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More interactive fun coming soon to your #MotoX . Stay tuned for the latest installment in our Spotlight Stories: Buggy Night.
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Hahah good clean fun. 2 thumbs up
Awesome! The Red Hat Spotlight story was such fun... my friends are still amazed at the accuracy of Moto's sensors in telling the story... you all rock!
Will this come to the Moto G?
To view older stories, you can clear data in that story app and then you should be all set. Otherwise, YouTube!
When / how do I get this?!
James M
Looks like I need to fire up my Motorola X that I moth balled and check it out!
Loving my Moto g dual sim! Just heard Moto X coming to Australia in a couple of weeks!! Any chance out will be dual sim?? I really hope so!! 
I really enjoyed the original experience, please keep them coming! Really impressed by the concept. 
I don't like random story popups
Did we ever get another story after the first one?  I swore I saw my phone say something about it once but I never can get it to play anything other than the first?
+karl waelder You rock. Thanks for being such an awesome fan. 
+Motorola Mobility you know every smartphone I have owned has been Motorola with the exception of one which was a shipping mistake. I love Motorola's products 100 percent I have done a lot of work on them over on xdadevelopers. Motorola you have created an awesome experience for us with the inception of the Moto X. Since I am on Verizon I went and paid cash 4 the Droid Maxx which is the best phone I have ever owned hands down. I noticed my girlfriends moto X gets long battery life just like mine. Everything about the phone is the same just about. I just don't see why we cannot have the same timely updates and applications. It leaves me scratching my head add to my decision to go with the Droid Maxx. I would like some closure here. Each year I buy a brand new phone. I am a cash paying customer so that I do not lose my grandfathered unlimited data. I hope that you guys make an update to the Droid Maxx. I feel like I'm left hanging here in between two companies decisions Verizon and Motorola I do not want the Droid brand to disappear after all you started the Android Revolution.
The first time I ever saw the "Windy Day" hat fly across my screen was when I was sitting in the front row of a college lecture with 400+ people sitting behind me. Once that video started... all those judgmental college kids seemed to disappear as I was swinging my phone around like a maniac trying to keep my eye on the hat. Needless to say, I am now the coolest kid in college. 
This isn't out yet? I saw this one like 3 months ago on a tester's Moto X. Then again, I think it was still in alpha at the time.. 
+Josh Goldhirsch Let's be real - you didn't need us to be the coolest kid in college..but we're glad. 
+Carlos Gonzalez Come on, I can imagine how long it takes them to animate this! They have to do much more that you think.
Is it possible to choose between Windy Day and Buggy Night?
This is good stuff! very funny! My little child have enjoyed it very much... and so do I!
Just played Buggy Night. Love it. Just as much fun as Windy Day.
+Travis Ridenour Yes. There is an option in the recently updated spotlight to choose which one you want to play.
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