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Hello and a good Sunday to you!
There is some good news that has come to surface this day:
The next NEXUS phone may come from a Chinese OEM!

Lenovo Nexus 7?
Xiaomi Nexus 7?
OnePlus Nexus 7?
Huawei Nexus 7?
ZTE Nexus 7?

What would you prefer?
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This is a worth watching documentary. Looking forward to see this for sure!
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Morten Larsen

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Disturbing "Baby" Dancing
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The new thing on the net: Watch people code and interact.

Twitch have been there for a long time now, delivering a platform for users to stream their gaming and interact with the viewers. This type of streaming have just been getting bigger and bigger. Now there is a new type of streams on twitch and YouTube, and that is coders who stream their desktop while coding. You can use this to learn or just to communicate and get to know new people.

There is created a Reddit thread where people can post streams they are doing or planning. This is the perfect place to hold yourself up to date what types of streams are live etc. Take a look at this link:
'Watch People Code' is the weird internet's latest phenomenon.
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Morten Larsen

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Er du helt sikker på at du vil gå ned på en 2?
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Las vegas next :) 
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2GB Of Free Google Drive Space up for grabs!
It's Safer Internet Day  today and while you are probably not celebrating the occasion with an overpriced prix fixe dinner and roses, it's not a bad time to..
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Chinese government does not want to use Apple products anymore.

I do not blame them. Better to support local companies.
China has dropped some of the big companies from its list of approved technology providers for use in government departments to reduce dependence on American technology.
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Morten Larsen

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Still using AdBlock plus? Stop it right now! Convert to µBlock:
Finally, an efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory.
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Wow this seems really nice!
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Fifty Shades Of Dating App!
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. {{}}. {{LangKeys.website_homepage.guidelines}} | {{LangKeys.website_homepage.terms}} | DMCA | {{LangKeys.website_homepage.privacy}} | {{}} Matech Ltd. |
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thats a lot of permission-asking :/
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Morten Larsen

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Just installed DD-WRT on my Asus wireless router and I am trying to configure it so that my desktop pc with wlan card communicates with the best possible connection. Yesterday I went through the configuration several times to find the best solution to get 802.11n on the 5GHz band. I finally figured it out and now I am at 350-433 MBps, which is good in my opinion. You can see how I configured it on the screenshot below. I also have 5/5 green columns on the status of my wlan card, so it looks like the transmission conditions is good. That does not seem to be 100% correct when I look at the status for that wlan card in the status page on my DD-WRT. Take a look at the screenshot below, there you can see that it has 34% Signal Qualiy. The desktop is not that far away from the router, so it should be better thant this.

My question is if there is anybody who might know what the problem is and if there is any better configuration than what I have done(?)

OS: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (03/25/13) giga (SVN revision 21061)
Router: Asus RT-AC66U
Wireless card: D-Link DWA-171 Wireless AC Dual Band Adapter
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I am a little confused by the signal column; assuming the units are in dBm, -66 is actually very good (at least it is in mobile networks), and 7 seems unreal, unless the devices are parked more or less on top of the antenna. If you also experience 350-433 Mbps transfer rates, your D-Link DWA-171 is operating at it's specified rates ("With its integrated dual-band technology, over the 2.4 GHz (150 Mbps) or 5 GHz (up to 433 Mbps) bands" -, suggesting there are no issues.

I own the same router, but do not as of yet have any devices with AC adapters, nor do I run custom firmware on it (and if I did, I would probably start with Merlin's firmware first (
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Morten Larsen

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Fikk litt synlighet den der ja :-)
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