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Trying to get that all-elusive Nexus 4 but don't want to keep on clicking? Let your browser do the work for you!

Put this in the JS console (tools -> JavaScript console). It will simulate a click on the "proceede" button once a second for the next 10 minutes

var j = 0;var i = setInterval(function(){document.forms[1][1].click();j++;j>600 && clearInterval(i)}, 100);

update: use 'clearInterval(i);' (no quotes) if you want to stop it
update 2: moved interval down to .1 seconds
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You sir, are a f**** genius. Thank you so much. You have no idea how many times I've clicked add/proceed/cart/proceed ad infinitum. Then probably over a 1000 clicks of just he proceed button.
I also tried the keyboard, just holding the "enter" button. haha.
Just moved the interval (,1000) down to 10 (i.e. fire every 10 milliseconds) and bam! a new Nexus 4 within 10 seconds!
Yes, haha.. I did it and get it in 2 minutes. lol.
sweet. Not sure if its the script, or they jut opened the floodgates...
haha. Whatever. I'm happy finally I get one. Thank you!
Glad you got one. Now lets see how long shipping is gona take 
Thanks.  Worked for me after about ten seconds running your script.  My order is in.  Right now the Google Play Store is estimating shipment in 2 to 3 weeks.
This trick was awesome! Galaxy Nexus has been ordered!
Just got one using your scrip, thanks a ton!, will ship in 2-3 weeks.
Buahahah, I can't believe this worked. A friend and I both just got ours using this script.
"Estimated Ship: 1-2 weeks" Early bird gets the worm :p
Late bird at least gets a spot in line. All I care about. Thanks again.
Just hold down the enter button after clicking the Proceed button once. Tried clicking for 3 hours, no results, held down enter button for less than 10 seconds and got my order through.
Estimated Ship:
2-3 weeks
Been refreshing and clicking off and on since noon, 1 Minute with your script and i'm sitting with an order number.  Thanks!
What browser did you use? I'm getting tons of errors on Firefox Linux
worked for me just now. thanks for the hackery ;)
In case they start selling this it in the UK in the next few days.....
At what point do I use this script exactly ? Is it after I've added the phone to Cart ? 
+Mario Lopez OK thanks. Glad to see it worked for you, I saw you had problems on another thread. 
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