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Moto G launch details for India will be announced on February 5. Stay tuned!
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what the? Are u kidding? february 5? i know that there are certain problems related to launching a device, but february 5 is like forever.... Still going to wait for it. make it quick please...
Void my warranty and let me unlock my boot loader on moto x
what!!!!! I have been waiting for this for the past 3 months.
+Motorola Mobility An early Jan-2014 launch has now moved to early Feb launch. I truly hope that this delay isn't sign of things to come with "renewed" Motorola support and service in India. Still waiting to buy a couple of phones at least, but certainly not happy about the delay. However, thanks for breaking the silence and posting the news. Also hoping you bring Moto-X or it's next variant soon into the Indian market.

You may also want to consider making the Moto-G Google Play Edition available in India via +Google Play store since Google already sells the +Nexus 5 via the play store in India.
Cool!!! If it launches at the right price then the local companies are gone!!
Motorola, you should totally have that pic as the boot animation for Indian users. There also should be different boot animations for other country launches as well. Pretty cool, keep up the good work! Long time fan. 
I am waiting for moto x 2nd edition released in Australia.
A definite competitor in Indian market!!!
A definite competitor in Indian market!!!
+ishaan khurana precisely :) that's what has me worrying :( i'm surprised it's taking so long - they have definitely exited the market and looks like making a re-entry is proving to be painful or cumbersome.

I wasn't certainly impressed with Motorola service (note this +Motorola Mobility )  earlier - very few service centers - they usually had a tie-in with Redington and it wasn't present everywhere - but this was several years ago. Hopefully, it becomes better now (crossing my fingers, not holding my breath). I just hope that there's no reason to exercise service/support.

+Nokia service center spread in India is something to envy for. +Samsung Mobile too has a large service network - although I don't know the quality angle of it.
bullshit!!!!!!!! I don't no what happens to +Motorola Mobility . I was waiting to buy it in India this month, but seriouslly its taking too much time. So I think, I need to change my mind & go for +Sony Xperia India products.
+Surajeet Baral buy the Sony Xperia, but as soon as the Moto G comes out you will regret buying Sony.
Come on don't delay it anymore people are excited about the product right now and your killing it... Not good for your sales! And get local service centres as implemented by Nokia and Samsung if your here to stay!
How about moto x?
still motorolas lazyness marketing loss of hope,beacuse other manufacturer are speedy good marketing capacity with decent product
What about MOTO X? When is that going to be launced in India?
But... But... you just announced it in that post
in #Bangladesh? Just beside India! Won't take much time to import. Just need official agreement from Moto! 
There are lots of people ready buy the device in India and +Motorola Mobility is driving them away to other manufacturers by these mutiple delays. At least announce a price point so I can  make a decision whether to wait for it or not.
No Moto for me. Have been using Droid RAZR, never got official JB in India unlike other countries. Give me a reason to believe
+Motorola Mobility stretching it too far.. 2 n half months wait for a mobile device? u better keep #MotoG under ₹15K.. or else I'll go for Galaxy Grand 2.. much better option @ ₹21K
You really need to step up your game moto.. We are your target demographic and yet we lag 2 months behind in terms of release!!
.. Hurry the ** up..
+Umamaheswara Rao here's the difference between Galaxy Grand 2 ( +Samsung Mobile) and Moto-G (+Motorola Mobility) . I strongly believe Moto-G's pricing is crucial for a market like India - especially if their motto is to get a smartphone into the hands of maximum number of users.

RAM --> G2 - 1.5GB, MG - 1GB
CPU --> both A7, 1.2GHz quad-core
Graphic CPU --> MG - Yes, G2 - ?
Internal memory --> MG - 8/16, G2 - 8
external mem slot --> G2 - yes (64GB), MG - none (excellent difference)
Camera (primary) --> G2 - 8MP, MG - 5MP
Camera (second) --> G2 - 1.9MP, MG - 1.3MP
Battery --> G2 - 2600 mAh, MG - 2070 mAh
Display --> G2 - 5.25in, MG - 4.5in
FM Radio --> G2 - yes, MG - no
Price --> G2 - Rs.22.5K, MG - waiting!!!!!!!!

I wish +Motorola Mobility declared price of Moto-G and provided a pre-order option. That'd take away the pain of waiting and speculating :)
+Russell Lewis Thanks for highlighting that. I was looking at the official specs in USA ( and this one - no FM radio there.

Happy to hear that the radio exists, would be elated if it is turned on in India - it's a standard expectation given that internal storage is minimal (can't load a ton of music), bandwidth is costly and speeds are slow in most places - streaming music is not an option in most cases.

+Motorola Mobility Any comments on the FM Radio in Moto-G option for India?
+Motorola Mobility, would this be only the dual SIM version? Or are you launching both the single and dual SIM versions? 
When are you going to fix moto speak Motorola???
+Ajay Ghawate Patil You should start saying "if 16gb model crossess 15k" instead of "15k for 8gb" :) 8gb space is useless once you start taking photos and loading music on the phone.  USB OTG is not as convenient as microsd. So, please pray that 16gb model doesn't cross 15k. Afterall, the 16gb model sells for $200 in the US. That'd be approx Rs.12400 per today's exchange pricing :)
are u launching moto x in india??
it will smoke all others only when moto g 8gb for 13,500(Max) and 16gb for 15,000 (Max). Otherwise in price concious market like india it will be "Gold" to buy.
If not priced right. Everything goes for toss with Moto comeback to India.  When I say priced right. Its not more than 50$ expensive than US price. 
+Pavankumar G I read sumwhr that #MotoG dual 8gb ws launched @ 210$ (I dnt remember d country though).. so adding 50$ to that makes it 260$ in #India.. i.e. ₹16500 (!) for 8 gb.. n if this is so.. bye bye moto frm me.. :(
Drop box storage, Google Drive storage, etc r useless in #India, whr most of d smartphone users r still on 2G.. 
+Ajay Ghawate Patil  You are right. Thats in Malaysia. I meant adding 50$ to original US price thats 199+50. For sure 16.5k for 8gb isn't worth. Better to shell out a bit more and get a nexus from US. 
+Pavankumar G thinking of buying a #Nexus5 frm canada.. that wud cost me around ₹22000 for 16gb model.. bt worried about d taxes, duties n warranty issues.. :/
If someone is coming from there and if they are not carrying more than 2 new phones (unboxed) no issues with the duties.! You have already waiting so long. Just wait for a week bro B-)  +Ajay Ghawate Patil 
+Pavankumar G thnx 4 d info.. bt my cousin lives in Edmonton Alberta.. he's ready to send me any phone any day.. I'll wait for another week or 2, n then decide..
This is as good as any 25k phone. Near to nexus experience. Surely on par with nexus 4. 
Whoa! thank god I didnt buy any other phon.. #MotoG  saved  my 8-10k for sure.. Sabra ka fal mitha hota hai.. LOL
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