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10 finalists have been selected from over 1300 amazing submissions. Choose your favorite watch face now to help select a winner.

To vote, open the Top 10 Finalists gallery, and simply +1 your favorite(s). You can vote on as many of them as you’d like. The winner will be the finalist with the most +1s when we conclude voting on June 24.
Moto 360 Design Face-Off Top 10 Finalists (10 photos)
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There are some great submissions missing here but congratulations to the winners.
This is still an amazingly good list from a tough field of contenders... great job, judges!
Looks like there is no suspense at all :) I think we already have the winner.
Congratulations to the finalists. There were some really good and complex designs that didn't made thru, and i think its mainly because of the complexity. This is really a great start! I can only imagine the possibility of different designs that will come eventually in form of "home screens" . Can't wait to wear one!
Some of these are great! #5 & #6 though, I have no idea what you were thinking...
Rather conservative selection considering the variety submitted so a great opportunity wasted in my opinion, however congratulations to those that made it through, but hopefully everyone is aware now of the possibilities out there.
+Robert Elg They didn't really take popularity as a criteria. I have 3 designs with more than 150 + and none of them made it through the selection. That's pretty common in design contest, it's all very subjective.
+Robert Elg Yes, there's really nothing to do. I think my main concern is that the selection seems unbalanced and it's pretty obvious to find out who's gonna win. I was expecting a closer final round.
I hope fading would be nice if the faded part turns white and not black
Can't believe the facing one is winning. Personally I'd put it at my #4 or 5
I wouldn't have even selected the current-leader as my top-10 favs... 
Here's looking forward to seeing what Apple brings in terms of design/functionality on their iWatch
I hope that 3rd party developers will have a better taste than +Motorola Mobility. Selection criteria should have been more transparent.

Judges should give constant feedback why they choose certain designs and why they do not, so that candidates can improve. 
Out of all the submissions, I think that the Top10 should receive a watch and the Winner has their design shipped with all the watches. Just my 2p worth
+Motorola Mobility I have read that, in July, you will put on the market in several countries, the LTE version of the Moto G. Do you think you create a package with MOTO360 and MOTO G LTE to sell them together?
I dont want one of them.. I want all of them!
Congratulations to all 10 picks! Don't let the trolls get to you. 
I hope that I'm allowed to choose the face that I like and not remain stuck with whatever Motorola gives me.
I'm going to buy this on day one. Please let me pre-order! 
Where is original analogue face shown on the adverts? Surprising its not even on the top 10.
Dear Moto, wouldn't it be easier to just allow us to change the face and personalise it ourselves much like the themes you'd have on phones these days. More options, more win.
Motorola Mobility I know I am only one person. There is only one, maybe 2, that is decent looking in this article. If the watch looks anything like these designs I've lost all interest.

There were some great looking submissions. Even the face design that is present on all moto 360 articles is sexy. These... are mediocre at best. 
Although I respect and can appreciate everyone's opinions on the matter congratulations are still in order to everyone who got selected. Please take into account that Moto chose not just on visual aesthetics alone which are naturally subjective, but on market trends, complexity/simplicity, plausibility, functionality and a number of other variables beyond whether or not they subjectively liked it. To everyone who submitted one or more designs, great job. There were a lot of wonderful designs and much inspiration to be found. To those who made it to the top 10, much praises and well deserved. I hope through this contest we get a better understanding of Moto360's functionality and capabilities and can look forward to more fun contests in the future. Best of Luck!
Is there possibility to take more projects from here than that top 10? In my opinion Stewart Kyasimire make great project and when I will buy moto360 I wish to have that fossil design in my watch. :)