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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is rolling out to U.S. owners of MOTOROLA XOOM™ Wi-Fi. Featuring enhanced search capabilities via voice and the new Knowledge Graph, it's such a smooth OS you'll find it buttery:
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Is it coming to the Verizon XOOM soon?
Any 4.1 love coming to the Droid Bionic?
Installed JB and am definitely enjoying the smoothness.
Still haven't seen ICS on my UK WiFi+3G unit. I paid more to get the 3G, and yet I feel like I've been pushed to the back of the queue. Not cool Moto... not cool.
Got this  update last night, it is very nice, the speed increase is VERY noticeable.

This is how it is when the phone company is not controlling the roll outs of firmwares.

Good job Motorola!
Cory, RAZRs in your company just got ICS (4.0) not JellyBean (4.1).
I'm waiting for ICS or JB for my XOOM 2...
I gave my friend my XOOM and bought the XOOM 2 but...
Where is XOOM 2 spirit...?
+Motorola Mobility Any news for updates to the rest of the world? Europe maybe? Currently running the US Xoom wifi version of Android on my European Xoom 3G. It works very well but I'd actually prefer a 3G version...
+Motorola Mobility When will JB be available for Verizon Xoom?  Thanks to Google and Motorola partnership, the ICS wait was well worth it.
updated by google  or it would still be running hc3.1!!!
Great. my unlocked UK xoom updated to 4.1.1, Good graphical improvement and smoother. Update I think is correctly called as 4.1, not 5. Google now works well. 
jelly bean that's great stills waiting for ics in Ireland. all we are getting is it is rolling out......
this update has nothing to do with Motorola this device is updated by google if were up to moto you would still be running hc3.1 just look at the xoom fe+Aaron Brown 
Had to coerce my US Wifi Xoom about 9 times (by clearing Google Services Framework), but finally got the update.

Loving it so far!
Unless it's the LTE version it's a waste of time
Hans F.
Lol, still on honeycomb with my Xoom 2
It's so bloody anoying to read things like this when my UK 3G Xoom still has 3.2
I still keep checking for updates several times a day but keep seeing the lie that my device is 'up to date'.
Come on Motorola, give some love to your existing non-US customers please.
+Motorola Mobility still not got ICS on my UK WiFi xoom. Just rubbish. Going to buy the nexus 7 and dump the xoom. Sorry +motorola mobility you don't look after your customers. Very poor, wish I never bought it....
It's nice to see.
When are we going to get it for the Droid Xyboards?
I installed the leak ICS on my Droid Xyboard 8.2 and it works great. We now need the leak for the Jelly Bean!
Meanwhile, European RAZR users are still on GB... :-/
+Motorola Mobility Maybe you won't believe it, but there is world outside of U.S. and there are YOUR customers in it.
So please stop pissing me off and roll out ICS for European version of Razr. According to your own schedule it should've been released by the end of Q2.

Don't you guys feel embarassed when you fail your customers?
I wonder if anyone from Motorola reads any of these comments about lack of updates. Looking back on their posts they have plenty to choose from as that is the main response from all of their posts.
+Peter Harding If each of their post is followed by the mass of comments about lack of updates, it doesn't help acquire new customers, does it? So if existing customers are stubborn enough in their complaints, they will start hurting current sales. I won't be happy when Motorola's market share shrinks, but if there's no other way to get promised update from them, then it's their fault.
And still no ICS on the European WiFi only. What a joke.
Every times when i see Motorola is rolling out something... it is always getting on my nerve!
No more Motorola !
Can't wait! Turned on my Xoom last night but I haven't gotten it yet. Thanks so much for continuing to support the Xoom +Motorola Mobility. Great device, appreciated by many a fan.  
When will the owner of motorola xoom outside the u.s. get jelly bean update?
just got  back from best buy where they gave me instore credit for the POS xoom fe bought a galaxy tab 2 FU MOTO
I bought mine last April 2011 in the US, I got an ICS update (US schedule) while I am here in Asia.  Why not for JB now?
Good for you Angel, because you bought it from US.
But for those who bought it outside US, still with 3.2 until today.
I bought mine last year in August!
I called to Motorola Mobility Asia region, they told me "will or ever will update!"
So, no more motorola for me ever!
Yoon Whay Chong i also bought it on august last year and received ICS update 2 days ago. have you check again for update?
some rooted their Xoom though... If you really want ICS in your Xoom, you can root it.
And In europe we're still waiting for the "old" ICS on our Razr. If you think about it, maybe it can sound "strange" even for you. Please, dont punish us SO HARD because we have choose a Moto smartphone, we promise, we dont buy one NEVER again, but please dont punish US so hard!
Moto... have you seen all the complaint about your cruel behave? No more moto! Hooray!
ICS is alredy OLD.... why is SO DIFFICULT to have the latest OS delivered in human time on all device? Google is making the OS!
You have just to customize (a little) and deliver!
Salman Rameli , thanks for your info... after i saw your message last night, i went to check the system update...
Walah, update to ICS is available! and now my Xoom is on ICS :-)
That's great! :-) Thanks Salman :-)
Xoom family edition isin't getting any love... :(
+Jack Rosenthal have your Xoom Family Ed rooted and look for a JB or an ICS from devs online. Take the risk if you wanted JB or ICS. Some said it's better rooted though.
What about ICS on the UK Xoom? Your international service is so poor I will never buy any of your products again.
Thanks +Motorola Mobility Running updated Xoom wifi on jelly bean .. a bit laggy due to the old hardware .. using nova launcher sorted out some lag .. Is it possible to downgrade JB to ICS :-) 
Well, this was so unexpected and a nice surprise. I open my UK 3G Xoom on this evening to be told an update is available. Done the update and I now have 4.0.4.
I am speechless :-)
Yeah Peter Harding, let's see when it is going to update to JB next! :P
Whats wrong with the UK updates? I am still waiting
For all those who are waiting and sometimes cursing for JB .. in my opinion don't update .. ICS 4.0.4 is just perfect for the Xoom .. there's too much jam due to project butter on this device with JB.
A lot of users outside the US are still on Honeycomb awaiting ICS.
Hopefully now Google has finally completed the takeover, Hopefully they take time to read half the posts on this page and try to sort things out ASAP
What exactly keeps you from updateing the atrix 4G emea, which seems to have the same SoC?
Why is the Motorola  XOOMgetting Jelly bean, but the newer Motorola Xyboard is n NOT!!!
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