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And so it begins. I have long theorized about Google's merging Chrome and Android (in one form or another - can't ignore the bajilion or so app already in Play). While the writing has been on the wall for some time (,,, this is the first direct and visible step.

I fully except Google to keep on going from here, not stoping until there is a full webstack (html/js/css) available to run apps on mobile with an experience and featureset on par with native apps.
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Good news. Hope these web apps will soon be able to use some API to access some device hardware components (vibrator, NFC, gyroscope...). May be very interesting in several ways : games, identification, etc.
+Maxime MARAIS I believe that is exactly what is going to happen. Personally, push notifications and local storage are highest on my list, and local storage (of sorts) is probably already there.
Yes, +Moshe Brevda you already have access to local storage systems, depending on the usages:
AppCache or application cache.
FileSystem and File APIs (File, FileList, FileReader, Blob)
localStorage for storing simple key-value pairs
WebSQL for relational data (deprecated)
IndexedDB, a standard indexed data store

See for more details
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