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Well, #MemorialDayWeekend is upon us. Whether you’re barbequing, boating or binge watching with family and friends, don’t forget the real reason we have a long weekend.

Take a moment to remember someone who’s given their life so that your life could be better. Take a moment to honor them in the comments below.
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I am grateful for my great-great-great-great-grandfather, who fought for American freedom in the Revolutionary War.  I am grateful to his grandson, Henry William Bigler, who served in the Mormon Battalion and later recorded the discovery of gold in 1846 at Sutter's mill in northern California.  I am grateful to my dad, who served in the US ARMY in Viet Nam.  I am grateful for the opportunity I had to serve in the Utah Air National Guard.  Though I have never fought in a battle, I can nevertheless appreciate all those who have.  I am especially grateful to all those who gave their lives in defense of freedom in all parts of the world.  May you rest in peace.
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We all experience tragedy and loss in this life.

Clark Wiscombe lost his dad when he was 14. Two of his children died before he had a chance to raise them. Clark found comfort in the gospel and knowing that our life here is not the end.

How have you been able to deal with tragedy in your life?
WHAT HAPPENS AFTER WE DIE? When the spirit leaves the body, it goes to the spirit world and awaits the resurrection, when the spirits of all mankind will be joined eternally with our perfected bodies and we will be judged by the Savior to determine our eternal destination after this life.
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Acreditando que há um Deus e Ele me ama muito!
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Isn't it #TimeForMom?

This weekend, make a difference in your mom's life. Join the worldwide challenge:
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On the third day after the death of Jesus Christ, His followers found His tomb empty, and the world changed forever. Celebrate everything that is possible in our lives because He lives. Visit to learn more. #BecauseHeLives
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"Celebrate everything that is possible in our lives because He lives." What an amazing statement. Conference and Easter were both amazing this year and I hope to keep this season's spirit with me throughout the rest of this year. 
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The Friday of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion was a dark day. But even as Jesus paid the ultimate price, there was light and hope. Death was not the end of His incredible mission for all of humanity. To explore how all can find hope through Jesus Christ, visit #BecauseHeLives
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Jesus Christ didn’t just bless the lives of those who lived in ancient Jerusalem. He lives and blesses the lives of people today and every day around the world. How has He helped you? Share your answer with your social networks, and see what others are saying at #BecauseHeLives
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se q el vive
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Because we could all use a little #MondayMotivation, here are some words of inspiration from Gordon B. Hinckley.
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I hope it's okay to just give it a break lol
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Congratulations to the proud parents of the newborn royal baby, as the first pictures were recently released. Did you know you’re also part of a royal family? Discover what that means here:
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#MeetTheMormons is the #1 best-selling documentary on Amazon, and is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD!

The DVD and Blu-ray includes great special features like an exclusive bonus story: The Artist, David Archuleta’s Glorious music video, made exclusively for and including scenes from the film, the “Making of Meet the Mormons” featurette, producer and director commentary, and much more.

Order your copy at

‪#‎ShareGoodness‬ ‪#‎LDS‬ ‪#‎Mormon‬
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i love this movie meet the mormons
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The scriptures are quiet about the events of Saturday after Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Likely, it was a time of reflection for His followers, just as it can be for His followers today. What things are possible in your life because of Jesus Christ? Share your answer with your social networks, and see what others are saying at #BecauseHeLives
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God The you by Time
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We all make mistakes. But on the eve of the crucifixion, Jesus Christ made it possible to overcome our sins, instead of being defined by them. To learn more, visit #BecauseHeLives
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Sadly, the reality is that we will never all come to a unity of faith, nor understanding of our Father. Not even when the Savior comes in all of His glory will we do that. Attrition will accomplish that for those left upon the earth during the Millennium. The reason being that the Lord never overrides Our agency to choose. That right is an eternal principle, a very sacred gift. One upon which the majority of we humans tromp rather dumbly in life.
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On Tuesday, during the last week of His mortal life, Jesus Christ answered questions from accusers and disciples alike. What questions can we find answers to today because He lives? Find out at #BecauseHeLives
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Yes have faith 
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