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Nice Ice
Me and my brothers went to Rambergssjøen to play around on the ice and have some fun with the drone I am making in my startup. Merry christmas! Nice Ice from Ola Lysgaard on Vimeo .

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VTOL, Vertical Takeoff, Flying Wing
Today I scrapped together some of my old parts to see if I could make something new, the result was this. The airframe is made of some scrap materials and it does not have a real airfoil. The powertrain comes from two brushless motors and accompanying speed...

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Example Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics with C and OpenMP
I am interested in ways of approximating differential equations numerically. Yeasterday I read up on the basics of Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics, or SPH for short. It is a way of approximating a PDE using a finite set of particles that represent a quantit...

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Fantastic! First flight of my homemade arducopter and it works! I've never even flown a multi rotor before.  #quadcopter   #rc   #arducopter   #arduino     #opensource   #hardwarehacking  

I wrote a Finite Diferential Method solver for potential fluid flows. Really simple but compute intensive algorithm on arrays.
I first implemented the program in C++ and it gave me good performance, but I feel like a calculator programming in it.
I gave Haskell a shot and guess what? It was only 15% slower, without any tweaking at all. Just amazing how good the vector library and GHC optimizes. Really made my day!

OpenAviationMap is now running latest HEAD of the OpenStreetMap source. The new code brought in some slightly improved looks to =)

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New parser for OpenAviationMap-data, OpenAir, and with it all the official airspaces for Germany! All done in Haskell with Parsec =)

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Did some simulation of the quantum wavefunction in Haskell today. And it was really easy thanks to numeric instances for functions, and drop in support for complex numbers! Te read more about it take a look at my homepage.

My first package on Hackage is a Chord DHT. If anyone wanna join I'm thinking of making a distributed file-system with it! :D
It uses the fresh CloudHaskell framework with Erlang style primitives for concurrency, here are the links:
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