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We're sorry for the confusion. The language some of you saw in our Yo giveaway wasn't clear. So to make it right, we're giving away another 20 Moto 360s to the first 20 who submit the form. If you’ve already Yo'd us, you’re on our list. For everyone else who wants to play, add MOTOROLA on Yo by 11AM CT tomorrow (August 29) for a chance to win a #Moto360! #YOFORMOTO

Official Rules:
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want to give me one just because?
by the time you guys yo me they were all taken.
What if I live in one of the other 190+ countries in the world that are not the US?
I'll forgive if you give me a moto 360 and join My community Gadget Guys 
The language may have been confusing but what about those of us who didn't even get a Yo today?
I just YO'd as well. Do I need to keep checking YO?
Sad Motorola only do this with people from US... Ive been buying Motorola products for over a decade and didnt win anything or at least the chance to participante of a contest... Though Im happy with my MotoG...
Josh C
I already didnt win, im not from the US...
I entered again, but this is all really confusing... :( 
These cool contest have to be going on while I'm out traveling and won't be able to use my phone cause of work! Haha. My money is yours anyways next week. 
[Yo app gets re-downloaded another 45,000 times] 
Thank you I was pissed when I got the win/lose page 
+Greg Lamoree Did you even bother to read the rules??? It clearly states you have to be the first 20 people to enter the yo win form to actually win it....
Well this makes the contest "clear" and also makes clear how stupid this contest is!

There's no way to send out all those yo's at the same time and even if you've figured that part out not everyone going to GET it at the same time.

Just pick 20 random people and ONLY send them a yo. You're just asking for another group of pissed off people +Motorola Mobility .
Yeah I agree with just pick random 20 and make it simple so we aren't playing who's getting their server request first. If all 20 don't reply in 10 minutes then send another 20 and so on
You Motorola people will sale your product in India but when it comes for contest its up to USA only why what we India have done wrong please tell
Sadly no response to my question about the error message I got :/...well I'll keep at it!
That's nice of you guys and all, but I still can't get the damn app to register me as a new user. So... Maybe try a more conventional contest next time?
Wendy W
How about a link to the yo app? There is more than one.
So we can all go through this again tomorrow. This means everybody needs to be holding their phones so you can enter. The yo apparently isn't really entering. Their going to send a yo out and you have to click it and it brings you to another screen that asks for your email. You have got to be fast it's like calling in to a radio station. Good luck everyone I had my phone in my hand and clicked it in under a second. Still didn't win.
Nevermind the rules being confusing, damn app confusing as well, lol

Hopefully they've learned to just yo the damned winners next time!!
+Calvin Phillips The way its set up, they said from the getgo they'd send it to a bunch of people then whoever gets there first gets to claim it. Hopefully next time they make it something like 'a moto 360 is waiting to be claimed!'
+Tim Glaraton curious to hear where the winners are located. I don't think I could've clicked it any faster. If your in a slow connection area your screwed.
What does "you're on our list" mean exactly?
and i'll be at work where i can't use my phone :-( +Motorola Mobility oh well, everything happens for a reason. thanks again for the giveaway.
Nope. Failure of a contest.
You're lucky you are holding the contest in a country with such weak consumer laws! Here in Australia with your wording you would be required to give every person you told was a winner a 360.
It will be SSDD. What a marketing disaster. You lost lots of supporters.. "The language some of us saw".. So youre saying we are idiots and didnt see clear? Not that the language YOU sent was misleading ?!? Fire whoever runs your social media!
It's embarrassing seeing article after article about +Motorola Mobility screwing up so badly. facepalm
It would be awesome if I could register for Yo...
i didn't even get the Yo link today... not even sure if i "Yo'd" correctly... but hopefully it works out tomorrow...
I want one too!!!!!
I can't even create an account on yo. I keep getting try again.
Yo app really sucks Motorola why not just use g+ or Twitter
My WiFi wouldn't open the page quickly enough. Doesn't sound like it was a problem with just my WiFi, though.
+Motorola Mobility, there is another issue because I didn't even get the link to the entry form. Hope I get the link this time!
I think I Yo'd you....... I hope I win :-)
Eric T
How about a contest that doesn't end in nanoseconds? It's silly guys. You are wandering into One Plus One territory with these gimmicks...
I was under the impression that everyone who Yo'ed Motorola would receive a Yo back with a link to the entry form. I never got a Yo back with the link, so I didn't even have a chance to win. I hope I actually get the link tomorrow when they redo this.
Excuses not accepted since I really want a Moto360 and your contest is not open worldwide... How can I get my hands on one?
I guess you'll not want to sell outside of US!? In fact you'll charge more outside of us so this competition being only open to us is absolutely pathetic... SHAME ON YOU MOTO! 
+Motorola Mobility this entire contest is a disgrace, you're using your hype train to promote a crappy app and the wording was terrible, just terrible. All the people responsible for this promotion's failure should lose their jobs.

I'm pretty sure there has to be a genuine chance of winning if you're running a contest and as many people have pointed out, it was impossible for a huge amount of people to win even if they got the 'you've won' message, not difficult, impossible.

I'm glad I wasn't able to enter, not that I would have installed that garbage on my phone anyway, being outside the US has saved a lot of people from your idiocy.
It's a wrap, those extra 20 are likely on "the list" jus have your $250 ready on launch day
Wendy W
+Josh Winters I gathered from the contest rules that when Motorola contacts you on the 29th with the submission form, the first 20 who submit that will win. I could be wrong, but that is how I understand it.
+Wendy W then don't post comments in a public discussion forum, are you that dumb?
+Motorola Mobility hmm... You're giving away free stuff and you make a simple mistake and all these self entitled a-holes have spent the whole freaking day whining and bitching about it. Ib guess they don't have anything better to do with their day/lives. 
I didn't win and I don't care. Who expects to win in these raffles when the odds are so low? 
Just Yo'd. I been wanting one since the beginning of the year. They are finally gonna release it I cant wait.
How many 360s this time?
All I'm now getting is spam in my email.
Just release it so I can buy the damn thing 
Stupidest giveaway ever, Part 2. Yo is a terrible, pointless & unreliable app. I learned that in 1 day of having it. Plus I still don't understand how this contest works, does EVERYONE get a yo message with link or just a select amount of people? I never got one yesterday. I should have made my username start with an A in case you start YOing from the top alphabetically. This willingness to even use Yo has made me lose respect for Motorola as a company. Next time choose an app that is actually worth downloading to have a contest with.
I have never used this app ever. So I don't even know but I'm trying it and I Yo'd you guys twice. Just to be sure... 
+Charles Tiu I have no intention of buying it, I have a smartwatch already and it's great. The two people you mention both took it upon themselves to reprimand people in a public forum so they will get responses to that, as are you.

Now go fuck yourself. 

I removed my ad block and was able to successfully register with the yo app 
I never received a Yo yesterday.... but I should be on the list.
Can you just put a couple at best buy so I can just buy one... Enough with all the craziness!
got the yo three minutes late and they're all gone already. :(
So..I copied my email address and I was ready for the yo back. When I got the Yo back I immediately pasted my email and hit go! I would say that it took less than 3 seconds. And all the watches were out by then!!! Wow!!!! This is a tough competition +Motorola Mobility that seems impossible to win. But perhaps I should have been faster :( . Maybe next time!
I got my yo at 9:03AM (PT) and I was like, "I already lost." I don't think it's possible for everyone to get their yo at the same time. Despite having my phone in my hands with my fingers ready on the notifications, some folks are inherently faster because they receive their yo first. >.> It was fun though.
So did I win??? When I hit continue it took me to the moto about page???? I did mine instantly too!
+Omar Ghazi I submitted within 10 seconds and no dice. We're all really at the mercy of whatever sends the messages to whom first and then all of the networks in between. Whoever receives the messages first is sure to win if they're paying attention. The rest of us really never had a chance. 😥

+Motorola Mobility should consider a random drawing rather than an unfair race for their contests in the future.
I literally opened the link as I got the message and it said they were all gone already. Very annoyed.
Unbelievable I just got the yo at 12:15pm eat and I had set aside time at 1pm est to be ready.

This is ridiculous.

I'm almost positive now that there are no winners at all and you guys are doing thing solely to get hype around the 360.

Seriously will jot be recommending your product.

+Motorola Mobility
+Justin Bordoff yup you can uninstall it now. I had to reinstall it again just for the second chance. Got yo at 12:03 ET, didn't win at 12:03:30, uninstalled yo (again) at 12:03:45
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