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Moshe Eshel

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Trying out Everypost, if it is even a little better than others, it gets my account :-)
Everypost is the only social publishing platform that allows you to customize posts to all social networks on-the-go.
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Moshe Eshel

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How time flies... Mia you're such a big girl now. Such a pleasure to be your parents!
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Moshe Eshel

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Any one having #marshmallow issues?
For me (installed update last night on Nexus 5):
1. WiFi isn't working (doesn't turn on, can't find any networks)
2. Can't download apps from play store (press install, progress bar just goes on forever)
No mention of this on the googles
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Moshe Eshel

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Volkswagen extension to PHPUnit detects when your tests are being run in a CI server, and makes them pass. · GitHub. hmlb/phpunit-vw. phpunit-vw - VW PHPUnit extension makes your failing test cases succeed under CI tools scrutiny. View on web ...
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Moshe Eshel

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Some people are using this as a joke, on how people couldn't imagine modern technology.
I think this is a perfect illustration of how computer graphics (transmission and drawing) actually works. Very simplistic, but also clear and concise. What you see is pixels, their color and location encoded into a number(s), transmitted and redrawn correctly on a new pixel board according to that information only.
Retransmission (correction) and verification can also be easily accomplished (some control signals)
I just love it.
A Simple Method For Sending Pictures By Wire or Radio

Electronic Television: A Practical Book for Everyone, by George H. Eckhardt (1936)
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Moshe Eshel

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Akamai has developed a protocol to replace #TCP that apparently improves network speeds by 30% on average
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Moshe Eshel

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Another great post by +Tzach Zohar​ about #ApacheSpark monitoring on the Kenshoo blog.
The Challenge So you’re using Apache Spark - Yay! You’ve been through the fun parts of getting to know Spark’s fluent and rich API, perhaps using Scala; You’ve seen how fast you can go from "nothing" to a "working job" with...
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Moshe Eshel

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Where do you twit when twitter is down?
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Moshe Eshel

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Interesting and intriguing line of thought. Tesla as an upcoming competitor to Uber? Or just a supplier?
Can't go wrong either way or even both at the same time. Let's hope a very near future upgrade includes a self-driving module.

“Elon Musk’s sleight of hand” @gavinsblog
Like many people, I’m a fan of Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Chairman of Solar City. So much so that I’m nerdy…
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Moshe Eshel

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Glad to see Microsoft is getting more and more mojo. Hopefully back in the game for mobile.
We need another major mobile platform to keep competition and innovation alive in this space. I believe Microsoft is the best equipped for that role. Just as they are still light years ahead in desktop OS, they can be the same on mobile.
I love Linux (currently my main work rig is running it exclusively), but for home use and entertainment, there is still nothing close to Windows. 
Passion. Exuberance. Purpose. Technology. It's rare those come together as well as they did today on stage with Microsoft. I've watched a lot of press events recently. In my job as Managing Editor of Mobile Nations, that tends to happen. Over the last month I've sat through events online and in person put on by Samsung, Huawei, Apple, LG, ASUS, and Google. But today's Microsoft event...
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Raising my kids, writing (too much?) code, and in the time left I carve and turn wood...
I'm 36 years old, married to my lovely Tili, Our children Mia, Daniel and Haleli Zion are the love of our life.
We live in Gimzo, which is a small village in the center of Israel, the Holy land, among ancient Olive wood trees.

I work as a freelancer developing websites and software, also consult small businesses about web presence and marketing and promotion on the world-wide-web.

I work with many tools, platforms and technologies, and try to select those that fit the project best...
In my spare time I love to work with wood - carving, turning and whatever comes along.

Crohn's Disease sufferer. 
email me at:

#crohn's #woodturning #woodcarving #jazz #israel #woodworking #java #csharp #NET #designpatterns
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Spark Monitoring - Tips from the Trenches

The Challenge So you’re using Apache Spark - Yay! You’ve been through the fun parts of getting to know Spark’s fluent and rich API, perhaps

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Cool Websites, Tools And Internet Tips

The Milk & Honey Distillery

The first artisan single-malt whiskey distillery in the land of Israel.


אצלנו לומדים מדע מתוך חווית המפגש עם התופעות עצמן, בכתיבת מחברת שהיא ספר לימוד קטן של כל תלמיד את הנושא, ובחקירה משותפת בין-תחומית. מעודדים

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יצחק עפר הנדסה ופיתוח

החברה עוסקת ומתמחה ביזום וביצוע של מבני מגורים ומבנים ציבוריים, בניית משרדים ומבנים תעשייתיים, תוך שימת דגש על רמת ביצוע גבוהה מאוד והקפדה על תקני בנייה מחמירים וללא פשרות

חדשות ערוץ 10 מציגים: ר' זה רייטינג, לא רצח

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This is debugging, old school - Ayende @ Rahien

Future Posts. Raven's Storage: Reading a Sorted String Table - one day from now; Raven's Storage: Understanding the SST file format - about