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I'm launching an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign for The Book of the Great Queen: the book that's long been needed, exploring the mysteries of the Morrigan, the ancient Celtic Goddess of battle, sovereignty, prophecy, and Otherworld power.

We're hosting a little party on launch night to have some fun, raise the excitement, and spread the word. For locals, you can join us at Evermore House in Oakland, CA. There will be convivial beverages, food, chocolate!

For everyone else - we're working on setting up a video hangout/stream so you can join us remotely!

Get a look in person at the devotional illuminated manuscript art I'm creating for my backer perks!
Touch and drool over the prototype version of Amelia Hogan's hand-bound artistic editions of the book!
Chat with me, and members of my team, about what's happening with the book!
Help us start off the campaign with a BOOM!

Stable URL for the campaign:
For now, that redirects to a campaign preview - once it goes live, it'll link to the live campaign page.

For more info about the book project, go here:

Facebook event page for the launch party:

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New blog post: "Fear will cause us to spend way more energy than we need to fighting shadows and building armor around ourselves... Warriorship is the way of strength which brings liberation from the way of fear. Paradoxically, its gift is peace."

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New post at the Shieldmaiden blog: Into the Tomb.
"I dream of  burial processions, voices chanting songs of honor. Ritual preparations and invocations. Cairns raised in the deep woods. I dreamed of a great passage-tomb in the Irish Neolithic style, watching as if from above as it is built. The great mound raised over the passage, its carpet of green creeping over it. The bones and ashes of the dead carried in, gifts to the earth. I dreamed of walking into this tomb again, and the strange lights that shone deep within at the end of the dark."

This week's post at the Shieldmaiden Blog, about daily spiritual practice: Day One. "Frustration with yourself is just another indulgence – just another distraction from the practice. Just as in meditation, when you notice your mind wandering, you simply let it go and return to the breath."

This week's blog post is a follow-up in which I discuss the previous post about racism in Paganism, and an update about my work being censored on the PaganSquare portal.

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This week's blog post: Whose Ancestors?
In which I take a stance against racist ideologies in European polytheism, and I challenge you to do the same.

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New post at the Shieldmaiden Blog:
"Who will right the world if the world is filled with people who have given all their power away, who are trudging exhausted down a path that isn’t their own?"

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New blog post - on polytheism, and practicing discernment. "Priesthood is, above all other things, service to the Gods, and you cannot serve something which is an abstract idea or archetype, because abstracts do not have needs. Thus, priesthood inherently contains a recognition of the reality of the Gods as living beings."

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"Please don’t be the next woman on my list. I love you. Let us fight and grow strong. I am doing this, and you can too."
New blog post on rape culture, and why I fight.
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