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Watch YouTube w/ the brilliant ColorBoost™ display on the MOTOROLA ATRIX™ HD LTE: What’s your all-time favorite YouTube video?
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Love the HD screens on the new phones
+jacob paige I love the Atrix Hd's screen out of Motorola's devices. It has true LCD HD display with no pentile.
Patiently awaiting Jelly Bean on my Photon Q.
Razr xt910, where is the jelly bean for Indonesia?
+Motorola Mobility, I hope you update us straight to key lime pie when you can. Only thing that will make up for the loss of JellyBean.
ATRIX HD 是部好机子
+Motorola Mobility if you received the 4.1. Jelly Bean for the Razr that was released on Christmas as an accident....will you receive the "official" release of 4.1 Jelly Bean once it is sent OTA?
With all due respect to all motorolla fans , moto should work more on the software side since theirs is crappy compared to nexus's or even Samsung .
Hardware they only should work on camera to be use able not like RAZR max HD which I used to own one I just sold for nexus 4 .
I really miss the battery power , but I really like and treasure the software fluidity that of the nexus 4 .
Give and take , I chose software with mild battery over Motorola crappy software with its magnificent battery life 
Really? Still no news on the bionic?
+Troy Chapman
Hello. All DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX by Motorola owners will be on the same version of Jelly Bean once the full Android™ 4.1 upgrade takes place in Q1 of 2013. Thanks
+Motorola Mobility Thanks for the answer, wish you could be a little more specific though.  If you are currently on the leaked 4.1 version that was sent out at Christmas...would you receive another update or just keep exactly what you have now?
+Troy Chapman
Hello. We will have more info once the upgrade rolls out for all the owners of DROID RAZR/DROID RAZR MAXX. If it is different, then that will be available for you as well. Thanks.
+Motorola Mobility Thank you for the replies!!!!  We are just very anxious to get the 4.1 upgrade.  I have had it on my Xoom tablet since July 2012 and love it.
+Sam Hopkins maybe they learned their lesson about the Atrix/Photon/Electrify Fiasco. Never post specific timings on the upgrade list.
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