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We hope you're as excited about this Halloween treat as we are! More to share soon...
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With the small footprint of KitKat can I get it on my Droid X? it's got a gig of ram
AUGH!! First we're forever in the dark about #KitKat , and now we have to wait for your announcement! Good grief!
Kitkat for Moto X?  If so kudos.  To bad Verizon won't see it till Q2 2014.
This post from motorola showing kitkat is not for nothing!!
I taste something awesome coming to us.
5"+ Moto Nexus that is for Verizon please. /Throwmoney
James M
That's the first!
When is coming for our Moto X :) 
will a Droid RAZR M upgrade to this? if so when?
+Mike Oakley If KK came to the Moto X in a few weeks, I wouldn't feel bad about being on Verizon.
+Joel Romp Don't expect it for a few months, if at all. You can probably grab a CM version for it in the coming weeks.
Very curious to see how long it takes my X dev to get a update.    On another note, wonder how much it's worth now that the N5 is out.
Please tell me that this is coming soon. The improvements to sensors, and memory management should GREATLY benefit the Moto X!
I need this candy bar added to my DROID MAXX PLEASE!!!! in software form of course....
Does this mean you're going to resurrect my XT912's Bluetooth MAP functionality?!?! That would be wonderful!
I doubt anybody with anything over a few years old, aka Droid Incredible, M, etc will get this update even tho +Google announced it would be for older devices. Because there is the problem, carriers, +Anthony G. said it best "Bypass the carriers" this needs to be an update through the Play Store so anybody can update too it that has the hardware. I am tired of +Verizon Wireless taking their sweet time with updates for older phones but any new phone gets quick updates. I guarantee the Moto X or S4 will get 4.4 asap but everyone else that is on a budget gets screwed. Everytime I ask about it either via email or calling them out in a post, I get the run around. Great CS.
Apple releases their own updates why not let the OEMS do the same?!
Does this mean Moto X owners are jumping straight to 4.4?
No significant changes between 4.2 to 4.3
Some rumors said it. we will jump directly to 4.4 and skip the 4.3.

Plus this post from motorola kind of sealed the rumors in.
4.4 for the Droid Maxx? Please oh please. :D
Just as well I have a Nexus 7... 'cause my RAZR HD never left the firmware it shipped with.. Now 3 versions behind.. 
Pretty excited about it. Can't wait to get KitKat for Moto X! :)
Defy XT has 512MB of RAM.  Can we get some Gingerbread to Kitkat lovin'?  Be loyal to customers and they'll be loyal to you.
i Bog
Hope At&t Moto X will update to 4.4 soon!
KitKat for DROID Mini, Maxx, & Ultra?  Please!
Loving the power of my new DROID MAXX  cant wait to get android  KIT KAT 4.4. 
nice to see moto get really good on their timley. Keep up the good work Motorola!!!!
Soon from Moto could be a year or never (Atrix2).... I hope the Gootorola is changing their ways.....still waiting on that Nexus tag......
Knowing Moto, its going to be Summer next year. My RAZR HD is still looking for an update.
Makes sense jump from 4.2.2 to 4.4 at this point. After all much of us bought a Moto because it is a Google company, in hopes that we see it updated in the same pace as the nexus devices.
Motorola please update your droid series we deserve love as well.... We are the true Motorola faithful that have supported Motorola devices since the OG droid please do not Verizon hole us.....
pumped for Kit Kat on the moto X
Funny, remember when they said "Droid Maxx Developer edition coming in days"  Then a month later it finally came...  I don't see how they push this out until next year.
I won't hold my breath waiting as we were also told we'd get 4.3 "soon" and it's been over 2 months since the phone released. Now granted we did get a solid OTA update that fixed some serious bugs and we also have gotten specific app updates (touchless controls and camera) on the play store which were great. Still I'd love to see Motorola release 4.4 in November for the X and new Droids.
Oooooh, please +Punit Soni, say this is coming to the new DROID Line too, like the MAXX!
(MOTO X AND NEW DROID LINE OWNERS) read this!!!!!!!  if you go to motorolas website you can check your phone see if its getting updated. also just read an article saying for now moto has announced they are updating moto x and new droid line to kitkat. there was also link to the site and the moto website confirmed my droid maxx was getting the update no answer to when p.s. im not going to proof read this so any mistakes my bad
I know Motorola was on top of things in regards to the camera update. Good on you, Motorola. I also know Verizon was definitely NOT on top of things in regards to the camera update - we got ours, like...10 years after the other carriers did. Right about the time Motorola made it updatable via the Play store too. What's my point? Motorola - if you could give us Moto X 4.4 I would love you forever. But I'm not getting my hopes up because even if you do provide a 4.4 package for the Moto X, Verizon will sit on it for 20 years before throwing it to us as a pittance when the Nexus 20 comes out.
Moto X would be that much better with a Kit Kat...
Brian F
Wouldn't it be something if the 3g Xoom got it? ;-)
Please, no games. My phone is dying and I'm stuck on Verizon. Is it getting Kit Kat or not?
I need this by tomorrow at the latest, but preferably tonight... I've been waiting long enough.
I'am no longer excited... Whats the point.... If we keep asking for Motorola flagship phones to be relast at global scale.... And we get nothing from Motorola.. :(
This is why I'm dumping verizon. No support for razor hd. 
I had s moto x, I had four of them in the matter of three weeks. The software sucks, granted the battery live is good, and yes it does have other great features but for the hassle I will never recommend that phone to anyone and as far as ATT, they duck as well. ATT refused to work with me or even give me customer service. So I took my business elsewhere. So both of them are awful and t-Mobil dropped the Moto x last year. Do not even thinkk about getting it and don't recommend the phone it ATT TO them. They will be sorry.
razr hd xt926能升级4.4吗?
launch date of moto x in china?
Patience Mate .... some day one day ..  Ih eard Motox noice reduction is good .. so they have btter  market here 
essentially if you have an OMAP processor phone get ready to receive a big fat middle finger from OEMs
Yep Please, my att Moto X would LOVE some KitKat!!!
+Tim Schmidt if you follow the link I posted Motorola has already posted that the D4 isn't getting it. It's sad... I was hoping to get BT MAP back on my RAZR. Hopefully they still release security and bug fix updates even if it's not KK.
Take a look on the play store for a moto x camera update. Bypass the carriers I think you mentioned. There you go
First off, let me state that I have been an pretty loyal Moto customer for a Long time.  Off the top of my head I can  remember owning a StarTac, RAZR (The original Flip, not the smartphone), and a Q. My current phone is a Droid RAZR Maxx HD, and my current tablet is a Xyboard 10.1 (WiFi Only purchased directly from Motorola on their Web Store)

I'm pretty upset that Moto has deemed my tablet as unworthy for an upgrade to JellyBean.  The most unbelieveable part is that the Verizon version of the tablet (Identical except for the extra 4G radio) will be getting an upgrade.  Well, that and the fact that the much older XOOM is actually already running on Jelly Bean!

It's bad enough that I'm swimming upstream in my house being the only Android holdout and having to put up with my other family members 1 (soon to be 2 iPhones) and 3 iPads.  I'm beginning to think that Moto is beyond repair and next time I'm seriously considering Samsung or even possibly (I can't believe I'm saying this) Apple.

Do you think you can get your act together and get upgrades on a reasonable roadmap?  You can't blame "carrier certification" for delays on a WiFi only device purchased directly from you,

Tim O'Hara
Hope I see it on my motoluxe, lol, I know its not high-end phione, but I'm all cheerful that kitkat supports 512mb RAM
"Future Plan coming soon."

Sounds like time to switch to CyanogenMod.
En la página de EU está marcada la actualización para este mes pero solo en usa...... Y para México cuando? 
Too bad my XT926 won't get any Kit Kat.  
Says various sources and Motorola themselves. 
my xt910,,,,just a joke
Hello Moto, what about my fantastic Razr i ? 
I would be more so if you'd add it to the Droid 4!!!
That is unless you keep the qwerty keyboard and make a Droid 5, it'd be my 4th with the slide...
Will RAZR i in Europe be update from 4.1?  There was rumour that it (or RAZR M) would be updated to 4.2 in Q4 2013, but it went all silent now...  I love my phone, so PLEASE don't give it up!  Of course if it could catch up with 4.4 it would be an excellent Xmas surprise from Moto! ;-)
+高峰厂 Moto X只在美国发售——Moto说这只是他们新手机家族中的第一款,他们会在其它地区发售同样激动人心的新手机(但不是Moto X本身)。失望吧?:-(
I am looking forward to the update. The Moto X is the first phone that I haven't felt like getting rid of when the new Nexus came out. Really happy with the purchase.
Yan Jo
if my razr HD does not have the 4.4 update I never buy Motorola: (
+Fernando Montenegro That is a non Google device. Id take that up with +LG USA Mobile . Also, that is a skinned device, so Im not sure what you are expecting. The Moto X runs the Nexus Experience UI + enhancements.
why is KitKat not available for Motorola Droid Razr Maxx? 
Isn't the CPU on the moto x and RAZR very similar?
Hey you, how about you release an actual timeline for updates instead of a 'maybe' or retarded teaser. What is the point in that? The phones are mostly already purchased, so it's not like someone will baulk at buying a phone that isn't on the market any more because there's a chance it won't get the update. 
All you're doing is isolating and infuriating your CURRENT customers, people who have purchased your hardware and have been WAITING for an update. All you're doing is stringing them along... for NO REASON!!!
It makes me want to never buy your hardware again, at least I can safely say HTC and Samsung update their hardware reasonably quick and give their customers some insight - your lack of communication is damaging your brand.
+Paul Zimmerman For the APU's, yes. But not the GPU's (Four) nor the two contextual processors. Its an Eight core chip-set on the X.
Ah. True true. I did know that. Guess I should have some coffee before browsing Google + 
when is Razr maxx getting a kitkat update ?
it'd be nice to get a release date on this after waiting for almost two weeks now, im getting impatient!
+Punit Soni  I've seen around the web the soak test for the Moto X.  Nice work!  Here's to hoping for more good news! 
+Paul Zimmerman That's an old, low spec device, I doubt that will happen, Id be happy if you get 4.3 on that device.
My Razr Maxxx XT910 was very good with ICS. Upgrade to 4.1.2 made it a slow machine. I really hope that Kit Kat would be available to Razr Maxxx Retail as I believe this phone has good hardware but lacking on software :( How I wish I had purchased a Samsung instead of Motorola had I known motorola would abandon updating my phone :'(
+Michael Galli It could have something to do with the fact not everyone is on AT&T or Verizon, or wants a 2 year contract.  Sure, $99 is great... but when your choice is $549, or switch to a carrier that you dislike (with a 2 year contract on top), the price is tough to swallow.
+Christopher Lafferty I hear you, I don't buy that math or logic personally. He's using a CDMA device which means he's locked to VZW. He gets no discount by paying for his own device. The ONLY carrier this works with (kind of) is T-Mobile US. 
+Michael Galli  Not everyone lives in the US and is locked down to CDMA phones. We have to spend close to USD 600 for a good phone which is pretty expensive (for rest of world) when we have to change phones. And if providers abandon updating such a phone which we buy after saving for a long time, it hurts. Maybe you won't understand the pain as getting a latest phone from service providers might be easy for people in US.
+Anup Arakkal ALL phones use CDMA in one form or another first of all. Second of all, I use a "GSM" provider in AT&T 
Any ETA updates or guesses for the humble Moto RAZR M 4.4?
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