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To whom ever at google's analytics team added the HHTG reference, have a mental highfive - I smile every time I encounter it :D

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The program doesn't seem to send multicast though the TAP tunnel, am I doing something wrong here or is that a limitation ?

Does this tool support ovpn files with key/cert/ca embedded ?

The intended audience is technically "challenged" so I need installing/enabling/disabling the tunnel to be as close to 1 click as possible

Can you auth system users ( /etc/passwd ) in nextcloud based on their group, and would their files be written to the disk using the correct user?

So the users can also access their files via samba/nfs

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+Extra Credits as a bit of a follow up to the paper money series it seems that the worlds oldest central bank ( and the first to issue paper money ) is now considering making it's own crypto currency in the form of 'e-crowns'

(link is in Swedish google translate as needed ;) )
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Dear +YouTube please stop suggesting sports related content (e- or otherwise) to me I've never watched a sports video and have absolutely ZERO interest in doing so. But regardless of how often I hit "not interested" and elaborate that I like neigther channel nor the video it seems you find new sports videos.
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I recently installed owncloud 9 ( deleting entirely the previous unused version ) but when I log in it says "No files in here" and I cant upload? (there is no option to upload anything but if I drag files there I get an error message )

The gallery module and document app both work fine showing actual content, and document I make are in data/Username/files/

the folders of the user that I created are 777 and owned by the webserver user

I tried

sudo -u httpdusr ./occ files:scan --all

but it made no difference

what have I messed up?

Owncloud 9
Qnap 219p II v4.2
using a local mysql database

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Lige i tid til julen - google tillader nu at dele og samarbejde om foto albums i "photos" så man slipper for den evige "sender du ikke lige de billeder fra ...." og ja det virker også på Iphone ;)

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And still people roll their eyes at me when I refer to 'murica as a police state
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