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Yes! Support this. I'll buy 3.

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Reviewing this was fun. My players will hate me.

Check out the new column, Sunken Treasure. First article by Yours Truly!

Will there be an AL adaptation for Tales From the Yawning Portal? Looking to run three adventures from it at Marcon in May.

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Look who's writing again! Go check out the review, then go grab the comic.

Is there a problem with the next three adventures? They say they are ready for download today, but there is no active link for download...

Soooo...can anyone help me out here? here are NO places withing 50 miles that do Adventurer's League scenarios. I DM an ongoing FR campaign, about to make a jump from 3.5 to 5E, but we lack adventures. I have everything up to The Scroll Thief, but Drums in the Marsh and Tales Trees Tell I cannot find, and I don't own a shop. So how can I acquire these from Adventurer's League for home play?

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