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Mory Buxner
I make games, act in amateur theater, compose music and write strange things. I'm quite mad.
I make games, act in amateur theater, compose music and write strange things. I'm quite mad.

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Well, it only took a year and two months, but Part 4 of this blog series is up. Is it worth the wait? Doubtful. But I think it turned out pretty good.

Moebius, Part 4: Off-script

At this rate, part 5 should be up within the decade (I've written the first 21 paragraphs so far.), and by the time I die of old age, the chronology of the blog may reach 2014 and you'll find out why this has been taking so long. :D

New blog post:
Moebius, Part 3: Terms and Conditions

New post. Sorry it took three months, but when you read it you'll understand. I'm pretty sure no one has done this with a blog before.

Hi. I've basically been off the grid for a year. I wish I could say that I had some cool stuff to show for it, but other than getting married I've really done next to nothing in all this time.

Under the possibly delusional theory that acknowledging and understanding a problem is the first step toward fixing it, I've written a blog post:

It is entitled "Moebius, Part 1: For Salvation Comes Through Blog". I really struggled with this one - I've been trying to write it for three months. Hope it's not too annoying.

In other news, yesterday Yardena and I officially changed our last names to Buxner. (Buckman+Rosner=Buck+sner=Buxner) And today we're adopting a cat.

New blog post: "Wedding invitations"

New blog post: "This Post Is Significant"

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It's finally official: I will be presenting a poster session at this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on the subject of proper interactive storytelling.

It's on Pesach, so this is going to be somewhat complicated for me, but it's going to be worth it. :)

In my latest blog post, I describe how my girlfriend plays Zelda games, and why it is such an exciting experience for me:

My mind is overloading from the sheer number of things to do that I haven't been doing. I've tried to capture my current state of mind in this new blog post:

After over a month of radio silence, which followed a month of not doing much, I've written a blog post which ignores all the changes I've gone through since 2005.
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