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The Mortgage Specialists for Property Investors!


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Self Employed Investors’ 3rd Investment Loan Success

Two self-employed investors increased investment opportunity by $230K, allowing them to buy 3rd investment property

This case study explains how Mortgage Corp helped a self employed property investor couple add a third investment property to their property portfolio (total of four houses, including their own home) after their bank refused to lend them any more money. Follow the link below to read the whole story.

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Having a deposit isn’t enough these days to get a loan approved – many lenders also want to see evidence that this has been ‘genuinely’ saved. This means that property buyers can find that their loan application is rejected if their deposit is a gift from their parents or family members or from some other one-off source, such as a bonus from work or a tax refund from the ATO.

In this blogpost, Mortgage Corp Loan Strategist Neil Carstairs will go into details and explain
1. What is genuine savings and what is non genuine savings?
2. When do banks need to see genuine savings?
3. No genuine savings home loan success story
4. Difference between non genuine savings home loan and no deposit loan
5. How to prove genuine savings
6. How to calculate genuine savings
7. How can I get a loan if I don’t have enough genuine savings?
8. Why do banks need to see genuine savings?
9. Strategies for building up genuine savings
10. Key takeaways about genuine savings and non genuine savings #MortgageCorp #NeilCarstairs

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Mortgage Corp helped a self employed property investor couple add a third investment property to their property portfolio (total of four houses, including their own home) after their bank refused to lend them any more money.

Our loan strategist Neil Carstairs found opportunities to increase their borrowing power by looking closely at their financial statements. Neil found them a suitable lender and restructuring their loans to allow them to borrow up to $420,000 (after their bank wouldn’t lend them anything!)

Read this self employed loan case study at
#MortgageCorp #NeilCarstairs #SelfEmployedLoan

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Job Vacancy: Experienced Loan Processor (Part Time or Full Time)

Mortgage Corp is now seeking an Experienced Loan Processor to work part time or full time (depending on the right applicant) in our Wantirna South/Knox Office.

To be considered for this role, you must love people as client satisfaction is paramount to us! Check out our 5 star reviews at before applying so you have an idea of our expectations.

For more details about this job and to apply, visit

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Commercial Property Loan Success Story Saving Approx. $2,000 Per Month

Mortgage Corp helped two business owners purchase their business premises from their landlord at a discounted price. With most lenders only willing to extend a commercial loan for a maximum of 70% of the value of the property, we managed to find a lender who was willing to go as high as 80% LVR. This allowed our clients to secure the property and saved approx. $2,000 per month through paying mortgage repayments instead of rent.

#CommercialLoans #MortgageCorp

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The Pitfalls and Potential of Purchasing Property Through A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

What You Need To Know

You’ve got funds sitting in your super, you want to invest in property and you’ve heard of super fund loans – Sounds like a no-brainer? It’s certainly an excellent opportunity for many, but also a complex borrowing area and one that needs expert advice.

Superannuation home loans have gained popularity since the 2007 legislation change that has enabled SMSF borrowing. A lot of our clients have recently enquired about using their super to buy investment property after having received financial advice about the benefits of using their self managed super fund (SMSF) as an investment vehicle for tax and other financial benefits. However the process for obtaining a mortgage for a self managed super fund property purchase is often more involved than a normal purchase. There are many strict self managed super fund rules and regulations and in particular relating to self managed super fund loans.

In this post, I will explain what you need to consider when using super to buy a house from a financing perspective, and what you will need to show lenders.

#MortgageCorp #NeilCarstairs

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5 Tips For Financing Your First Commercial Property Loan

In this post, our Loan Strategist Neil Carstairs explains why it doesn’t matter whether you’re financing a three-bedroom family home or a factory – the lending process is the same. However there are some financing quirks which are unique to commercial property loans compared to residential mortgages, which investors should keep in mind.

#MortgageCorp #NeilCarstairs #CommercialLoans

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Refinancing Case Study: Refinanced To Buy an Investment Property On A Single Income

A single income family hoped to refinance their home to purchase their 1st investment property. The client wanted to set themselves up for the future, but didn’t think they’d be able to as they were only had one income and as a tradie, cash flow was restricted. But after a loan review and restructure with Mortgage Corp they were able to purchase an investment home and only pay an extra $50 per week.


Secured a quality investment property by paying less than $50 extra per week (after rent)
Lowered the interest rate on his existing home loan, by nearly 1%. The reduced rate on their home loan meant they were able to have a home and an investment property.
Maintained their current lifestyle
Worked out a plan to pay down their mortgage and will review the loans in a couple of years for new investment opportunities

#MortgageCorp #NeilCarstairs #Refinance

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100K Debt Consolidation for Craigieburn Couple
Refinance Loans To Pay Down Bad Debts | Mortgage Corp Case Study

A strategic restructure of their loans enabled them to pay off their bad debts and end up with just one home loan. The refinance also reduced the couple’s stress about meeting loan repayments and improved their lifestyle.

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