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Google+ grows 43% in June – reaches 31,9 million unique visitors in the US, new numbers from Compete shows

The June social network traffic numbers from Compete are now available, and confirms that Google+ had a huge visitor and traffic increase in June. This month Google+ had 31,9 million visitors to it's site, compared to 22,3 million visitors in May, an increase of 43,1%.

Has gained 14,2 million visitors in 2012
Since the year started, Google+ has gained 14,2 million visitors, from 17,6 million visitors in December to 31,9 million visitors in June.
For the first time, according to Compete statistics, Google+ is now larger than Linkedin, who had 24,6 million visitors in June. Linkedin had a 6,5% decrease in visitors in June compared to May.

The Social Networks
These are the social network numbers (in million visitors) for June, including the percentage change compared to May.
Facebook 158,6 (+1,0%)
YouTube 153,8 (+0,75%)
Twitter 42,6 (+0,9%)
Google+ 31,9 (+43,1%)
Linkedin 24,6 (-6,5%)
MySpace 21,9 (-8,0%)
Tumblr 21,6 (+0,1%)
Pinterest 19,4 (+0,4%)

Over 100 million worldwide visitors from desktop only?
The Compete numbers are US only and desktop only. If US still representents about 30% of the Google+ global community, as earlier statistics have shown, Google+ now has more than 100 million worldwide visitors via desktops each month.
During the Google I/O Conference in June, Google’s +Vic Gundotra announced that the Google+ mobile traffic is now larger than the desktop traffic. Gundotra also announced that Google+ has 250 million accounts, 150 million active users during a month and 75 million active daily users.
The June statistics from Compete seems to confirm the published figures from Google.

Hitwise visit numbers also confirms the growth
Also according to Experian Hitwise, Google+ had a great June.
According to Experian Hitwise Google+ had 0,85% of the visits to US social networks in June, compared to 0,63% in May.
While the Compete statistics records unique visitors, Experian Hitwise numbers record uniqe visits. Experian Hitwise numbers are also US only and desktop only.


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Lut Lei
Sorry if it's a stupid question, - not trying to be rude or smart here, but why is google+ so important for you? Or at least it seems to be so.
Your question is quite fair, +Øystein Borgen! Let me try to give you an answer: 1) I think that Google+ as an "interest-focused" platform, represents an alternative and/or supplement to other social networks. The ongoing integration with video (hangout), search, gmail, apps ++ even can make it a productive collaborative platform for a lot of projects and businesses 2) Because the public media and a lot of the "social media experts" does not give Google+ any real and/or balanced attention, I think it is right to step up and try to fill the gap with some relevant information. Thank God, I am not alone!:) 3) I sometimes stumble upon some insight which my readers seem to value, and/or breaking news that will make its way into the tech press sooner or later. This June growth story is such a breaking story, I would think.
Does this make sense, Øystein? 
I agree with everything +Morten Myrstad says.  And to add to that, +Øystein Borgen , Google+, in my opinion, is just a superior app for social interaction in general.  It's got the functionality of a blog, Facebook, and twitter, all rolled into one, but is flexible enough to overcome the limitations of each of these.

It's an evolution in social apps, so there is an enthusiasm about it on the part of many users who feel freedom from the limitations of the aforementioned apps. Personally, I'd like to see a great product succeed. There is some concern that Google+ will not get the traction it needs to be widely adopted. Which in my opinion would be a shame, because the more people who engage Google+, the better it will become.

Numbers like this are exciting because they show that Google+ is gaining traction, and more users is also promising to make it a more powerful platform in general. 
If it weren't for google, I wouldn't be in Business.  I support Google in all that they do and Google+ has provided yet another platform for me to communicate with my office and agents in the field.  I can simply type + and their name to send basically an instant message to their phone.  I can also do this through texting but G+ is much easier for me to have everything in 1 central place.  I can see my calendar, emails, docs and messages from my employees all in 1 spot.
+Stian Fiko - Google+ is still a new social network, and has to develop - and grow - in an organic way: 1) First, with establishing and growing a user-base 2) Then, when more people log-in monthly 3) Thirdly, when more people are using it daily 4) Fourth, when more people are spending more time on the platform. People even have to be comfortable changing their web habits!:) So right now I do'nt expect the daily usage to be much higher. The growth is also dependent on new functionality and distribution, where the last month have been filled with news: Google+ Local, Google+ Events, distribution via Flipboard, new mobile and smartphone apps. 
I wonder if the end of the school year has anything to do with the increase. It will be interesting to see if the same dip seen in July last year occurs again.
+Morten Myrstad Sorry 75 active users a day? I see your reply to +Stian Fiko but "75" active users per day... makes no sense. There are more than 75 people using Google+ right now.
Since iOS is adding Facebook to it's Twitter mix currently in place how long will Google+. Will doing so dramatically boost Google+ numbers in months following?

Google+ strikes me as not widely accepted in "sharing" realm. Flipboard & such.
The reason most think G+ is slow / lightly engaged is most don't use Google Analytics on their site and drive traffic there. +Thomas Morffew and I both have driven massive traffic to our sites and we KNOW that just because a post does not tell you the whole story. 
Imponerende. Men jeg trodde MySpace var død.
Any sense of what type of G+ use is happening? Mosty shares, comments, links, etc?
Not from these numbers +Debra Askanase. It may even be reading, posting, organizing pictures, events etc. The definition of these figures, is unique visitors that have logged in during a month.
I see this as especially promising for Google ... as I feel that they are growing this gently ... what I mean is that they are adding features and functionality, but they are definitely not panicking that growth is not (yet) deemed to be enormous.

As for us users ... I think the figures prove that we are not losing any interest or enthusiasm for g+
Wow, I didn't knew Google+ was growing so fast lately. It becomes more and more inevitable for organizations to use Google+.

I'm wondering if Google can continue last month's growth. If so, the social landscape will have a completely different look in a year or so.
Lut Lei
Thank you +Morten Myrstad for a good answer. I'm not sure I understand everything, though. It is just a tool right? A tool too communicate and share things. I must say, I've never used any form of social media before, so I'm an amateur in this. So what is the point of all the posts telling how big google+ is or is not? It seems like a teen in identity crisis, in desperate need of confirmation. 
Lut Lei
Aaah. Please explain that +Steven van Eck. I'm sorry but I did not understand your comment
Maybe you are on to something, +Øystein Borgen: Identity. Maybe digital communities like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ says a lot about identities, both how we see ourselves, who we connect with, what we gather around and the character and atmosphere of the community. So if a community sharing their love for a one year old platform seems a bit childish, so be it.
+Øystein Borgen, I mean that just talking about the success of Google+ (here on Google+ or anywhere else) will make Google+ even more successfull. I think there are still many people who need to be convinced of Google+ as an usefull social platform. The growth of Google+ and us talking about it can help taking some doubts away...
Lut Lei
He he. Good replies. Now I got it +Steven van Eck. Thanks. And +Morten Myrstad i really find your posts and enthusiasm towards google+ strange and cool. After I circled one of your circle-suggestions I've been using it as a tv-channel or whatever. Interesting things popping up all the time. But what the heck, I must ask, do you work for google?
Lut Lei
Sorry +Morten Myrstad. Reading your reply once more I understand that my question was uncalled for. You put energy into something you believe in and that is great! 
+Øystein Borgen - quite OK that you are asking! I love Apple design, but do not work for them. As I have learned to appreciate the Google tools, but do not work for them either. I work as a communication consultant, with a focus on branding, digital and social media. So far I have far more business related to the Facebook platform than Google. But for me this is no issue, because I think that the two social networks can complement each other. The under-explored one, certainly here in Scandinavia, is Google+. Therefore I spend time both exploring and communicating about the prospects of Google+.
Lut Lei
That is quite an enigmatic work description. I myself work in a kindergarden, taking care of kids and using google for storing and sharing photos. And of course using google tools for what it's worth in my personal life. I know nothing 'bout facebook and twitter, I don't want anymore contact with people that I already have in real life, but I found g+ to be a great tool for sharing things in a controlled environment. And I also use it to get attention/confirmation in random thoughts/drawings/photos that I wouldn't know how to share otherwise. Ah. I'm going of on a tangent here, far off topic;)
I wonder how many of these "active users" have logged in to G+ just to turn off the annoying notifications from Events created by people that aren't even in my circles...
I like Google+, but I bet a lot of this traffic was due to I/O updates and we'll probably see a drop in visits next month.
According to Experian Hitwise, +Mike Sprague the traffic started to increase in the first week of June, and the I/O was at the end of June. Still, I think you are right, that we have to expect at least a "pause" in July.
Vijay V
The numbers published here are US only. Worldwide figures (which has been speculated in the post but it is still speculation and not backed up with hard data) might paint a less rosy picture. Overall, I think G+ has a good shot at 2nd place but don't see it go past that and reach No.1 for quite a while to come.
I know it's silly but I like the UI better than other social networks. This is one of the reasons I use it.
I may have missed this somewhere, so excuse me if it's redundant, but how does G calculate 'active users' - for example I use docs, cal, drive, mail and youtube - does that count me as an active G+ user (even though this is my first comment with the service in a month or two) ?
+Morten Myrstad , "Google+ grows 43% in June – reaches 31,9 million unique visitors "
How many will return and how many are really actiive. On social sites, its not jsut about visitors, its also about particpation and sharing. Therein lies value
+Brian Lovin: These figures are not from Google, but from Compete that has estimated the traffic on the site So I reckon that is does not include "interaction" with Google+ through gmail and other Google services, but only network activities. +Peter Dawson: You are quite right, but I think it has to develop in an organic way, with a user base first, then an increase in visitors before it is possible to grow in visits, time spent, participation and sharing. With 270 million accounts, Google+ has a userbase. The Compete figures shows that the users now are starting to use the platform more.
+Morten Myrstad This post is holding no#1 position on Hacker News as of me checking 1:30 GMT+5 :)
Cool and thanks +Amir Abbas for the Hacker News tip! I see that there is quite a debate going on, too:).
Yea with 81 comments so far and seems counting. This is the first time ever I saw any G+ post on top there :). Congrats and excellent job..
Do you know if these include GMail stats as it is intergrated into GMail now... Would love to better understand what comprises the number - thanks
The definition is monthly visitors to the network site, estimated by an external company Compete. Even if Google+ interaction is integrated into Gmail, Gmail is not integrated into the social platform in the same way as Google+ Local and Google+ Events. So as I understand it, Gmail stats is not included.
Endlessly interesting to see in hard figures just how skewed perception of the world the mainstream media has! Thanks for another piece of great work, +Morten Myrstad!
I really wonder if they are logging traffic any other method besides an actual page view to
Could it be cross site integrations from Youtube or Gmail thats being counted as a vistor?

I have been researching women's fashion G+ pages and 90%+ of comments are males outside of North America.
+Tory Burch +Shopbop +Free People 

If you read the comments they are very different from the folks commenting on the Facebook fan page.  
+Rob Poitras I don't work for Compete, and not for Google either. But as I understand it: is counted on its own, with 153,8 million visitors in june. And worldwide, there are now 425 million active gmail users. So if any part of this traffic was included in the Gplus visitor traffic, the figures would go through the roof. Don't you think?
Both services spam their users. I'm not sure what the significance of this event is.
These stats are amazing, thanks for sharing. I'm sick of all the Google+ naysayers that have decided not to adopt it and keep saying uneducated things about what a "ghost town" it is. Ridiculous.
It's really nice to see a stats like this, it visualizes everything. Not like U.S users, in my countries Vietnam and another East Asian countries, they don't mind much about new technologies and stuffs. They mostly use what works. For example, yahoo blog which was damn ugly, after upgrading yahoo plus, it had a problem of accessing. We moved our house to facebook, but facebook has been popular 2 years before that.
Asia is a big part, but it has a difference kind of using stuff. Now I live in Denmark, I feel the same feeling. Here we don't have great stuff like Amazon, I can buy from but not for warehouse deals stuff. This is crazy. They don't reach for the best, they use what works and stay with it. This is good but not every time.
Sorry for my bad English
+Leon Gouletsas If I understood the numbers correctly, it was only for desktop interaction with G+, so I think you would need to look for an explanation somewhere else. Maybe people have more spare time during the summer months? The IO event and publicity around it may have had a role there, but the change started before the conference, and before the cool skydiving stunt with hangout.
I'd be interested in seeing engagement numbers, too. It's easy for folks to hop in and out of G+ as part of their daily use of Google products. How much of it is real participation?
Since the g+ and YouTube apps look almost identical now, am I right in guessing you'll be rolling the two services into one at one point. Combined, you'd have beaten Facebook in June!
+Morten Myrstad - thank you for great stats - it was pleasure for read your analysis and comments under the post. I maked me think a little bit different about using G+.
719 reshares, that is a real ghost town :-)
Engagement +Ian Lurie? Agree, that would be interesting, but hard to tell. Still, also Experian Hitwise's June figures shows a growth of 35% in visits. So at least we know that Google+ is growing in 1) accounts (according to Google 2) visitors (according to Compete) and 3) visits (according to Experian Hitwise.
+Stig Norland That is the result of being on What's Hot... Also some big users like +Linda Lawrey shared this. Let's be real, that is not the result of engagement, that is the result of a social media front page.

And seriously, that is a low number. In the days of in 2008, +259 and 720 shares? That is average at best. That is a true G+ fanboy talking there, check my profile before you flame me plz.
I did not see that the post was on What's Hot, +Chris Lang. Was it? According to Ripples, the post took of after +Denis Labelle shared it, and even more so after +Vic Gundotra shared it. Right now I can see that the content is shared also in some of the tech press, but without links or credits. Well. To me; digging up a US-related story from Norway, 720 shares is quite all right!:)
+Chris Lang Read your profile... Well I don't see many post here with more than 720 reshares. I remember, but wasn't a reshare on digg slightly different? like an email to your friends? Here you'll share it with 100's of people, many of you don't really know. I guess the threshold for sharing on G+ is slightly higher.

And yes, i do like G+, why else would spend time here?
+Morten Myrstad : Thanks for taking time to post this information clearly. :) Glad to know that g+ is growing. :)

As others have mentioned, IO12 may have boosted some numbers and it will be interesting to know how g+ is doing in the coming months.

The important things is : first and foremost more users are using the mobile g+ apps than the desktop ones.
This is huge as you noted , both the surveys are just desktops only. :)

even if they say that next month the usage has dropped, it s only for the desktop and mobile might actually be going further in engagment. :) So we don't have to worry too much on those desktop only surveys. :) 

Also +Morten Myrstad : with the tablet and the mobile apps, g+ is going to be surging ahead. :)
Is there any firm which has done surveys for the mobile social site usage/visits?
Thanks +Arvind Kumar! Mobile and tablet social media traffic? This is new terrain for analytics, because you have to take into consideration both web and apps. But so far comScore with it's Mobile Metrix seems to be in front. They have not made public any figures where Google+ traffic is separated from "Google Sites".  But maybe I can give you some data on where we are heading:  In March Twitter had 26 million visitors via mobile (both smartphone and tablets) which seems to be 2/3 of the visitor numbers that came via desktop. But the time Twitter users spent on the platform each month, was more than five times larger via mobile than via desktop. I would think that Google+ is not as "mobile-extreme" as Twitter. But with the new mobile and tablet apps, Google+ traffic pattern would probably head in the same direction, as you quite rightly point out!
The latest integration of G+ with Hootsuite proves the importance of G+
A new Google+ growth story is published, with data from comScore: Google+ With 110,7 Million Visitors Worldwide In June
Hi +Morten Myrstad ,
If the numbers in your title are correct, then the numbers under "The Social Networks" are US-only and unique visitors, although it doesn't say so.
Thanks in advance for correcting if that's the case.
Hi +Bert Vander Meeren! Thank you for your question. I think that the introduction to the listings says "unique visitors" and the first sentence after the listing says: "The Compete numbers are US only and desktop only." Or am I missing something?
I could care less that G+ grows, that is a given, it just will. What I want is the Google Analytics we have been waiting on for NINE months now. I run a business here, and we are still waiting on tools for monitoring said businesses for a long long time.

I want my own growth charts, not Google's...
Thank you  +Morten Myrstad  for a good answer
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