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Google+ with more traffic than Pinterest, Linkedin and Tagged in the US - growing 37% in two weeks

Google+ is continuing its growth in weekly visits, and last week, ending 9th of June, the new social network had more weekly visits than Pinterest, Linkedin and Tagged.

37% growth in two weeks
According to Experian Hitwise, Google+ in two weeks has gone from 16,6 to 22,8 million weekly visits, a staggering 37% growth. Now Google+ ranks as the 5th largest Social Media Website in the U.S., compared to number 8 two weeks ago.
Two weeks ago Google launched Google+ Local, which probably is contributing to the growth of the network.

Steady growth
Measured in percentage, Google+ had 0,86% of total visits to U.S. Social Networks last week. Google+ has shown a steady growth from November, when Google+ for the first time was on of the Top 10 Social Networking sites in the US with a share of visits of 0,33%. 

In front of Pinterest
Three months ago Pinterest had double the traffic of Google+. Now Google+ with 0,86% is slightly ahead of Pinterest with it's 0,83%.

The figures from Experian Hitwise does not include mobile traffic (smartphones and tablets).

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Yahoo Answers is a social network?
Yeahh i have one..
well, gotta start somewhere. Atleast g+ is moving up, for now but i would love to see a website, any website that surpasses facebook. 
g+ is great. but i wish it would let me circle more people than it does
If there was an age limit like it should be on fakebook then it wouldn't be number 1. Can you imagine how many of those accounts are between the age of 10 and 15 without the need of parental approval or a master account its probably staggering.
Facebook will collapse. There's no question about it
I am not happy that google has purchased Meebo. It would be nice if they left it alone.
Nice. Though not quite sure why YouTube is there. Do people really share their videos that often? Or just watch cats...
+Max Smolev the majority of the content I care about, discovered through those I follow on G+, is delivered via YouTube.  Can't say that I've ever watched or cared to watch a single video about cats.
37% increase ... Wow! How do you think the change from google places to google+ local will impact? 
Although just thinking about it that is just a uk thing I's late here s forgive me!
+Max Smolev The statistics is not about "sharing". The definition is number of "visits" (not "visitors" either) during a week. So YouTube surely is a sticky site. +Derek Ross I really don't know the "right" answer, but the definition is from Experian Hitwise. I reckon that if Quora is a social network, Yahoo Answers too would be? Or maybe they are both social applications, and not complete networks or platforms? Your choice!
oh, MySpace, now there is an old kid from the block.
Al La
But Google+ have to go a long way to catch up with facebook. I feel it has to be more userfriendly.
I was JUST wondering about these stats.
I didn't even know MySpace still existed, oopsie.
Ahh yeah I remember myspace, that was that social network of spam bots with horrendous profile templates 
+Oztin Tayshus So, basically, you're saying that anything with comments qualifies? Reddit, Blogspot, Digg should be probably included as well then.
+Morten Myrstad I'm more of a curious about their definition of Social Media. Stickieness is fine, but social aspect on Youtube is rather limited. It's a specialized site alright. 
We will see if this TREND continues... that is the true test... I can't see it, it looks too much like FB.  
Facebook has that many views? Wow how come as i think its crap n useless, had enough of pokes and someone wanting a carrot in farmville
B. Seid
But there's so many un-answered questions on Yahoo Answers!!!
Nice! This is even better because youtube and gplus can be easily combined if need be.
+Nujad Bolivar, I don't really care if they buy Pinterest, I just want them to build the best elements into G+. Features like being able to broadcast only to a specific audience depending on the type of post I'm making. If I'm following someone for their photography, I don't want their public posts about their thoughts on cheese filling up my photography stream. If google has to buy Pinterest to make this happen, then BUY THEM PLZ. But that really is an awesome aspect of Pinterest.
+Tod Anderson Agreed and then some... I just want Facebook gone. I am sooooo sick of hearing about it.
I reside in England & have just upgraded from an iphone 4 to Samsung Galaxy S3. I must say that I am pleasantly surprised with the handset and although I have heard about Google + before I have only just discovered it as part of the new handset. There has been a huge campaign for the new S3 here in England and I think that after its general release (which I believe is June 22nd) there will be a further climb in Google + statistics! Facebook and twitter are cluttered with celebrity & material rubbish whereas Google + seems to be a more mature and informative treasure trove. I'm still getting to grips with the handset and with plus but it all gets one massive thumbs up from me!
Well, I'd say the "Google+ is a ghost town" argument just became about 37% weaker.
The updated handset app has helped quite a bit. Just wish the iPad had its own app instead of having to run the bastardized iPhone app. Posted from my Nexus.
Still more popular than Pintrest and MySpace.
Yes, I'm aware of that but I definitely think that there is further potential.
+Daniel Clutterbuck Agree with you that the numbers really should include mobile (smartphones and tablets). But I don't think that Experian Hitwise have found a methodology yet. Still -  when you compare the numbers from week to week -  the trend is quite clear: Google+ is growing. From other sources we know that Twitter has (relatively speaking) a lot more traffic from mobile (again: smartphones and tablets) than from desktop. Whether this is also the case with Google+, no public source seems to know.
Holy cow that's a lot of people on Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How about Google only allow Youtube shared on G+ ?!
Yeah but how many are just coming to google plus for the games. I myself have no friends on google plus nor do I know anyone who actually use's it.
Great news thanks for the share
hmmm still trying to figure out what to do with g+.  seems slightly less useless than twitter and more useful than a hill of beans unless you need something to eat in which case I'd go with the beans
Just imagine what happens when Google integrates all of their services into this page; imagine your GMail and Calendar and Maps and Drive/Docs and Search/Research and YouTube are all available on that little menu system on the left.  Plus Google+ with all of the Pages/People I follow, Hangouts, Chat and Photos.

Nobody will have anything close to that.  I'll never leave this tab.
+Madbro Yu How many people go to Facebook for games?  Probably more than are coming to Google+ for the games.
+Eric S. Johansson try doing a search up there ^ for something you're interested in.  Find people that are posting about that and check their posts.  If they have interesting posts, follow them.  Post stuff you're interested in.  See who comments.  Look at people they follow.  Follow some of those people.  Before long you'll have a ton of great content and connections with people who share those interests. 

Do that with several different interests, arrange the people you find into related circles.   I much prefer this scenario to reading shallow self-promoting posts from people I went to high school with.
I think eventually all those tweets will become Googles and there are enough intellects on Google to the point where if you need an answer to something you would get it a lot faster on Google as well so that eliminates yahoo answers. Facebook is a different animal but a tameable one.
Ha! Didn't know MySpace was still around. 
+Max Smolev Max - to be clear: The definitions are not mine! Still - I am quite sure that for instance Reddit is included in the definition from Experian Hitwise. But the traffic is not "high enough" to be in the Top 10. I do agree with you that networking and social conversations on YouTube seems limited. But if YouTube is not a social network, how much of "video viewing" on Facebook is "not social"?
+Morten Myrstad Yes, I understand. It's just a bit odd that they chose that definition. Facebook is "social network that also does video", while YouTube is "video distribution network that also does comments", and comparing them seems a bit strange (for example in Pinterest you can re-ping something, while sharing things on YouTube until recently relied on external means). Oh well, statistics is pliable :)
Yahoo will go down this week and Twitter in the next month. Plus, let us not forget that Google already owns YouTube! Bottom line: Google+ will match Facebook in total visits in less than a year [based on an extrapolation of the current trend].
From the spin it sounds good, I just want it to grow faster
I'm not sure if this makes me happy w google+ or make me want to leave again...
11 million people still use MySpace. I don't even remember my password. 
Twitter is waaaaaay back there.
Oro _
it could be worse...u cud be bebo
How is yahoo answers a social media website? 
Killing off Google Places has no doubt given Google+ a boost
I'm scared of the growth. I'm loving the ad free environment.
only 62.86% off the market left to go.
There were reports sometime back that Pinterest traffic was beginning to taper off.
Well if you compare traffic to membership numbers then Pinterest is killing it...they only have something like 11million members, so their visits are still very impressive.
37% growth from a base that is 1/73 that of the leader is (INSERT ADJECTIVE).

But more important than what is, what will be?

Personal Headphone Stereo:  Walkman to iPod to Smartphones to ??

Music media:  78 RPM vinyl to 45 RPM vinyl, to cassette, to CD, to hard disk to ??

Personal access to internet:  Dial up to DSL to Cable (or the reverse if you prefer) to ??

Tech retail:  Local speciality tech store to regional tech chain to Circuit City to Best Buy to ??

Social networks:  MySpace to Facebook to ??   
How many facebook visits are redirects from other sites? 
Yet still 1/80th of Facebook. 
just wait until Google+ and YouTube become fully merged...   then the combined network will be a solid second to FB
Almost all of those, except for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and MySpace, aren't social networks. So basically, Google+ is in second...
This sounds better when you don't mention that Google+ visits fall below Yahoo! Answers, the site where illiterate teens and ignorant crackpots offer free baseless advice to anyone who asks.
The "minutes per visit" stat is conspicuously absent.
This is really exciting. I love the way that Google+ operates, and I'd like to see more people transition to it.
Jay M
I'm finding the more I use it, the more I want social to be seamless with the other services I  use.  Google has positioned itself well to remain a major player in social media.
The big question isn't amount of hits or traffic or bananas thrown at the monitor.  The big question is which would you bet all of your advertising budget on if you had to pick just one.  Personally I'd pick Pinterest.  It's more like Google in that people will search for relevant results than any of the others besides MAYBE yahoo answers, but I really don't want my ads on some of the garbage I see on YA, so pinterest it would be.  Which is funny because I don't use pinterest :)
ive never even heard of the ones below g+
Actually it is getting to be a nice hood here
well youtube is a google service/product
I'm really surprised that Yahoo Answer is ahead of Google+.
+Morten Myrstad if they (google) doesn't do something about the compression of pics posted on google- that look soft and fuzzy on this site - that didn't look like that when google+ started, but look fine on other sites - then i be those numbers will drop (?)
An earlier comment said it best. Where is YouTube? Is that not social media?? Hilarious.

All I see above are web sites that five years ago a bunch of Snake oil salesmen classified as being a totally different animals And started a cottage industry that has everybody chasing their tails figuring it all out.

Oh. And notice the stats don't include mobile. Laughable to try and derive insight when those numbers are left out.

Still, at below 1%, we're not yet a force to be reckoned with.
Google is taking over they are becoming the monopoly
.... About time... fb is arrogant and  high on the list of 'small print' and under financed,as well (ie: their ads don't pay-off)... +google can scratch at least 20 of these... arrogance, and finance...-:) 
Mark Ng
Did the improved mobile apps have more to do with this growth? I know its what got me using g+ more.
i read yahoo answers just for dumb fun lmao
I'm on google plus, yahoo, twitter, YouTube, Facebook! Yippie!;-)
+Mark Lastiwka Probably not, because the numbers from Experian Hitwise are desktop only (does not include smartphones og tablets). One contributer could be the integration of Google Pages into Google+ Local two weeks ago.
This a proof for the assholes making stories of "Ghost Town"
Next big news in social network will be death of Facebook, it will be worst than dotcom burst, in 3 yrs from now.
+Morten Myrstad Well, if it only includes desktop visits, I'd certainly think that Pinterest is somewhat higher due to its heavy use of apps. Still, moving on up.
G+ is more of a "following" network than a social network.  The most interesting content on G+ is from "shakers and movers", whereas Facebook is interesting for "little people" -- i.e. your friends and classmates category of people.

People who say, "G+ is boring, none of my friends are on G+"... they don't get it.  The key is to find the most interesting content providers, and follow them.  Once you do, your stream will be full of engaging topics, you can participate if you wish, and the intellectual level is pretty high (although, it may fall if too many migrate over here from Facebook, but at least there's an "ignore" feature).
hey does anyone know about this game called minecraft if u dont its ok because u can type in then click download not BUY. minecraft is a world made of blocks an u can do anything u want and build anything u want
Why isn't reddit among these websites?
also if u a new texture pack just go to and a texture pack is like a add on but it just makes the blocks look better than the default look of minecraft trust u will hate the default look of minecraft it stinks
Facebook is an exercise in 'Peer Pester'.  With G+ I engage the social at my pace.  The difference is night and day.
+Andrew Gilmore You are quite right about Twitter. I think comScore released a report where the time used on Twitter via mobile and tablets, was 4-5 times as high as from a desktop.
Interesting....I got into FB, like many others, and because of my business, joined LinkedIn...I have to say I like G+ the best, and LinkedIn the least...
Oooh, I was the 600th plusser to +1 this post!!! Do I win a prize? Balloons? Music? Champagne? 
suck my dogs left nut u pedo cuntfucker
G+ appeal to me because I can see the content that I want, not a sudden break-up rant or "Oh why is it Monday?!". Apparently I'm not so much on listening to other people's plight or agony. 
I love me some Yahoo! Answers.  The #1 comedy site on the web.
It's interesting reading the comments, It appears there are as many remarks about (my choice of word) the competition as there are about Google+ :)

Why care about the other social sites? Competition's good. Besides many of these other sites are pro forma, places to have so you can look over the fence to see what Harry, Mary, Grandma, and Baby Sue are doing. 

But Google+ is young and learning it's way - in spite of a comment that says Google+ is mature. Google+ is exploring and growing (and yes I grouse about it at times (but I love the adventure!:))

Look, WE help build this phenomenon. Some of us have solid recommendations, others HELP! :) And there's so much more.

In truth, it's like building a new country we all share in together, yet allows us to have our own town, private or public, no matter : )

There are features we wish for that I believe in time will be implemented. In the meantime let's enjoy this new frontier called Google+ :)
+Matt Krais exactly. I think we almost forget YouTube is Google. This is great news!
What about the google homepage?
G+ will grow they are going to realese an iPad app and much better Android tablet app 
When I go to yahoo for answers I rarely get a good answer. The others I could give a twit about and I have no Pinterest in Facebook. Long live You tube.
+Colin Brown A page that says "Google" and has one input box isn't a social network. (It is brilliant and better than any mere web 2.x nonsense.)
google will be on top soon
I wonder what so special with Tweet? I don't find any.
+Madbro Yu , I know exactly what you mean. Got my girlfriend to get the app...that's it. Don't get me wrong, I totally dig G+, it's awesome potential & the way Google is tying everything together. I think when people understand what G+ is all about, they'll come in droves. Then we'll wish they didn't!
Why does any one still use yahoo Answers when yahoo abandoned just about everything that was part of that service, so many years ago.
but kids are all joining facebook underage by influence of other people, so google might not ever rise to the top  . . . . . . . .
same with myspace or twitter
+Google+ , as you know, is going to appeal to individuals that are seeking meaningful discussion on topics that interest them. Facebook is for people who want to get random updates from people they know, but rarely ever see, or talk to (in person). Most of my friends (many of which do not even know what g+ is) think it's simply Google's version of Facebook. IMO, once people really "get it" plus' adoption rate will soar.
If only G+ will be integrated in iOS6.
+Raja Sharma I take offense, I REALLY take offense!!! I have no problem with people who have a problem with FaceBook, a legitimate problem. But, when anyone starts out with, No offense, they really mean a lot of offense. I like FaceBook okay, but as u pointed out, I don't work. I have a disability that makes it so, and I can be on there, see what my friends, that I can't see anymore, are doing, maybe play games, go on g+ & c what my frnz there r do'n, go to you tube & watching what some talented people are do'n, then watch TV for their line up. Notice I never gave a negative remark abt anyone, no offense.
This is a case of fudging the numbers. To get most of the features on a Android to work you have to create a g mail account which in turn creates a G+ account. A large number of new account are also being made my YouTube subscribers that now must have a G+ account to make a YouTube account. Devils in the details.
ca en
I can't wait to see what the next social media site will be by the time google plus dancewear facebook is they'll be a lot more better ones out there
fb is in top position but it is not for a long time........
google+ i want to explore this new ....can anyone give me some idea ???????
google+ can be interesting. facebook is just silly. it was fun for a while but it's old now. google+ is practical and useful so it's less likely to get old.
there is no need to take any help bro..
it will become very easy after fewdays
I'm sure social network integration deals bring the numbers up, but I'm equally sure I'm not the only one who prefers G+ to FB.
yeah, +Aaron Keiper just a few years ago even the idea of a 'yet another search engine', didn't look all that bright. who knew it will become #1 leaving the competition so far behind.

guess how many also said 'never' back then? ;-)
Google Plus is still climbing and it could reach top 3rd list social network.
Still a long way to go. I guess the revamped mobile app definitely helps. 
I am amazed it beat linkedin with everyone changing their passwords last week...
i believe the product with true value will prevail, the innovative company with care of the well-being of human will finally win over people.
Twitter is a social place, no matter what anyone says & I think that the ONLY reason it's not higher, is b'cuz it doesn't have all that other stuff like games, videos, etc. Now, I'm not on twitter as much as most of the celebrities are, but, I think it should have a diff classification than being in with the others, it's a more stylized
how did yahoo answer beat google+?
type of social media, and like youtube, it's like talking, where YouTube, is like home movies.
Kam Siu
a few more tweaks to G+ and it could be a really force to reckon 
+David Carroll , to me, advertising dollars should get invested where the most eyes are. YA makes no sense whatsoever...I mean if one has a connection to the Internet, then one should be able to find the answer to nearly anything. Why waste time posting questions and waiting for a reply/answer? Not quite sure if it's laziness our stupidity? Perhaps a bit of both?

Obviously, Google is iconic. How many people say, "Search the Internet?" Nope, the common vernacular is "Google it!"

Now that Google is "bundling" it's services, I'd be hard-pressed to choose a better advertising venue than Google, taking advantage of their search engine, coupled with Google Maps (second to none, IMHO) & Places...IDK, seems like a very viable choice to me?
It might have something to do with the 900,000 new android handsets being registered everyday. Amazing figure
Yes, okay everybody---- there still is a Myspace & it is still on top 10. I've been going over the last 2hrs worth of comments and, there has been enough comments abt those two things-yes, still is & it's n top 10... So hopefully u can contribute something more than either of those two items. I don't mean to b a bi*$h abt it, but abt every other comment is either of those.
Slow down +Google+ ..... otherwise #apple  will replace you in #ios6  
+Fredrick Howard , & one need not be on a desk top to do any of that. Remember, cellies & pads were not included.
Oh la red sigue creciend. Bien. Pq a mi me gusta mucho g+
So awesome... Google what are you doing tomorrow night? Trying to take over the world!
I have a feeling it will pick up pace now once businesses see what positive impact it will have on them...
One of the 9,304,977 Yelp users will gladly offer some insight on the above question. (NOT Me)
It's interesting to me that Facebook sees that much more traffic than YouTube.
MySpace still exists? It must be strictly used as a monitoring device by the government like Catcher in the Rye books in Conspiracy Theory. 
youtube is a social network now? Google has two OS and two social networks :)
Google+, the little engine that could. 
Lately, I find myself visiting Google Plus. I always find interesting posts about every few minutes. 2nd would be Facebook and Twitter 3rd for visits.
I am appreciating Google Plus and I am doing advertisement of this social media. I think and I hope that Google Plus will reach Facebook briefly.
there're still users on #myspace  ?
This includes the mobile (phone & tablet) traffic?
very encouraging! I have been spending 30min at g+ every day.
+Eric Reich what you just described sounds like USENET in the 1980s. Lots of postings go unnoticed (USENET nod), lots of noise, people acting like something other than who they are, complete and total time sink we should be doing something like being out side, being with your partner, etc.Building model rockets, flying kites etc. etc. All more productive and good for your soul than anything online.

Yes, yes I'm looking in the frickin mirror as I write this.
people still go on myspace? lol
Just say 'no thank you' to facebook
Alexa doesn't agree on the Google+ vs Linked In user figures but it is encouraging to see G+ growing like this.  Although I still have maybe only 10% of my friends using it vs. Facebook it is my goto social platform now.  I get a huge amount of 3rd party content and interaction outside my immediate personal friends list and that suites me fine - it's much more diverse that way, sort of like reading a bunch of RSS feeds every day. I mostly go to Facebook now to post linkes to my G+ posts or just use it as my single sign-on solution.
Google+ is truly a social networking site in its content and definitely a budding competitor to Facebook. Though G+ can't be compared to FB, G+ is a real alternative and engaging way to know things while FB timeline is flooded with repeated useless pics and status updates.
we will go past yahoo and twitter but probably not youtube and fb
They should merge myspace and face book and call it facespace....maybe then people will notice those things are silly...cause it will have a silly name too
Ray H M
I finally got on G+ today.
So G+ is only like 1/100th away from catching Facebook?
You would think google would make something like yahoo answers because everyone types there questions into google search to begin with and just end up getting routed to yahoo. 
Yes, but 0.86% of visits share? Hmm.. 
Norwegian Google+ post going viral. THANKS!

It sure is a ”meta story”, about Google+ on Google+. But I still think it is interesting that a guy from Norway can do some weekly insight work on US figures, and suddendly - last night - there is a post going viral.

Right now this post about the growth of Google+ has been plussed more than 1.200 times, shared nearly 600 times and commented nearly 300 times. Even Google’s own Vic Gundotra has plussed the post. And as an indirect result more than 5.000 people are now circling me.

There only one thing to say: THANKS! To all you guys for plussing and sharing, for commenting and debating, pro and contra about Google+'s development and outlook. This is what makes a community vital!
But still I do not get it:
Why is youtube out of Google login?
Why do I  have to add someone in gTalk that I already have in my Android address book (Viber is much smarter)?
Why is integration with adress book contact imposible without contacts gmail (facebook is much smarter)?
Why do I have use Google+ app on Android to see notification (google pls pls pls make a notification widget)?
and much more... :(
its like any social networking experience - It is what you make of it. 
I like Google+ more than Facebook and Twitter, but I don't think it will ever become more popular than them. All my friends are using Facebook and Twitter, biggest reason to make me use it more than Google+.
You manufacture alot of great posts +Morten Myrstad and it's about time people outside youre releations notice it!
Congratulation on world record (post from Norway) going viral!
Keep bringing the good stuff :-)
so we are not a bet crowded thou.. that's the real social... ^__^
This is BULLLL Sh....
Facebook is 1000Mil time beter..
I'd like to pint out that the all-thought-to-be-dead-and-gone +Myspace is still in the top 10 (and not tenth btw).
i just migrated from Facebook to Google+, im very happy ! the world belong to Google.
plus is best in quality and clarity
but it has been said that facebook might close
plus is clear and not like dustbin
The percentage is tiny compared to Facebook though.
+Thomas Casey But way more than Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or MySpace managed after (almost) one year of being live.
No Doubt ! Facebook on the top all over the world.......
Isn't it interesting that all of the big players on the internet are American, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Facebook, eBay, Windows, Mac. The only thing we have in the UK is the ARM processor, which is only in a few billion mobile devices.
Point is g+ is a lot simpler and easier to use. You dont have to go to some 10 different places to get all you friends' notiications, postsand comments. A lot more private. That's why people are beginning to like it
Ha Ha, Maybe this is why Facebook is flagging G+ as a security wouldn't surprise me. 
You post we read you happy we happy. In a hope its true.
work on your grammer, mohammed, please.
took me about 10 seconds to understand your pathetic grammer.
It took Facebook 8 years to make its meteoric rise and reach its 800 million members. Google+ hit 100 million in a single year. Facebook can make no such claims. Google+ is a social network in its infancy and its already worked its way to number 5. Perhaps it is less than a percent overall traffic...but Rome was not built in a day.
It also doesn't include using Google plus through all the other Google services and doesn't include traffic from the notification bar.
Google+ What's Hot section keeps me updated with a lot of things everyday. Love the general knowledge stuff
Google+ and Pinterest are not that far
Lol yeah who still uses myspace
+Diego Roman , apparently 11 million 178 thousand 414 hundred still use myspace. I guess those are the ones that didn't close there accounts yet..
google+ will be on top soon
I love that people are leaving facebook and coming here but could they at least pick up there brain on the way in please..
Excellent share and insight +Morten Myrstad. I think your observation about features' impact (here Local) and the importance for SNS to collate and integrate them well is dead on. 
I'm always suspicious of stats like these.  Since G+ notifications are integrated into all G+ services, people don't have to actually visit G+ in order to use G+.  Do these stats take into account every time someone uses the notification bar to post a comment while using GMail or Google search?
Wow.  MySpace still has the lights on (and G+ is only twice the visits of that)?  The visits to MySpace are probably from people on G+ surprised to hear that it's still operational at all.

About the same as Pinterest?  _Pinterest?_
Er det sant at Google + har mer trafikk enn LinkedIn? Trodde den var ganske stor?
+Kristian Eriksen Linkedin has a lot of users, but the traffic (or engagement) has not been that large. Still, this is the first time Google+ numbers (public visits in this case) are higher than Linkedin's. 
That sounds interesting. I see that LinkedIn is a bit harder to use, and in my opinion it is more spam there. I am new in Google +, so I might be wrong though.
New figures today from Compete confirms Google+ growth in June: Google+ grows 43% in one month – reaches 31,9 million unique visitors in the US - 
A new Google+ growth story is published, with data from comScore: Google+ With 110,7 Million Visitors Worldwide In June
No one is ever above You Tube. Nothing is watched as much as You Tube. It's more famous than any other web site. Facebook is going out.
There are some but most people my age and younger are not into Facebook. I LOVE YOU TUBE AND GOOGLE+
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