
Design is saved and ready to go. 
Jimmy C
Awesome I'm grabbing one. Developer Edition or custom moto X is the hard question! 
Just got my VZW Dev yesterday. I'm going to call and see if they will credit me the $150 or I will just order another at the discounted price and RMA this one.
<Commenting to stay in the loop>
Where is the wood?
Ack, just bought a Dev Edition two weeks ago.
+Joey Bielski only a few differences. The Droid MAXX has a larger battery, larger screen (5" vs 4.7"), different external appearance/shape, slightly tweaked software, and capacitive nav keys. Internally, they are the same phone.
Any good Cyber Monday deals on accesories. I really want a a pair of Moto Buds, but that $10 shipping is just killing it for me. Any way we can get the FINAL price around $50?
I just bought one 5 days ago. I am within the return period. Should I just return that one and buy a cheaper one on Monday? Or will Motorola discount the purchase I already made?
Check your with your credit card company. They may have price protection.
Any chance of a credit for those of us who have purchased off-contract X's in the past few days?
Dave Bry
+Motorola Mobility  just like others in this thread, I just bought my dev edition last week, never thought there would be a sale on the off-contract models. Do we have any chance of getting that discount retroactively applied or do we have to RMA and order a new one on Monday?
Kenny G
That's great news, just make this available to the world (specifically Canada) and not just the US.  Thanks.
I was afraid I would have to resort to a Nexus 5. This deal will make the Moto X the obvious choice. And it will save me from buying from LG again. My current phone is LG G2x, and it turned out to be the worst carrier "flagship" phone ever....
Way to make deciding on my next phone extremely difficult.
0% interest and monthly payments apply for off contract phones with this deal?
Now I only need to know what time so I can get my F5 key ready. 
+Chris Keller Is us cellular a GSM network? You might be able to unlock a 32 gig phone from another carrier

Why would some of you buy stuff when you know there are going to be deals?
+Rob Paek I doubt it, I believe they have a minimum amount requirement for the financing. I believe this price is below that.
And i just bought my moto x dev edition :(
Now I'm considering selling my Dev Edition to get a Moto Maker one! 
+Motorola Mobility I'll also chime in and state that I just bought an unlocked Moto X off your website last Thursday. Any chance this deal will be applied retroactively?
I don't think I've ever been so excited about a phone announcement before. I'll save my customization and press the buy button at precisely 12:01am on Monday.
can I get Verizon edition?
Can someone clear up if the Motomaker versions are carrier locked?  I thought I had heard that the T-Mobile version is unlockable and has bands compatible with AT&T.  Is that the case?

The end goal here is using a Motomaker X on Straight Talk's AT&T compatible sim.
Same here, just bought an unlocked Dev Edition last week, still hasn't shipped. Will this be retroactive?
Make this incentive available for the DROID MAXX too.  Pretty please?
+Motorola Mobility I just got my phone delivered last week. Any chance on getting this updated for the new prices for recently-ordered phones? I definitely would have waited if I knew that this was going to happen.
Please have a bunch. Tired of my Galaxy S4's shenanigans. I just want a stock experience again. Eyeing the Verizon Dev Edition.
Perfect timing - I almost bought one today but can't figure out how to use the Motorola Credit account I just got approved for to check out. Hopefully I can figure this out by Monday! Motorola chat had no idea and has to call me back...
+David Toussaint Return it. You have fifteen days. Or just call and ask for a credit so you don't have to go through the hassle of returning. I'm in the same boat.
Exact same question as +Jason Mull... Need it unlocked for Straight Talk AT&T SIM.
Limited stock, Cyber Monday? I don't think I will be lucky enough to buy one (and I need to buy 3.)
Xu Xuan
i like moto x!
I was planning to buy soon anyway, so thanks for the $150! Awesome!
Just bought the 32GB version on Ebay for 460, which I thought was an incredible deal.  Oh well...
Just when I thought I didn't need a new phone...
So that's like $400 for 32gb version of Moto X. Not bad. Now it'll be hard for some people to make decision. Whether to go for Nexus 5 or this. Well I already bought nexus 5, therefore no more spending on new phone until end of next year.
Now had I known this was going to happen I may have held off on buying the Nexus 5. I still love my Nexus 5 though. Ill be sure to spread the word though. Lots of friends have been asking about the Moto X.
+Darin Smith figured that BUT... I was more referring to when the "more info to come" was coming. 
Please make this phone available world-wide!!

Its the most premium Android phone!!
I wish I had the chance to buy it
Would someone like to ship me one to the UK :) 
I really have to say that Motorola f... this up! They would be able to make so much money in Europa! I would buy an Moto X instantly off contract, if it would be available... Forget the Moto G (only 16 GB max!), I want the real thing!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it available to europa!!!! :-)
I just ordered mine at regular price a couple days ago.  Will you be offering price protection?
+Motorola Mobility I just purchased a Developer Edition Moto X last monday and it arrived this Monday.  Is there anything I can do to get the $150 off without having to do a RMA?  
Would purchase immediately if Motomaker made it to Canada! It can't be that hard to ship across the border :)
Everyone knows that after Thanksgiving deals tend to happen.... after Thanksgiving.
Why didn't people wait to see what deals were coming up???
I've been holding off just for this reason. 
Hmmm, this is a pretty good deal. Now it's between the Moto X and the Nexus 5.
+Jason Falter never thought there would be a sale on off-contract prices. On-contract sure, happens all the time.
my Moto X dev edition comes in today.  I called Moto customer service and they said you have to return it and repurchase it on Monday.  Such a hassle when they could just credit you $150.  Oh wells, $150 is worth the time.  Ill just hold onto it till Monday in case i couldnt get the deal.  They did give me a free $25 play store card for calling about the issue.
Thank you for giving us Unlimited Data Verizon Customers a glimmer of hope.
Is this deal available for Canada?? I hope ...
+John Renaldi thanks for clearing that up. Is the TMO variant adorned with their logo on the back?
Wtf I just bought 2 on Monday. I haven't even got it yet. Where's my duscocunt?
I'm another that just bought the phone in the last week through Moto Maker. Hopefully Motorola will offer the discounts for all of the recent purchasers.  This phone is much, much better than the Galaxy S4 its replacing!
looking to buy a couple more for my wife and kids.  Im gonna hold onto the dev edition coming in today until i confirm purchase of one on monday before i return the other .  Better safe then sorry, especially when their is alot of demand due to the sale..
I'm on contract with another phone but at this price I can afford to drop my old phone.
Anything for people who just purchased one off contract?
I don't think the T-mobile version is SIM-locked as you have to pay full price to buy the phone. Anyway will find out after I order the phone on Monday :-)
+Thomas Karlsson Exactly, what do we get the people who bought and promoted the phone before the sweet price deal?
Answering my own question: Moto X requires a nano type sim.
+Camilo Gomez A check or visa gift card would be nice. $150 is a big hit for people. Most companies announce prices for the holiday season before so consumers are aware.
Really bummed that the X and the G aren't available directly from Motorola in Canada.
Please, please tell me... you're able to discount the price of the two full price phones that just arrived on my doorstep.
+Michael Fortuna
I bought mine two weeks ago, and they wouldn't refund the $150. So on the same call I asked to get a full refund, and they will send a box for me to send the phone back in, no fee charged. Would've preferred just to get a $150 credit, but this will do!
+Camilo Gomez I see your point. At the same time I have not owned the phone for even a week. I could send it back under the 14 return policy and rebuy on Monday. I don't want to do that but knowing that I could have waited one week and saved $150 doesn't sit well with me.
Dammit, just bought one on Amazon last week? Anyone know if Amazon will price match this?
I just ordered yesterday. Called Moto today about this deal. I was told they couldn't refund my purchase for $150, and they couldn't cancel my order. She told me to call back Monday and they'll see what they can do.
+Shawn Protsman This is a similar issue to a few years ago when apple lowered the price of the iphone and customers complained. They offered refunds for the difference. I hope Motorola will as well. 
+Motorola Mobility I just recieved mine and my wife's motos last week (TMOs), I am totally bummed I missed this opportunity. We love our motos, but dang they were expensive.
Matt Ng
Honestly guys, if they are giving you a problem about getting the refund back for $150. Just pretend like nothing happened and order a new one with the $150 discount. Then the next day or something tell them you want to return the phone, given that you haven't open/break the seal yet.
+Camilo Gomez
I don't know. I've seen people write that it's 14 days, but mine was bought 16 days ago and they allowed me to get a refund.
+Matt Ng , you are absolutely correct. I just called motorola and they say that they won't give retroactive discount because supplies for discount are limited. So I'll see if I can pass it through on monday. If so, then I'll return my expensive version. If not, then I'll keep my phones. +Nikki Parks 
+Jake Parks I was told the same thing. I tried to reason with them that it would cost them more to process a refund and purchase and pay for both shipping charges than to just give me a refund of $150. I was told that this was not possible.
What's the difference between the Moto Maker and Dev editions?
Dev editions only come in 32gb and have an unlockable bootloader. Moto maker is a carrier only option. 
+Tyler Pond What does the deal mean when it says, " any off-contract Moto X, including Moto Maker and Dev Edition"?

Is there a 16GB unlocked model?
Allen A
Really sweet deal... Tempting
This or the #Nexu5  ...
Does this phone come with an extended battery option?
Oh I didn't see the unlocked part of that deal. Guess that means you pay 350 instead of 500 for an unlocked moto x. I haven't heard that the moto maker customized unlocked phones. I don't see a 16gb dev edition. 
+George Varghese I just did a chat with Motorola support.  All of the carrier versions are locked to the respective carrier.
I just spoke to the customer support.

Dev Edition just has the bootloader unlocked and works across ATT/T-Mo and comes only in 32GB

The Moto Maker edition is restricted to the respective carrier you choose.

Both are off-contract. 
too late, I have already bought the Nexus 5 :/
That's a good news... Wait a minute the moto x isn't sold in Europe! Too bad you lost a sale....
Just ordered the Nexus 5 yesterday :-C
I'm ready when you are Motorola, I've been waiting for a great "mini" device at the right price. Now should I go with the developer edition or a regular (custom colors) version? 
Thanks, I though you already buy a much lower price. 
Roby P
Any news concerning the moto x selling in Italy? 
No, I got the Verizon developer edition 32GB model
+Jason Mull It should work if you get the tmobile version. No att LTE thought I think

Will it work international? did you buy it at motomaker? thanks.
I want one of those! Is there any free ones?? :)
+eDmonD uchiha O2 UK told me it will work on their network when I travel. Purchased at Moto Maker. Would need to be ordered and shipped from within the USA though. 
great and I just got mine two weeks ago for 500 -_-
+Jason Mull if the phone is locked to at&t you should e able to use your Straight Talk sim without any issues. I'm on Straight Talk and swap my sim to several different at&t phones that are locked on AT&T service and the phone accepts the sim just fine. I only need to change the apn settings to ensure data works. 
+Adam Burkholder Thanks bro, but I'm currently working in middle east. I think it will not work here so the only choice is black and white ones. :(
Amazon refused to price match this deal. I just got it 6 days ago, so needless to say, I will be returning it and buying again from Motorola on Monday. 
Was planning to switch to a $350 Nexus 5 on T-Mobile due to Verizon killing unlimited data plans with any subsidy. In this case maybe I won't leave verizon once my contract is up!
Can somebody buy me one please and ship it to Canada? :-) 
No contract Verizon phone for $349, which will let me keep my unlimited data? I think I may jump on this. 
+Motorola Mobility Seriously!!?? I JUST took delivery of my Dev edition this afternoon, only to see this. I am disappointed to say the least :-(
Will we be able to use our $100 trade up discount along with this deal?
Ken Kuo
Ship to Canada please. 
+Justin Payne +Motorola Mobility I'm not going to lie, I love the Moto X. If Motorola hadn't let the cat out of the bag, it may have been an easier pill to swallow. The phone was delivered to me just over $25 hours ago!!!! It sucks!!!!
I wish you guys would extend this price past cyber Monday. Please?
Anyone here with a Verizon Moto X that can tell me how the battery life is? Using strictly 4G LTE with no Wi-Fi. Thanks.
Battery life is stellar... Pulled my charger off at around 6:45. I steamed music for about 6 hours, made phone calls, G+ whatsapp and I'm down to 3% battery life. So let's call it 7am 9:30pm ET
Battery life is a bit less than the HTC One, about the same as the Nexus 5 on LTE.
I'm still confused about it! Everything I've read about the Nexus 5 is that it has awful battery life. About 3hrs of screen on time. Not really good in my opinion. But, according to David the battery life is not bad at all. Not mind blowing like the Droid Maxx or the LG G2 but still good. The battery is the only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger. Aaaahh! Lol
+Carlos Garcia My friend has the Nexus 5, battery life is good if you apply a lot of battery saving techniques. The battery life on the Moto X is a lot better than the Nexus 5 but let's not get it twisted The Maxx reigns supreme!!!!
+vladimir konchar I don't have the X but I'm thinking of getting it at this price probably just in black or white. Currently I'm using a Nexus 4 but on Straight Talk with at&t SIM. I would like to take advantage of the LTE coverage in my Market so that is why I'm looking. I do like my N4 just wish I could get LTE coverage on at&t with my N4. I did try T-Mobile LTE with my N4 but their coverage was poor in my area
+Motorola Mobility I just received my Dev Edition today. Please do the right thing and provide a refund or $150 credit. 
Niña X
legit! moto G is also up for grabs @ 179
 i  <3  my moto droidx2..  so i gotta bring a new additon to my family of many mobile devices'  "love is in the air <3 ohh love is in the air" 
I just called +Motorola Mobility support and talked to them about this.  They are not issuing a refund and cant unless the sale is currently active.  The return policy for recently bought phones is 14 days.  If you return outside that window, there will be a restocking fee of some kind.

If you are within 14 days of your phone being purchased, just buy one on sale then return yours to get your discount!

They said we may have a chance of getting your money refunded if you ask for the refund while the sale is going on Monday.  

+Chris Gelatt 
if i buy the moto x off contract for ATT can i put another sim. or still locked to ATT?
+Tommy Rosa I'm just going to see if I can get another on Monday and return this one. I briefly chatted with someone and they just gave a canned reply about it being available on Monday and at limited quantity... so we shall see.
Might just have to take advantage of this, I was wanting a wood back but........
I'm going to be out of the country on cyber Monday so I'll miss this deal :( I hope it happens again soon
+Adam Burkholder the moto G is a good deal but I prefer the moto x because of its better camera, its amoled screen and more important the 32gb of memory.
If Motorola sold the moto x here I would give up my nexus 5 with no regret. Don't get me wrong I like my nexus 5 but I think the moto x is better...
US people are lucky especially this Monday. Enjoy :-)

When can Rogers Moto X update to kitkat? 
+Stéphane CAILLOT Can't say I blame you! I understand not offering Moto Maker globally, but I wish they'd sell the black and white models to everyone! 
Will developer edition join Cyber Monday? I wanna developer edition~
Would have bought one of these when they first came out if they weren't locked to a carrier through the Moto Maker. Developer edition for $200 more than the Nexus 5 made the choice easy. Maybe next time they won't do exclusives next time and get some more sales instead of losing to the Nexus 5.
+Adam Burkholder I made the same remark to Motorola about selling the Dev edition abroad ;-)
No heart feelings I'm sure they're working on it and be ready for the moto x2 ;-p
+Keith Berninger I think you're so right. Get exclusive with at&t for beginning and other carriers was a such bad idea. May be they were afraid to sell a new product without the help of carriers? Here in France for few years you can buy easily your phone with or off contract. And most of the time it is more interesting off contract.
Hope Motorola will learn from its mistakes.
Please refund those of us still in our return window.  It's more work and money wasted for everyone involved to make us send it back.
I knew this would happen after I got mine last week!
Mine arrives on Friday. This is a major disappointment. I hope when I call they will graciously process a credit. Otherwise I suppose I will be forced to RMA and rebuy the same phone. Do the right thing Motorola and credit recent buyers. 
I'm going to the US for the first time in December. I don't have much of an idea about the networks there. Does "off contract" mean that the phone will still be carrier locked to the selected network? What exactly is the benefit then?
Please, make it available in Germany  T_T
Are these still shipping with the free Skip?
Why not just throw in a different LTE chip and make it available in Asia and the rest of the world???? At least just the standard black or white version!!!!!!! 
what time is this starting?
Of course I just purchased a Dev edition.
That feeling you have when you realize you should have waited a just a few more weeks. just got my customized moto x off contract for $150  more than this dropped price.
awww maaaaaaan.
Kudos +Motorola Mobility anyway.
(walking away with my head bowed down in sorrow)
Can't wait! At that price I just can't pass it up. Hope the quantities aren't too limited, and the site doesn't crash while attempting to order...
+Sashank Narayan Off contract means that you buy it full price instead of paying for the subsidized version that requires a 2 year contract. The phone is still locked to that specific carrier's network though, so it's not truly unlocked. You'd have to get the developer's version if you want one that isn't tied to a carrier.
+Keith Berninger Ok, thanks. Since the off contract version is already paid for in full, will the networks give out the unlock code on request without any hassle?
+Motorola Mobility I love your products but ignoring the Canadian market this way is just unacceptable!! How much could it really cost you to ship to Canada??? So frustrated!!
Hmm... 6am PST eh? Gonna make me get up early to get my Moto X!
+Sashank Narayan depends on the carrier. Supposedly At&t was without issue. You might want to call and ask or email and ask. I think the easiest might be T-Mobile and At&t. Good luck!
I ordered a Verizon Developers Edition and it is being delivered 11/20/2013 by FedEx. Am I going to have price protection or do I return it and reorder Monday?
I do not know about price protection but I do know your best bet would be to call Monday during the sale and ask if they will match it. That gives you the refuse delivery option and  you can order another one at the discounted price. I know some people called already and a few were offered $50 coupons but I have not read where anyone got the price match yet.
Here in Chile, the Moto X 16GB off-contract costs US$870
+Rick Ponka
Why would they do that. If that were the case I think I'll order mine now so I don't lose out in case supplies are too limited.... It's a sale
Is anyone know that Is it going to be exchange offer or direct purchase at 349?
Definitely going fit VZW Dev Edition, crossing fingers 
Dang. No money for this until next Friday. Any chance of making it a deal for a week. :)
+Tony Fuentes My math comes up different. If you buy one at $550 then one at $400 and sell one for $400 you are still paying $550 for the one you are keeping. 
+Tony Fuentes me too. I have been waiting and hoping to get one. Maybe they'll surprise us by having wood backs. If not I'm getting a dev. Edition. If I'm lucky enough. Best deal on my list.
+Tony Fuentes
agreed, then they say limited, they're making them right there. What if their site crashes when everyone tries getting on at 8
I've been holding out for a wood back but considering this deal a wood back is essentially going to cost me $150 (possibly $200 if the rumor of an additional $50 charge for the wood turns out to be true). Don't know if that's worth it to me. I might just have to settle for plastic on Monday and retain my unlimited data on Verizon.
I will be waiting by the computer Monday.  Really hoping to snag a dev edition for $399!
Any chance this is available in Canada?
Why don't you launch Moto X outside of US too, people wanna buy it.
@ xda developer site someone leaked that Moto X is in testing in India and it will launched soon after the launch of Moto G in India. Any comments.
Can I use Moto X  on the Straight Talk Plan? And use the AT&T  Plan?
I hope this isn't one of those deals that sells out instantly in a 10th of a second...
just for USA?
+Ya Ya 我知道。伤心啊,买不到实惠的
Is it safe to assume we can save designs now and convert them to orders after this goes live?  Or would we need to design it AFTER it goes live?
Waiting to find out if a promo code is needed or price is going to be changed automatically before adding to cart. Will be up tonight refreshing Motorola site nonstop, haha 
"Everyone who just bought an off contract Moto X at full price should just go ahead and buy another one on Monday. Then list your current one on eBay for $400(should sell quickly at that price). Then, after you do some basic math you'll soon realize that equates to getting a FREE PHONE"

To whoever said this...this is incorrect.
What is it $479 full price?
so you buy it at $479 and sell it for $400. So you're in the negative now (- $79). NOW you spend another $349 to buy a on sale moto X. now you're at - $428

Return it if you can after you buy the on sale moto x. Do basic math and figure it out
Why is everyone staying up until midnight? Doesn't it start 8am CST?
Can i use this cell with other mobile company??? 
Motorola MotoX website is acting flaky, I wonder if every MotoNerd like me, is on it right now.
On-Contract deal too please!!!!!
L Fox
It's Monday tell me more!
8:00 a.m. CST Monday 12/2 only. Limited quantities.
If I get the unlocked T-Mobile variant can I later switch to AT&T? Anyone know?
how much will it cost after $150 off? what's the different between dev version and the normal version?
Has the Developer Edition GSM version already received an OTA KitKat update? 
When can we order?
Click the link and read, I mean seriously. Do you have others click the mouse for you too? 
At&T, Sprint, Verizon to offer Moto X on $ 0.01 on cyber Monday.
haha the site is crashing....figures
Internal Server Error - Read
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
Reference #3.c2c58f18.1385991064.36b5a224
And the site is down.  Moto / Google, you should have prepared a little for this.
Can't say I'm surprised to see the site down w/ number of people accessing, but GOODNESS Moto/Google, how can you not know/prepare for this?
It'll happen and remain happening for whole of cyber Monday i guess.
Ok, ... happens most of the time when most retailers have a big sale, their servers crash... except I was hoping that Googerola to deal better the situation.
Way to go +Motorola Mobility how is it that you could have not made sure your site was going to be working for a Cyber Monay sale. Hello, this is eCommerce 101!
Ping Yu
Well, is this the way to buy through their site? The site is down!
"Houston (I mean DALLAS) we have a PROBLEM"
Dan F
Down Already!  looks like ill never get one of these for a decent price
The site can't afford the crush. Disappointed. It's not even 8:00 CST yet!
It was down, then up, then down again. I was trying to load my design to make sure I was happy with it.  I am just hoping to get one quickly so I can go back to bed and get some rest for my cold. 
site is down!!!!! hope motox gives all users of this thread chance to buy one
It's the Nexus 4 fiasco all over again.
can anyone even get to the site????
bummer that the site is down.
I can't say I'm surprised that the site is down. I was hoping this sale would go smoothly, but I suppose due to the popularity of the phone, that was just not gonna happen :(
Is there a promo code for discount?
DDOS'd by a ravenous mob slamming F5
More than likely, the site's issue is simply everyone clicking refresh constantly to see if the sale has started yet. ;)
+Romal Mehta  I believe there was a promocode listed on the site for Accessories... good luck reaching the site now though.
Is the US Government running this site?
Got the site to load and then... Crash!  Still trying though.
3 mins hopefully they have the site up and ready by then
two minutes away and the site wont load. uggg
Yep it's down still... I'm hoping they'll get the servers back up. Moto should have prepared and had more servers ready.
the site to be working, i needs it.
Now site is back but still listed as $549.99 is there any promo code ?
This message will auto destroy in 1 minute...
Works fine so far for me. 
I guess I can't be too surprised by this.... Still trying. If there is a coupon code, please post it.
I keep getting a message saying the site has server errors.
Got the site to come up, no discount was listed. Tried adding to cart, and now its back down.
Woke up early for this....... poor planning.
Moto, I want to give you my money, but you seem so inept at taking it.
They should sell the Moto X through Google Play, or something that can handle the load, and extend the deal.
Not prepared for the rush? All I get is internal server errors....  :(
C'mon, I just need a screenshot so I can send it to my credit card company (price protection, woot!)
well, you would think they would know with how hard google gets hit with nexus device sales they would have it ready
I feel like I'm trying to buy a Nexus 4 again.
Good job moto you have people lined up outside (cyberly speaking) and you can't seem to get the door open. Epic fail.
Not going to sell many this way
Dan F
:(  i really wanted one of these. if I didn't need tmo's international data service id totally go after the .01 cent deal on amazon
ya crashing still. is this discount only avail through moto? or are other retailers doing it? amazon, carriers ect?
Why is it that Google crashes every year for the I/O and now Moto crashes before their big promotion?  You guys run the biggest web site in the world, right?
+Dave Bry what edition do you need SS? if i get in ill do it for you so that you dont keep killing the server with us ;)
They learned it from
Guess the only people getting a Moto X are the people working at the NSA...that direct access to Google fiber cables will sure come in handy
Darn, stuck on the checkout screen
Great job Motorola! I woke up early just to get this and now the stupid website is down. Can't believe you are a google owned company!
Le sigh. Should have guessed this would happen :P
Disappointing Motorola - site is still down... how do you not get prepared for this?
come on.  what is happening.
Its sad to see such a giant company fall to this.
I can only imagine the traffic surge on the site right now. I just hope they have some 32GB models left when it goes back up later...
Anish S
Very annoying. I was somehow able to reach checkout, but still $499 is up. STILL stuck on checkout. Good job +Motorola Mobility 
Hao WU
site down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jim my
D@mn it.  Is it working for anyone or am I the only one getting screwed at 6am in the morning.
Hao WU
can you fix this prob??
For those who have made it partway through: will there be a clickable link for the promo, or will the price already be adjusted?
this was totally worth getting up super early for....
+Spencer McGuire  Verizon Dev Edition

+Derek Sharer My credit card (Discover) provides price protection - if you find an item you bought (with the credit card) with a lower price within 90 days, they can give you the price difference (up to $500 I think).
Since this is a one-day only special, they need the screenshot to prove the price difference (and I have to fill out a form they're mailing to me)
I'm giving you money and missing class- can I get my phone already? Or should we all just go Apple or Nexus? 
I've been refreshing the site, still no  luck.....
Moto fail is right. The person who brainchild this was should be demoted for lack of thinking things thru.
soo.. what color was everyone going to get? I was between black/spearmint/black, black/olive/black, and black/white/black (lke the nexus)..
Tells you all you need to know about Motorola. You're fired!
It will help if you can ensure your site can handle the demand. 
If one can log in to your site ... 
yeah If I could get in, you have a sold phone...
rose e
Hi I have an idea? Use Google Servers not Motorola's. THIS IS NOT COOL. I CAN NOT WORK UNTIL I GET THIS. 
Motorola I hope you make this up to us by extending this offer.
I feel like I'm trying to buy an I/O ticket.
Is this some kind of Google master plan to make me just go buy the Nexus 5 instead?
I would like to buy a phone, please
Anish S
+Motorola Mobility also, colors are totally different than what I had selected in previous steps, so now back to square one. SO DISAPPOINTED!
Well it's 8:15 AM CT and so I've not been able to get on the site.  Nothing but internal errors.  
site seemed like it was up then as i went to order it crashed again .
They did say "limited quantities," so this must be the mechanism to limit them.
I can get the VZW Dev Edition page to load but still shows $549.99 :(
Well the website came up for me then crashed when I tried to sign in
Given the techie nature of this phone and deal, I wonder if servers are more likely to be hammered by people running scripts and the like to get in
I literally stayed up all night waiting to order mine. Apparently I'm not alone because your site it down. Oh, man...I really want one. 
Tried to save the design at 8:45... big mistake. Now I'm starting over :(
Was able to get one in my cart, but still at $549... comeon folks.
It is working, price is just not updated for the dev editions. ugggg
Your site cant keep up!!
Checkout process made my browser freeze warranting a restart! Can't get back in now. 
Every time I get the site to load, it crashes next click.
Can't load Motorola website????? 6:15 AM
Got the pages to load....doesn't look like there is a promo code or anything and the prices of the phones (dev version) is still regular...what gives?
The only one IT guy at who came in early, fixing the crashing server must be freaking out right now :-)
No luck. Can't access my saved design....
The site is down on cyber Monday! It gives 500 internal server error. Creates a very bad impression of the company. An experience very similar to registering for Google I/I
still getting Internal server error - read
Dan F
so this is cyber Mondays version of black fridays trampling and violence
Tim Nolte
OK, so where's the discount? I'm not seeing it. I've been reloading, got it, went to checkout and I'm getting a $549.99 price.
+Motorola Mobility The kicker is that it's not just the shopping site. Your entire external facing web server is down. I couldn't even open the primary domain of
did anyone buy it at the discount? I cant believe that they sold out when nobody can even get into the site
Website still failing to load, still not showing discounted price in either cart or product page. Anyone else had luck?
I want this phone little boy/girl.
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