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Google+ With 110,7 Million Visitors Worldwide In June

According to comScore, Google+ had 110,7 million unique visitors worldwide in June. Compared to last November, this is a growth of 66%. In the U.S., the growth is even higher, with an 82% growth from November to 27,7 million unique visitors in June.

The comScore data thus confirms earlier Google+ growth stories based on U.S. data from Experian Hitwise and Compete. But the global numbers from comScore are the first worldwide numbers made public available from any analytical firm since the beginning of the year.

Google numbers confirmed

In pure numbers, Google+ according to comScore grew from 66,7 million visitors worldwide last November to 110,7 million visitors in June. This is a growth of 66%. With 110,7 million unique visitors during a month, from desktops only, the comScore data also seem to confirm Google’s own published data: 250 million accounts, 150 million monthly users and 75 million daily users worldwide. According to the comScore data, 25% of the Google+ worldwide visitors in June came from the U.S., up from 22,8% in November last year. 

Google+ vs. Facebook in the U.S.

In the U.S., Google+ according to comScore grew from 15,2 million visitors last November to 27,7 million visitors in June. This is a growth of 82% In the same period, Facebook has gone from 166 million unique visitors in the U.S. last November to 158 million visitors in May, but growing again in June to 159,8 million visitors. While Facebook in November had almost 11 times as many unique visitors as Google+ in the States, the Facebook/Google+ visitor ratio now has decreased to 5,8. But when it comes to engagement, defined as for instance time spent, it is probable that Facebook engagement still is sky high compared to Google+. comScore have not made any engagement numbers for Google+ available since January.

Three firms with three Google+ growth stories

Two weeks ago we reported that according to Compete data, Google+ U.S. visitors grew 43% in June, to 31,9 million unique visitors.

Four weeks ago we reported that according to Experian Hitwise data, Google+ U.S. visits grew 37% in two weeks.

The comScore Google+ data for November and June have been confirmed to us by comScore.

All the data from comScore, Compete and Experian Hitwise are desktop only, and does not include mobile devices (smartphone and tablets). According to Google’s +Vic Gundotra, Google+ now has higher traffic via mobile devices than via desktop.

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Looking very good - long may it continue
The thing +Google+ needs now is a group like functionality - enabling  users with the same interests and passions to build stronger relationships ...
almost similar to the G+ messenger (snakkeboble) function on the mobile phone?
+Lars Søpstad  and +Gunnar Kristian Kopperud  i guess +Pål Basso  has some interesting thoughts about this.
But again. What do you think about "messenger"/snakkeboble on the G+ mobile phone app?
This is a sort of a group like functionality that indeed can enable users with the same interests and passions to build stronger human relationships...
How about Google focus on developing further this function?
You know that a group/circle discussion can work fine if the all use a common # and post both pblic and private? 
As I see it it would be great, if possible, to implement the UseNet hierarchy in to the hash tags. Google Groups is close to UseNet and hopefully can such a solution integrate G+ and Groups with each other, using a proven and established system.

ok +Knut Erik Hollund  , but from my point of view messenger/snakkeboble may also work as a group discusssion if you want to.
And if Google opened it up for computers as well, I wouldn't miss the group discussions at all...
If you combine the Virante tip which give you a possible "group discussion", circle sharing, and if Google further developed  messenger/snakkeboble, improved it,  and opened it up for computers, then I would be happy.....
But of course I see your point about groups, but 'm not sure if it would be great for G+... "another copy from internet/FB"
+Ivar Choi Espedalen +Knut Erik Hollund +Gunnar Kristian Kopperud : There's a rather big difference between real-time IM-type discussions like messenger and the asynchronous forms of communications descending from the BBS/Usenet era. Google+ (like other social media platforms) is a blend of both and real-time is only one part of it.   I don't think Google Groups as it stands today can be tacked on and called group functionality but I certainly think there's a use for opt-in interest groups and the most likely source for this is an integration of parts of Google Groups in some way.

+Pål Basso: As much as I like the Usenet hierarchy I'll be surprised if it's ported to G+ :)
Ok then we at least have different point of view and perspectives regarding this topic.
But group discussions In order to Build and make stronger human relationships based on interests, is all ready available, not In the traditional interpretation of the term, but by using # in public and limited posts and shared circles, and the search and filter options. In that way you can have a limited, public group discussions , or a combination....
But again it all depends on the interpretation of the term group, group discussions, and human relationships........
A group functionality would be great. I start to lose overview in my streams, because not every person posts all the time about the same topics except professional Google+ news sites.
Your welcome +Arvind Kumar! +Hüseyin Arslan: If the platform is growing in it's user base/visitors AND in how often users visit the platform, the growth in visits/traffic can be exponential, even within a short timeframe.
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