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Morten Blaabjerg

commented on a video on YouTube.
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See the full documentary "Dreams of a Diva" about Sofie and her show here : Dreams of a Diva (2006)
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Morten Blaabjerg

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Ser spændende ud! - men hvor er det ?

It looks great, but there is no garage and the parking is limited. Not loving it.

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ja mon ikke, men undre mig dog over at husene ser ret små ud ved første øjekast
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Morten Blaabjerg

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+Dan Bull and others should begin to learn the lesson and stop relying on big proprietary platforms such as YouTube and begin to develop their own, i.e. self-owned and self-controlled platforms using free GPL'ed software. Would a case like this then see the inner walls of a courtroom? I doubt it. It only exists as a case here, because YouTube has chosen willingly to comply with the dude's takedown request. That's a risk you take, whether it's fair or not - it is quite obviously not so - but it's YouTube's service, so YouTube do what they want with their service, whether it's fair or not.
As ever, good point well made. 

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Morten Blaabjerg

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Peter "brokep" Sunde's insightful and moving account of The Pirate Bay proceedings - and on the corruption of the Swedish judicial system - in the translation of Rick Falkvinge.

Just an example (the emphasises are mine) :

Mighty Hollywood demanded that the White House would force Sweden to do something about the cultural exchange going on outside of Hollywood’s control. The Swedish Minister of Justice at the time, Thomas Bodström, was called into a meeting in the White House and was informed of the consequences of non-compliance: trade sanctions from the United States against Sweden within the context of the WTO. Sweden could become a second Cuba.

A few months prior, a Swedish prosecutor had arrived at the conclusion that this service could not be sentenced for any crime in Sweden. He sent a memo explaining this to his superiors. After a meeting between representatives from the Justice Department and Sven-Erik Alhem, the over-prosecutor at the time, the prosecutor in question reconsiders. A quick raid was required, with full force. So full a force, in fact, that when the raid is actually conducted, the police have no idea what to grab. They seize hundreds of computers, in several cities, but also loudspeakers, cables, and the like. They don’t know the size of the things they’re supposed to be looking for, and decide – during the raid in session – to rent trucks from local gas stations to ship off all the seized goods. In short, it is stressful, unplanned, and ill considered. So ill considered that the police even missed several locations where the target of the raid had ongoing activities.

(...) After about two and a half years, I got a letter. At this time, I had moved to Sweden, and I was being called as a witness, being called to give my deposition to the Police in a few weeks’ time.

About 30 people were called as witnesses. Some were known to me, some I’d never heard of. Time passed and I was supposed to go to the police station to give a deposition. Just the day before, the lead interrogator Jim Keyzer (who was also responsible for the entire investigation) calls me and tells me I’ll be charged with a crime on arrival. He tells me that this being the case, I have the right to have an attorney present. He doesn’t stop there, but also gives me the tip of picking “just about the first lawyer you can find, as we’re in a hurry to get this over with”. He adds that I should “skip picking a hotshot lawyer from Stockholm” so his work wouldn’t be further delayed. All of a sudden, the investigation is in a world of rush to get concluded.

Now, I’m a reasonably intelligent person. Obviously, I see that something is odd when a policeman asks me to pick a bad lawyer. Therefore, I immediately called the first good lawyer I knew, Peter Althin. Althin took the case immediately, and called the policeman in question. The policeman got upset and enraged as he had already planned his trip to the city of Malmö, where I would be heard, and found it enraging that he had to schedule a second trip to the city.

(...) the only time I met with a policeman during the entire time of the investigation was with the very policeman who had already got a well-paying job with my adversary in the case. A policeman going from almost no speed at all, to having to close the investigation in one day. In a hearing that my lawyer perceived as one of the oddest in his long career.

It's a long account, but a very good, insightful read - and a historical document. #copyfight #corruptioneverywhere  
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Just added this comment to the discussion on Rick's blog :

I sincerely doubt that the goal behind the entertainment industry’s strategy of ruthlessly going after filesharing services and high profile filesharers is ‘total control of the internet’. Much more likely is that it is a (very successful) strategy to win time, in order to get the business models in place, which can replace filesharing to the ordinary “consumer”.

So, it’s a priority going after the most dominant filesharing players online – who are also the most visible ones. Why Peter was included in the Pirate Bay case at all was about bringing him out the media landscape, where he was becoming much too visible for the entertainment industry top people to be really comfortable.

That is what the Pirate Bay case was about. And that is what the MegaUpload case was about. And what all the others were about.

Ultimately, we will have to make this strategy fail, and not buy into the model where we slowly replace the interconnected web with the world of silos (apps, music tracks, products, items that can be bought on an industrial scale) reducing everyone from a (potential) participatory contributor to what’s going on – to a ‘consumer’ – a couch potato. And make a lot of noise about not buying into it and why.
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Morten Blaabjerg

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Nej, dukkeføreren! :-)
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Morten Blaabjerg

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+Dalton Caldwell : "I believe so deeply in the importance of having a financially sustainable realtime feed API & service that I am going to refocus to become exactly that.  I have the experience, vision, infrastructure and team to do it."

This spells a lot of self-confidence on Dalton's side - and it's what makes him appear so utterly irresistable and stand out from the crowd. Now, what an entrepreneur! What a man! What respect he demands!

Looking forward to seeing what this will become - I have become a backer of and I am confident he will reach the $500.000 Kickstarter goal (despite just 2 days left)
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Morten Blaabjerg

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Min hylde med IT/teknologi/copyfight relateret lekture... med plads til flere.

#copyfight #teknologi
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Morten Blaabjerg

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Strib - Århus - København - Harlow - Randers
I am a creative, analytically minded individual, working in a wide open playing field of media platforms and opportunities.

Sometimes I feel a bit like Neo in the film "The Matrix". Digital tools and networks enable us to "take the power back" and change our world. Digital networks turn the power matrix upside down, because the tools of production are now on so many hands, that we can challenge established authorities, unreasonable, outdated business models, and tyrannical modes of political and social thought - and no state can shut us down.

We can reach each other in unique new ways, search enormous amounts of data, and share ideas with one another. Never before in history have we witnessed the kind of revolution that we have seen in the last 10-20 years. And we have yet to see & realize the full implications of such wide distribution of information and informations tools, as we have made possible - and use it to it's full potential for good.

There's much time wasted discussing ancient, obsolete ideas such as copyright and piracy - time we could spend figuring out how to connect our data sets with other data sets and help solve real problems in the world.

I have juggled with academic texts and systems, with fiction, poetry and satire. I've directed and produced short films & documentaries. I've spent a good deal of my years in university creating historical computer game scenarios. I've created and orchestrated wiki symphonies and been the spearhead for several entrepreneurial projects for the web.

And I teach young people about history and media for a living, which I find tremendously challenging but (luckily) also a lot of fun!

I live in Odense with my wonderful family, not excluding my near-3 y.o. daughter Alma. She's now old enough to sing a small tune with these lyrics :

Patience, patience - patience!
With parents, one's gotta have a lot of patience!
  • Syddansk Universitet
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