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There is only mutual connection with the observed when there isn´t any inner observer
Truth is coming when there is a non-linguistic presence, an observance
and a love, which are without conclusions, without explanations, without words. The inner spectator, theorist or doubter, are constructed by words, which
again are manifestations of a se...

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Sorrow is a concrete despair, despair is a universal sorrow
Despair is a relationship with loss. Sorrow can be the despair over a particular loss, namely death, but
despair can also be a sorrow over all kinds of loss. Sorrow is a concrete despair, despair is a universal sorrow. The primary definition of despair is, ...

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When you understand what disorder is, how it arises, then there is order
Our lives consist of disorder, which means contradictions: you say
something, do something else, and what you think is neither what you say or
what you do. Our existence is divided in fragments, and in this division we try to
find an order of some kind, a s...

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Identification with something is one of the most hypocritical conditions
You can identify yourself with the poor or the rich, with a house, a
family, a country, or the whole of the planet – it is one of the tricks Man uses
in order to simulate unity. Identity begins with the Ego, the Ego-centric person. Then the feeling
of ident...

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The existent postmodern chaos, which we call freedom and democracy, doesn´t need new leaders
The philosophical counselor can draw attention to this fact, that we let
us lead, that we are lacking the ability ourselves to think, the ability ourselves
to live right. We are dependent of, that someone tells us how we shall act, and what we
shall think. ...

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To be free from self-assertion awakens a spirit of greatness
To understand and be free from self-assertion, and to do something,
which you really love to do – regardless what it is, how small or how little
remarkable it is – awakens a spirit of greatness, which never is seeking
others´ approval or reward, and which d...

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What is central in philosophical counseling, is a radical revolution on the philosophical plane
Since we in philosophical counseling speak about something, which is
rather complicated, something which intervenes deep into our daily existence, then
it is not enough that we linguistically communicate, there must moreover be
solidarity, what you could ca...

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Death is the unknown, the landscape that can't be mapped
When we speak about life we usually mean life as a continuation-process,
where there happens an identification. When we say life, we often mean I and my house, I and my wife, I and my
bank account, I and the experiences I have collected. To live is therefor...

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Truth is to be completely free from all prejudices and historical limitary influences
As a Philosophical Globetrotter you must put into question whether you,
in order to get rid of anxiety, continual must analyse the content of anxiety
in order to discover the endless many causes in your own individual life. It is namely so, that if you - wh...

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The layers of consciousness are the separation of the observer and the observed
The consciousness has many, many layers. These layers are the
separation of the observer and the observed, they are the disproportion between the observer and the observed, where
emptiness and loss slide in between, creating a myriad of reflections,
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