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1) a couple of interesting points in this video. Most people don't know what they want. Completely agree.

However, that doesn't mean that they will want what the central planner mandates. The central planner can only provide what he wants.

2) Nintendo needs to get with the 21st century. Blocking YouTube is killing their console. They have a touch screen they should implement a software share button and stop blocking the trend setters.
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+Lance G watch the video.

It's not about providing YouTube, it's about sharing content.

It's about allowing trend setters like pewdie (annoying as I find him) to share themselves playing the wii u and setting the trend for his viewers.
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Morris Buel

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H/T +Doug Wilkes & +Rachel Palmer

Doug is right. Our founders rejected a two cent tax on tea. Now we are essentially slaves to a state that treats us as servants.
Can't sell lemonade without their permission, pay a fine for endangering your own life. Aka riding a bicycle without a helmet.

Get charged a fine for using a plastic bag.

That's liberty?!
This is NOT what the Founding Fathers had in mind.. When we are paying more in taxes than we do on basic necessities we are in fact over taxed... Image taken from the following article ""
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+Ricky Bobby  "Every transaction taxed"
 That's what I meant by "Hidden Taxes"
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Morris Buel

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Istanbul was Constantinople.

Why'd they change it?  Ask the Turks.

History is ripe with countries and cities changing ownership, including the Aztec's conquering the Mayans, the Mayan's conquering civilizations, etc.

These descendant's should be glad Spain took over their culture.  They would still be ripping the hearts out of young people to sacrifice to their many false gods.
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Uh oh... this should be interesting. But any way, balls.... big ones +Morris Buel lol
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Morris Buel

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This is the difference between the right and left.

Liberty vs tyranny.

Individuality vs collectivism.

”1: a political or economic theory advocating collective control especially over production and distribution; also : a system marked by such control”
”2: emphasis on collective rather than individual action or identity”

At best "Collectivism" presented by "'Common Core" reinforces Mediocrity. It certainly is good to see so many States dropping out.

Education used to be about learning to think. Now our Education System is a propaganda mill and Indoctrination cesspool. Childhood is not s disease which needs to be medicated!

#Collectivism   #groupthink   #individualism  
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I work with a German National, who when I first met him a few years ago, never could grasp how his country adopted a National Socialist view.  ...  Now he understands, after living and working in Obama's America.
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Morris Buel

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Of course you have to be limited to be free. //Sarcasm.

We are nowhere near as free as our founders. Hamilton got in several duels before dying from one.

You really think they would be for laws 'for our own protection.'?
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+Morris Buel
I thought as much!  As an admirer of Mr. Madison I wouldn't want anyone to mistake him for Alexander Hamilton, the Federalist of all Federalists!!!!
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Morris Buel

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Hillary didn't start the communist propaganda fire.

Obama did with his allusions to the great leap #forward

He also put in place Anita Dunn and chairman Cass sunstein, the two most radical people to inhabit the white house since fdr or Woodrow Wilson.
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+James Johnson yep. Anita Dunn and another one I can't recall the name of.

And Obama in the past year is praising other countries (including China) instead of praising America and capitalism. 
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Long exposures can produce some very beautiful pictures.
Passing Train In A Flash

Caught this passing train in a long exposure as it was passing over the Rail Road Drawbridge located on the Blackwater River in Milton, Florida.  The 25 second exposure at f/22 (ISO 100) was shot with the Sony A7R  with the Metabones Canon EF to Emount Mark lll. Lens used was the Canon 24-105mm f/4L  IS lens.  Also stacked (3) Tiffen circular neutral density filters that is equal to 9 stops. The image was shot using manual focusing along with focus peaking feature on a tripod. Post processing was done with Lightroom 5.4 and finished off with MacPhun Intensify Pro.

#sonya7r   #a7r   #longexposurephotography   #riverphotography   #bridgephotography  
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Morris Buel

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We just need to spend MORE MONEY!!!
This is all the evidence one needs to realize that public education is a racket.
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No one knows this better than Kansas...which is why it keeps spending half its budget on schools.
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Morris Buel

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Communism, showing the way #forward  for #EarthDay since the beginning of time.
North Korea; the undisputed earth day champion since 1945! Congratulations! 
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You're chicken being productive lately?
Via +Bob Adragna
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Gotta admit, it's better than just 'getting to the other side'!
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Five Guys is a new take on an old concept. Provide the customer with a cheap hamburger and good customer service. The "new" take, is applying lean manufacturing techniques to the way they develop your hamburger. They use one piece flow to craft each hamburger, through the "cell", and have key stations within that cell for operators. It scales fantastically well for customer demand, without sacrificing the quality of your meal. For a tip, me and my wife usually share an order of fries. There are that many in a small order.
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reviewed a year ago
Crust is awesome, flavor of the pizza is great but for my taste there is almost too much going on, the buffalo soldier had peppers of every type. It would be better without peppers and still have the cilantro but add celery. Probably the best pizza outside of The Rock.
Food: Very goodDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Absolutely fabulous Pizza that IMO, is second only to the "Rock". What possibly puts it ahead of the Rock, is price. For 20 bucks you can get a meal for two people. 1 Pizza, 1 Medium Salad, and 2 Drinks. The employees at the Puyallup location have absolutely fabulous customer service towards their customers as well. They are prompt and courteous.
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7 reviews
Always GREAT prices.(haggle!)
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When you eat a good meal it not only makes you feel full physically, it makes you feel full emotionally. Eating at Mr. Greek left me feeling empty inside, with food that was _TRYING_ it's hardest to be greek but just ended up being bland to bad. The service was prompt and polite, but the food was horrible.
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reviewed 6 years ago